Tuesday, 18 September 2007

"What Would Jebus Do?" - Dubious Jesus Morality In The 21st Century

Rev it up, Jebus Fan!........The Son of Gawd Is In The House!

Every so often, I am often reminded incessantly, both online and offline, about the supposed virtues of the God-man, Jebus. Christians of all creeds and denominations revere him, even though he doesn't have much to say (as fashioned by the Gnostic Gospels of Matthew, John, Mark and Luke). Jebus, if he ever did existed, also did not leave any written works behind, and what little we know of this curiously benign, yet extravagantly lauded God-man figure of the Gospels, was that he was born to a carpenter family, and not much can be gleaned from his childhood. Of course, his indigenous disciples spread his "Good Word", though curiously they too, left no personal writings of their beloved Messiah (Apparently, illiteracy and Religion work hand in hand).

The rest, as we say, is history: He was persecuted by the Pharisees, was sentenced to die on the crucifix by Pontius Pilate, walked through the jaws of death and arose three days later, to the chagrin of his disciples and his frenzied followers, before subsequently being "beamed up" to the high heavens (Beam me up, Lordy!).

An incredibly fabulous tale, and an equally incredulous one at that. While it is easy to banish such fabrications as sheer lunacy, the belief in the Jewish superman is very much well-entrenched in almost every Christian denomination.

From cheesy, "what would Jesus do" themes to enactments of the Crucification during Easter, the myth of Jesus and his supposed morals are part and parcel of Christianity. For Christians, Jesus is indeed a paragon of virtue, held in high esteem and worshiped with ardent religious fervor.

Herein lies the million-dollar question: Can the "moral" lessons of a supposed God-man borne to a vestal virgin be of any use in a modern, 21st century setting?

In order to solve this riddle, I have decided to "fabricate" my own Jebus tales: Juxtaposing actual Jebus quotes with a more mundane, 21st century setting, I shall proceed to ignite the laughters of my infidelic fans. As for you Jebus folks who might be offended, stop and turn the other way.

1. Jebus Advocating Disobedience?

Father: Son, you should stop drinking. It ain't good for the liver.

Son (Indignant): Shut the fuck up, father, you ain't me, and you ain't gonna rule over my life.

Father (raises voice): Such manners! Pray, tell, me, what manner of friends have you been hanging around with lately?

Son (Laughs, sneers arrogantly): Damn it, father, that's none of your fucking business. After all, I shall be duly awarded for my insolence?

Father (looks on furiously, raises his hand, rather to strike): What??? How dare you! You brat........

Son (Shouts): Wait, dad! Didn't you say that I should emulate the deeds and teachings of Jebus???

Father: Yes, but what has that got to do with your outrageous attitude???

Son (takes out holy babble, and drones): Matthews Chapter19:29 says: "And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life." ........

2. Jebus & The Fig Tree

The Accursed Fig Tree

Jebus (holding fig tree): I am returning this fig tree.

Florist (Examines fig tree): Oh ok, let me check.........the leaves look fine.......no worms, gee, looks pretty healthy to me. Well trimmed and proper too. Any reasons why you are returning this fig tree? After all, you bought this fig tree yesterday.

Jebus (Irritated): Are you a secular moron? Look at the fruits of this accursed fig tree! It isn't even ripening, for Jebus' sake!

Florist (smiles, trying to contain laughter): Oh.......the fruits. This is not riping season, Sir......I will suggest......

Jebus (Hot, flustered, and wrathful, smashes fig tree pot to the ground): That's it! No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever! (Mark 11.21)

3. Jebus & His Sword: Holy Vengeance?

Jebus Fan: Oh, its you, Jebus! Our messianic father figure! Such passionate, soulful eyes! And the hair........pray, dear sir, what shampoo does ye use?

Jebus (irritated): Get away from me, you moron!

Jebus fan (Looks Confused, holds out advertisement): But.......but.......didn't you write in this advertisement that you are a benevolent messiah? Why, my lord? Why the nasty diatribes?

Jebus (In an authoritarian voice): Get this in your head, once and for all:
"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34)
(Jebus draws hidden sword, and cuts Jebus fan into two. Jebus is subsequently captured, charged and sentenced to life imprisonment. Praise the Lord. )

More Jebus love, anyone???


tina said...

First of all, I love the picture! :)

Funny, when I was growing up, I thought the bible was written by jebus. You see, I never read the book. But yes, it is odd that there are no written text by him. Your, "Can the "moral" lessons of a supposed God-man borne to a vestal virgin be of any use in a modern, 21st century setting?" was hilarious but, someone will definitely try to tell me that that is not what it means. You know, the pick and choose people?

Jarred said...

In fairness, Tina, Beast did cherry-pick his verses, too. For example, Matthew 19:29 immediately comes after a rich man who approaches Jesus and asks him what to do to receive eternal life. After reviewing the high points of the Torah, Jesus tells the man to sell all of his possessions and give the money to the poor and needy. The man leaves and Jesus makes a statement about how difficult it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. The disciples then ask about all they've given up to follow him, and Jesus responds with the Matthew 19:29 quote. This is all a very different context than the one in which Beast's hypothetical bratty child tries to throw out that single verse.

Each of the other examples are similar single verses spoken in a very different context than is suggested by the example.

But then, I think that's what makes the whole topic more interesting to me. The real issue seems to be cherry-picking individual verses (or even groups of verses) to prove a point. Yes, Beast has done this. But in my experience, most fundamentalist Christians tend to do the same things. In theology, it's a practice known as "proof-texting," and it's considered an extremely unsound practice. Unfortunately, it's also a rather common practice despite being so unsound.

L>T said...

Beast really illustrates the irrationalness of the fictional Jesus.

I have a charitable attitude about the historical Jesus, though. My theory is
He was a apocalyptic Jew that was fed up with the Romans & the Jewish kiss-Roman ass religious leaders. He wasn't the only guy running around angry & fanatical about the way things were. He probably exaggerated things himself. It was politics mixed up with religious stuff. Typical human behavior. The people who originally wrote & the ones that rewrote the Gospels put words in Jesus's mouth & attributed deeds to him because it served their purposes. That's my guess anyway.

It is not to hard to manipulate people & cater to their innate religious leanings...All religious sects do this.
Christianity is a brilliant & successful religion. It's success is not the product of the stamp of "Gods" approval as some would like us believe. It's success is due more to psychology then anything else.

tina said...

I believe the last sentence by l>T. Why can't the bible be taken literally as it says to? Or does it?

Jarred said...

Actually, nothing in the Bible demands that it be taken literally.

In fact, according to some scholars, Biblical literalism is a relatively modern phenomenon.

Larro said...

Umm, Jarred. Let me look for that grotesque thing...

Ok, I found it.

Revelation 22:18-19 "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

Does this refer to only the book of revelation or the entirety of the bible?

L>T said...

The christian religion was an extension of the all ready existing religions. We had Greeks & Romans with their (almost human) mythical gods, hanging out on Mt. Olympus & we have the Jews with their "my sky God is higher then your gods", who also promised a real live messiah. I think the time was right for a religious revolution & the mindset was there.
How did Jesus become the mythical hero Christ? Because Christian means follower of Christ.The historical Jesus was a zealous Jewish rabble rouser. Commendable, but not that uncommon(he wasn't the only one of those around)....Jesus had to go from being a man, to being a mythical super hero, to being a God. The gospels were written many years after oral traditions of Jesus had already been passed around & the authors are anonymous. No written unbiased accounts of Jesus's life have been found anywhere to date. What I mean is apparently no other writters besides his followers noticed his amazing miracle filled life.
The real Genius in the New testament is Paul,though, who is credited with 13 books of the New Testament. He is the one who moved the religion from being just a minor Jewish oddball sect to holding a theology that was palatable to everyman. well, anyway...

I think I disagree with jarred though. The Bible has been taken very literally. Western Science & intellectual thought up until a few hundred years ago was partially scripturally based. The concept was Aristotelian scholasticism. & the science part was very literally based on the holy scriptures. This is what got Galileo in trouble with the church.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


The same can be also read in Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.

Along with Deuteronomy 12:32 What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it.

You will also find it in Proverbs 30:5 Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. 6 Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

Along with the one you quote in Revelation 22:18-19.

Some actually take the idea that since Scripture records do not add/take away close to the front, middle, and end, that it includes the entire Bible. One thing to consider is that the Bible was not sitting there complete when John wrote Revelation, so most likely the text in Revelation refers to the prophecy of Revelation. Also the references of Deut and Pro could be more toward all of Scripture, for it is God's Word and we should not read what it says and add to it (legalistism) or take away from it (liberalism).

The discussion of whether to take the Scriptures literally is somewhat difficult to talk about when people have all kinds of ideas. I believe Scripture should be taken literally, but completely realize that Christ said He spoke in parables, and that Scripture explains Scripture. So when Christ says, "He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him." He doesn't mean to do it literally, for in the same chapter (John 6) He says, "It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life." Yet when it is written, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved", that is completely literal.

As l>t has said, "The Bible has been taken very literally" more times than not.


Jarred said...


I'm inclined to say that it only applies to the book of Revelation, as when John wrote that particular passage, the Bible had not been compiled yet. Revelation would've been a "loose manuscript" at that time.

But I'd argue that the verse you quoted doesn't call for literalism. After all, one can choose not to add or remove something from the book and still interpret it figuratively rather than literally.

Jarred said...

L>T: Fair enough. Let me rephrase that. While some parts of the Bible have always been taken literally, insisting that 100% of the Bible be taken literally is a relatively modern concept. And even today, only the fundamentalist and some evangelical elements in Christianity subscribe to that belief. Several other theologians take a much broader view, and do so based on some very old writings within Christianity.

I have to admit that I find it interesting that most people tend to think "fundamentalist" when discussing Christianity at all.

L>T said...

It would be impossible anyway to take the whole scriptures literally. I figured that out when i was a Christian

When I was a Christian, I spent hours not being literal with My Laymans Parallel Bible that contained 4 complete translations of the bible, & a Stronges Concordance. I could teach quite a convincing Sunday school class on the unliteral meaning of scriptures.
But, unfortunately there were those nagging questions the scriptures could never answer & those silly things I was expected to believe without question.

I've been out of the Christian loop for a while, but I find (what seems to be) the growing fundamentalist trend disturbing. Far be it for me to say but, it seems a step back from reality & truth(Christian or otherwise) then toward it.

Jarred said...

...but I find (what seems to be) the growing fundamentalist trend disturbing.

I tend to agree with you, L/T. Actually, I think everyone agrees with you. (Except for the fundamentalists, of course.) For example, did you catch in the news over the summer where two separate regional conferences of the United Methodist Church released a statement condemning the IRD for trying to undermine the UMC denomination?

tina said...

Where's beast? :)

It's hard for me to comment, I never had religion to begin with. But, just my opinion mind you, I think religious people are getting frustrated that so many more people are questioning the bible and the existence of a god.

One day hopefully there will be true separation of church and state.

OOps! I guess I got a little off the topic of the post. Sorry beast.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


Beast is over enjoying my blog. :)

I honestly don't believe there will ever be a total seperation of church and state, regardless of what end ones finds themselves supporting.


Shaun said...

To all Christians who read this. I believe we should leave atheists alone, after all, the bible only says to spread the word of God, this means just let it be known, if people don't want to accept it, it is no longer our problem. Atheists worship Richard Dawkins, and believe that all life forms emerged from some kind of unbelievably improbable chemical reaction. They are trying very desperately to avoid being proved wrong. The only reason they blog/speak/debate/write books/make movies/whatever is because they know theists will see it, and be angered. Why would they bash Jesus if they didn't believe he existed? Two explanations, they're trying to convince themselves, and they want to annoy Christians. What they don't know(I hope) is that, they are actually just doing the work of Satan. It says in the bible that Satan will try and tempt people.

I believe God does not really want us to try and explain Christianity to atheists, it is quite clear from this blog that they don't want to listen. Out time is better spent staring into blank space.

For the atheists who read this, you will one day see the truth, and I hope that day comes before you die.

tina said...

shaun says>To all Christians who read this. I believe we should leave atheists alone, after all, the bible only says to spread the word of God, this means just let it be known, if people don't want to accept it, it is no longer our problem.

Someone once said that I only wanted to converse, debate, whatever, only with like minded people.

Shaun>They are trying very desperately to avoid being proved wrong.

I just come here on blogs to listen and learn why people believe in a god and why they don't.

Shaun>What they don't know(I hope) is that, they are actually just doing the work of Satan. It says in the bible that Satan will try and tempt people.

Sorry, I don't believe in satan either. This satan person was put there to scare people.

Shaun>I believe God does not really want us to try and explain Christianity to atheists, it is quite clear from this blog that they don't want to listen.

Why won't christians listen to atheists? Open your mind to the possibility that he does not exist and religion is a way to control people. Just my opinion.

Shaun>For the atheists who read this, you will one day see the truth, and I hope that day comes before you die.

My truth is that we live for the lifetime that we have, do good, be giving, have compassion, learn, be tolerant. When I die I will I will no longer cease to exist. Nothing wrong with that. I will live on through my children and their children, if the world is still here and not destroyed in the name of religion.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


A couple of things to consider:

I believe God does not really want us to try and explain Christianity to atheists

We must remember, as Christians, that we are not some elite that has a greater understanding of God and Atheists are lesser because they reject the knowledge of God. If we adhere to Scripture, if it were not for the grace of God, and the moving of the Spirit within our being, we would never put our faith in Christ either. Also, if we fail to warn this world of sin and the coming judgment, we will be found guilty by God [Ezekiel 3].

it is quite clear from this blog that they don't want to listen.

How often do we, as Christians, wish to discuss matters of faith with even other Christians we disagree with? Indeed, some Atheist do not wish to listen to Christians, but do we Christians really listen to them? To be a witness, there must be a conversation between two parties, and not just the one listening to the other.

Take a look at Christ in Scripture. He had more tolerance with the Atheists (unbelievers) that with the hypocritical religious crowd of his day. I am not saying to give all of your time and energy running around trying to convert Atheists, for there is a lot of things we need to be doing as Christians, as concerning helping people (believers and unbelievers, but I just don't think saying God doesn't want us to explain Christianity to atheists is a good view.

Don't judge every Atheist by this blog, just like we shouldn't judge every Christian by one man. When a person honestly believes that souls that reject God will burn in hell for all eternity, yet loses a desire to witness (whether in general, or certain persons), it is a spiritual matter that needs to be brought to God in prayer.


L>T said...

oh come on shaun really.

you come over to an atheist blog & accuse us of being closeminded.

What did you expect was going to happen?

It's called debating, I think.

drd is pretty good at it & tim seems to be open-minded occasionally.

honestly most of us don't bite, Except for beast that is. Actually I'm considered a pretty nice person in real life

Shaun said...

Like I said, my time is better spent staring into blank space. If you're into debates, look on the internet, you'll find many debates where atheists make complete fools of themselves, and then have the atheist horde claim they won. Or look on youtube for Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris, blabbering rubbish, or count how many atheists there are, and wonder why such a puny number of people make so much noise, or best of all, look on the internet for why Darwin and his theory of evolution is plain rubbish, and wonder why Dawkins doesn't address any of it's flaws.

Tina, Couple of things.

It wasn't me who said that you only wanted to listen to atheists. Still my refusal to deal with atheists does not make that statement wrong, nor does it mean that I only want to deal with Christians, I said I was going to stare into space, not talk to a Christian.

If you still haven't learnt why people don't believe in god, you shouldn't really have decided that you're going to be an atheist just yet.

You may not believe in Satan, but he believes in you.

I have questioned the existance of God, every time I did, I got a pretty clear message from him, so eventually I stopped questioning.

And lastly, if Larro's your only child, you may want to rethink that part about living on through your children's children's... and so on. Apparently he lives with his closet atheist wife and a few pets. Anyway, it's in line with the sinful nature of humanity, because God's instruction was to procreate, not to keep pets. And also take comfort in the fact that if you do have grandchildren, you're just doing what God wants.

L>T said...

This is the internet, silly.

tina said...

Shaun>And lastly, if Larro's your only child, you may want to rethink that part about living on through your children's children's... and so on. Apparently he lives with his closet atheist wife and a few pets. Anyway, it's in line with the sinful nature of humanity, because God's instruction was to procreate, not to keep pets. And also take comfort in the fact that if you do have grandchildren, you're just doing what God wants.

Why do you insist on trying to get a rise out of me by being a butt head? What's wrong with living with pets? You are just too weird for me to comprehend. If religion made you the way you are, I feel sorry for you. You can keep religion.

Sorry about getting off topic again, I won't be back to this post, I'll wait for the next one.

Larro said...

I was going to go step by step and parse out my comments but...

Shaun; Are you a fucking moron or what? I think I remember saying that this kind of attitude is attributable to socio-pathic behavior.

It's a sin NOT to have children? What about people, who are devout Christians, that are unable to procreate? Is that a blight from god? Don't answer that. I can read you like a fucking book, my friend.

I'm no fucking idiot that doesn't know how the world works. I'm too bright for that (relative to the likes of you). Yes these ARE fighting words.

Let's look at something here. You sit there harassing us non-believers and we have no clue about you and your life. Obviously you have something to hide. Myself and my mom, we feel comefortable enough to open up to complete strangers and open the door of our lives to them. Complete scrutiny is availed.

Where is your open door?

I see no link to a blog. I see no reference to your everyday life. I suppose this goes quite comfortably with the religious mind-set, to be closed up and shuttered in a perfect little world. But when this perfect little world gets called into question by "such a puny number of people" making so much noise you can't fucking handle it. Some comments back you said you stopped asking questions because the Cosmic McMuffin was answering them for you. The sad thing is that you are a pawn a far greater materialist conspiracy that you can't even imagine.

Hell. That's what it comes down to in my opinion. Thinking outside the box. Having real imagination. Walking in somebody elses' shoes so to speak.

Don't harangue atheists for not believing because they don't know anything about what Christianity means. Bull-fucking-shit! We atheists are surrounded and bombarded everyday about what the hell it means to be a Christian.

Very few atheists probably don't even personally know another atheist. We go to work and they are there (Christians), we go to the shopping mall and they are there, we go to the bank and they are there, we go to the supermarket and they are there, I go outside and look around and they are there.

So don't try to rationalize that atheists don't know what Christians are "about".

As far as my wife and I having children. It just hasn't happened yet. I know your going to think that it is gods will. What the fuck ever. As far as I'm concerned there needs to be more atheist progeny in the world and not fuck nuts like you who should be sterilized so as not to spread your incomprehensible bullshit.

I have nothing more to say right this moment. I've ranted long enough.

drd said...

Wow, Tina..if I blamed every trait I don't like for the irritating features of someone, the list would be unending. Why, if Shaun is irritating, do you attribute that to religion. Shaun just might be an irritating person period. (sorry Shaun, just illustrating a point, nothing personal intended)

Larro said...

Yes, I'm done here also.

Bdawg/bwc said...

Shaun... I again urge you to engage in some apologetics. And I also encourage you to not speak on behalf of the Christian community on this blog (or anywhere for that matter). You are just dead wrong with your attitude towards revealing the word of God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to atheists.

Shaun said...

I'm Sorry, I'm human, I'm a sinner, sometimes it's easy for me to get a little agitated and say some harsh stuff. To all those people wondering why I don't leave a link to my blog, it's because I don't have one. Anything you want to know about me, you can ask, and I will tell.

Larro, I see you've lost it once again, you're only shortening your life, which also reduces the probability of you repenting before death, so please cool down. As for being bombarded by Christians, take comfort in the fact that there'll be a lot less in Hell. And i don't think it's God's will that you don't have children, it's his will that you do. And if you think it's people like me who should not be trusted, and allowed to procreate, look at the statistics, and you'll see that atheists are the least trusted folk in the U.S., hence it's you who are least likely to be able to have children.

I only tried to reason with you, sometimes I get a little annoyed say a few nasty things. That pales in comparison to what atheists have been doing, the cussing and the insults, and blasphemous nature toward the holy spirit and the bible, and the most insulting of all, claiming I'm close minded after all the reasons I've given for why I can justify being Christian. Atheists still haven't said a word about why they're so confident in God's non-existence.

Bdawg/bwc, With all the blasphemy Larro and beast have done, wouldn't you think they've already condemned themselves to hell without any chance for forgiveness? This is one opinion I hope I'm completely wrong in, but that's what I Think.

And finally, atheist, if you must come out again and bash me, please spend half a minute typing out a reason why you believe there's no God, and "I asked him to strike me down with with a bolt of lightning and he didn't" and things like that aren't reasons, really. Some atheists actually bring that up in televised debates.

Larro said...

I know I said I was done here, but...

It isn't so much as a disbelief in god Shaun. To me it's because I don't want to be anything like you even remotely. I am my own person. I am skeptical of the Christian motive (or any other religious motives).
I don't care to believe in a fucking fairy tale. This is the problem with people who "believe" and have such a hard time understanding the frustration atheists feel.

Believers "think" they "know" the "truth". I don't care to know what this particular version of the truth is. It's irrelevant to me. Do you understand yet? Don't answer that. No you don't. You speak of heaven and hell and damnation and whatever. To me it's nothing more than lies ALL OF IT! I'm not going to argue with people who've been filled with lies. That's how hardcore I feel about it. Everything ANY religious leader has said throughout history has been COMPLETE fabrication. It's as simple as that for me Shaun. That's how irrelevant it is for me to debate the existence of something that has never existed and was made up. Having thousands of years to be perfected (the lie) it's no wonder religion is biggest scam in human history.

BEAST said...

Fuck you Shaun!

Sorry, folks, I haven't responded for a while. I wanted to see what these Christians are up to when I am not around, and boy, am I pissed.

What is so sinful about a childless couple, that a fucking vindictive, hare-brained Christian has to criticize, in no fair-mindedness of his obnoxious, religiously fucked up mind? So what if Larro chooses pets over kids? IS THAT ANY OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS???

Shaun, you and your kind are one of the chief reasons why I left Christianity: Too narrow minded, too judgmental, and too stupid enough to even harbor any form of rational thinking.

Any more bullshit from you, Shaun, and I assure you that you will be more than just a mere target for my rants.


Shaun said...

And yet no reason. face it, you don't have one.

Nothing that sinful about a childless family. Just trying to explain that Tina won't really live on through the generations if she does not have grandchildren. And it does say in the bible, that man is to have children. But I'll admit, I said that a little out of spite.

Which part of me Larro, do you not want to be like? my religion? My taste in music? what is it, surely it can't be everything. And are you finally admitting that atheists are frustrated. I thought you said you were happy. I've always known you don't care much for my particular version of the truth, I know what an atheist, what I don't understand is why. Is my version of the truth so ridiculous? your version claims that life suddenly fabricated itself from a chemical soup, and that humans were apes long ago. And I've heard your theory of religion being a scam, while there are people who use religion for the wrong purpose, calling religion a scam is completely baseless. It would be equal to me saying that atheists are murderers, cos of all the killing they've done.

Beast, you have the right to be pissed, that's what Dawkins does too when he's wrong. And just like him, you refuse to admit it too.
Speaking of rationality, the thing about the chemical soup again.

BEAST said...


You probably haven't read a lot of what I write.

I am generally pissed with things that should be pissed about. People like you, for example, pisses me off. When the Pentagon has the money to ship out bibles by the container loads to Iraq and not a couple of thousand armoured vehicles, it pisses me off. When priests molest children, and yet are protected by the top vatican brass, it pisses me off.

Being frustrated can be rational, but I am not forlornly drowned by my frustration.I have never ever said that I, or atheists, are not frustrated. So don't put words in my mouth.

As for man descending from apes, you got the wrong science. Man and ape share a common ancestor, and there are plenty of evidence to prove it, including DNA evidence. Sounds like a scam? Think again.

As for atheists being murderers, think about the inquisidators of spain in the americas. The massacre of heretics, the witch hunts, hitler's merciless concentration camps, the church's lies about condoms and contraception that has allowed the AIDS virus to spread with reckless abandon, etc. You want to talk about murderers? Take a look at America's federal prisons. Many on the death rows are strangely born agains, including the executed Paul Hill.

And lastly, I am pissed with you not because you are right, because your ad hominem against Larro is too fucking personal for my liking. If you wish to proceed with such an arrogant manner, then don't blame me for showing my true colours. You ask for it.


Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


Bdawg/bwc, With all the blasphemy Larro and beast have done, wouldn't you think they've already condemned themselves to hell without any chance for forgiveness? This is one opinion I hope I'm completely wrong in, but that's what I Think.

The Scriptural answer is "No." If you do not believe there is any chance for these (or any other) for repentance and forgiveness, you deny the power of God, and maybe should no longer talk to them. By condemning them to hell in your mind, and by writing that you believe they have no hope, you are turning them further away from God; therefore, as you referenced to others, "are actually just doing the work of Satan."

It is not Christ which has told the lost soul He will not save them, but Satan which tells man they are too bad for God to save.


BEAST said...


Take your bible and shove it up the "you-know-where". You are not even proficient in your bible to begin with.

The bible clearly says that those who blaspheme against the holy spirit will never be saved. That, I have done, and in Christian parlance, this is what you will call "burning one's bridges".Do you want me to dish out the actual verse???

The only audience you can ever hope to teach is infants and young children. That is because you can't read worth a damn, not even your beloved bible. So go back to your blog and sprout your nonsense. I have enough Christians here with their erstwhile trash to get their sick mojo going.


drd said...

Wow beast, Christians cannot win with you, we either are too condemning and judgemental or we aren't..you don't like it either way...amazing.

You may be right, you might have burned the bridge...then again, God can soften even the most hardened heart...you never know, and we are not God, hence we should NEVER judge the state of anothers soul.

We are to judge behavior, however.

BEAST said...

Which God, DRD? The Invisible Flying Underwear?

In any case, the bible is clear and unambiguous with regards to blasphemy against the holy ghost, which I have done with wild abandon. If your deity reneges on its promise, then fundies will really be putting themselves in the foot.

Fuck God. Fuck the Holy Ghost. And fuck the bible. These are imaginations of depraved minds, and have no place in a modern, secular world.


Shaun said...

The DNA thing is loosing reputation very rapidly. Most evolutionists will claim that there's a 99% similarity between the human and ape. Then the number's reduced to 98% and 97%, and now it's 95. I know, 95 is still pretty close to 100. But apparently they only considered 780 thousand 'things' out of the 3 billion 'things' in the human DNA, I don't know what the things are because I didn't study about the things, but it's obvious there's great potential for inaccuracy in the DNA tests. The more scientists learn about the human DNA, the smaller the number becomes. There's a huge wealth of information freely available on the internet that shows that the theory of evolution is wrong, if you would only look.

My point was NOT to blame atheists for particular atheist's murders, you'll find if you read carefully what I wrote. but if you still insist on pulling up numbers, like I said before, if all humans were atheists, they would have killed half of the population in the last hundred years. Just math, don't get mad at me.

drd said...

Beast, no offense to you, but you have no clue how to interpret blasphemy, many scholars have debated it for years, and I doubt you have the linguistic training or otherwise to be of any valuable input on the subject...so...biblical interpretation is not your area..face it.

Next, your anger, vulgarity and otherwise seems to imply some level of discontent? Why? We are all just random chance, none of this has any real meaning, your anger is just a random expression of electrical impulses, you really are not to blame, so no biggy I guess.

Why does Shaun or any Christian bother you, we are random mutational manifestations with no significants...why let it bother you. Life is meaningless and ends in nothing..so whats the big deal beast?

BEAST said...


• noun (pl. blasphemies) irreverent talk about God or sacred things.

I don't have to be a bible scholar to know what blasphemy is. Besides, most preachers don't even know their Jebus quotes very well, do they?