Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all my friends and family!!!

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Life and the Universe – the never ending story?

When Christians start asking me, if I don’t believe in Jesus and heaven, then just what do I live for? I start thinking about the day in early May, when I told our 4 year old son, that we would be taking him and his brothers on a trip to Disney land in about a month in the second week in June – he had become so excited over this trip, that he could hardly even contain himself – he awoke the next morning, and asked me if we were going to Disney land today, and I told him not today, and it was not even June yet – then after almost a week of him asking me this same question every day, I finally told him that if he didn’t start being a good boy, and if he didn’t stop asking me this same question every day, that he just might not be going to Disney Land ever – from that day forward, he was on his best behavior, and he never asked me that question again either – he then simply started asking his mom, who then placed a calendar on the wall in his bedroom, and then she started marking off the days until our trip – I thought to myself, why in the hell, couldn’t I have simply thought of doing that myself? And no, I wasn’t being mean to our son.

I believe that it’s always nice; to have something happening to look forward to, but just as long as that something, is in fact real. When Christians ask me (what I perceive as a very hateful question) why if I don’t believe in Jesus and heaven, then just what do I look forward to doing after I die – I then often ask them, if they believe that they’re going to heaven, when they die, and if that’s all that they live for, then why in the hell, don’t they just pick up a gun, and then simply expedite their journey , and I tell them, that I don’t even believe, that Jesus would even mind at all, if they did. Most devout Christian, have about the same level of understanding reality, as most 4 year old children have – Christians await the day, when a loud trumpet will sound, and a supersized Jesus descends from the clouds, and with a big gold sword sticking out of his mouth – and they just can’t seem to understand, just how anyone without something like that to look forward to, could possibly live a happy life at all. Most of the atheists who I know, do in fact live extremely happy lives, simply living within the constructs of reality, and by making the best out of the only life that we know – but, what if this just wasn’t, the only life that we have to live – what if we did in fact discover, that we will all be back someday, and would this change the way we all look at life today?

So just what in the hell am I talking about? Years ago, my physics professor explained a mathematical theory of the cosmos to me, one which is based on a model of the universe that postulates, that the universe is only, in its true natural state, when it’s in the complete state of zero energy, and that the state of zero energy, is the only primacy for its existing – we are all currently, simply living in one of its infinite cyclic states, between our current state of energy, and the natural state of zero energy – and the universe is forever locked into these cycles. In short; the current state of our universe, is not the reason for it excisting, and therefore, there is no first cause – the universe exists, simply because it does. What this says in effect, is that at a fixed point, sometime in the future, that all of the matter in the universe, will return to the natural state of zero energy, (where it is most happy) and then sometime after that, the opposite of the big bang will occur (all of the particles, of which comprised the former universe, will then coalesce and create the next singularity, and then, bang again – and the universe is off and running again – after which, all of the stars will form again, including our own sun and solar system, and our planet earth). Then, about a billion years after the earth has formed again, the same minor planet will collide with the earth again, and then form our moon again – and then in about 3 billion years after that, you’ll be back here reading this post again as well. And the real crazy things about this theory are, that even if this theory was in fact reality, and you knew it, you still wouldn’t be able to change one single thing in life from one cycle to the next – and even if we did discover that this theory was true, this same discovery would have had to happened in every other cycle also, including the next ones to come.

How would this change your view of life, and how would this effect religion – with all of its silly beliefs

Sunday, 26 December 2010

My Christian friend is becoming rational – praise the “lord”

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I recently called a longtime christian friend, to wish him and his wife a happy holiday. His 2 children are both about the same ages as ours, and they played and all grew up together. I’ve known this guy and his wife for almost 25 years; back when I first met this guy, and after him and his wife, had gotten over the shock, that they were living next door to a family of atheists, (we were the first atheists, that they had ever met) we all became good friends. He became the kind of friend that you talk shit with when you guys were alone with each other – the kind of friend that when he see’s you working around house, or fixing something, he always has to put in his two cents worth – he always has a better way of doing things; and the kind of friend that if you overheard us talking to each other in a hardware store, you might not think that we were friends at all.

In the summer, we would load up the children, camping gear and the ATV’s, and then convoy to the Ocean together – both of our families were very close, and we had a lot of fun together – but then came all of the invites to attend church with them, and all of the proselytizing. Both he and I were making a hell of a lot of money back then, and despite the fact that I was out of town a lot of the time, him and his wife believed that we were excellent parents, and had great children, and that the only other thing that we needed, was “jesus” in our lives. This guy and his wife were also real close friends with their preacher and his wife, at the church where they attended. There were times when his proselytizing would put a great strain on our friendship, and I would unload on his ass about his deluded belief in a ghost raped, little virgin-born bastard-savior, named “jesus” – I never attacked him personally, but to him, attacking his fucking “lord,” was the same as attacking him – his wife would always say: “he’ll come around to jesus.”

The last two times that I had talked to this guy, I didn’t even notice that he didn’t come at me with his christ-speak and deluded christian-talk – so I asked him: “you’re not trying to save my heathen soul anymore, you fucking asshole - so what gives here?” he then told me, that after their children had dropped by the house on their mom’s birthday, and both of them were proclaiming that they were now agnostics, and parroting a lot of the stuff that I used to say (I never talked to his children about their beliefs) he and his wife started thinking about what they believed in as well. He told me that neither he nor his wife, still believes in all of that made up bullshit in the bible, like the talking-snake, and the virgin-birth of jesus, and all of the other magic and bullshit about christ’s life and death – he said that today, he can’t understand just how he ever believed, that all of that bullshit was true; however, he said that both him and his wife, still consider themselves christians. He said that they now only follow, the christian teachings – like do unto others, help the poor and other stuff like that… he even apologized to me, for all of his past proselytizing.

I didn’t even know what to say at that point; I thought that I should have felt something, or even started gloating, and talking shit or something – but the only thing that I said was again, enjoy the holidays – he then invited me and my family to his home for a New Years Eve party.

I’ve never been religious – even as a young child, I found the story of christ simply ridiculous – the ghost raping the little girl, all of the fucking magic – walking on water, turning water into wine, raising the dead – a dead for 3 days, stinking and rotting corpse arose, and then walking among the living – and simply believe all of this silly and mindless bullshit, and you’ll live forever somewhere in the fucking sky. So I just can’t get a grasp on what this guy and his wife are going through. And can someone still be a “christian,” without believing all of the supernatural bullshit? Or is this just the path that some christians take to avoid the atheist stigma? What do you think about this?


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Airline Security: Protecting Lives or Money

Has it ever occurred to anybody that increased airline security over the years is more to do about saving money for the airlines than about saving human lives?

Consider that the odds to die in a car crash are astronomically higher. Additionally, how much does a passenger plane cost? Or class action lawsuits?

Don't get me wrong I don't believe it's a conspiracy, just that I don't think it's in the government or airline industries best interest to increase security solely to save lives. And also something the media would loathe to address.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My confusion over the proper way of eating jesus:

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I had been hearing about this religious knowledge test conducted by PEW for at least two weeks now. The results simply confirmed what I have always known – Christians and most other religious people, don’t know jack-shit about religion, including their own. Most have never even read their own “holy-books,” or have done any type of real research. As someone who has read the bible from cover to cover at least twice, and studied religion and mythology for about 5 years in my teens, I have always wondered just how any half-way intelligent person could read the whole bible, and still walk away believing such utter nonsense. The story of Christ is simply stolen from the stories of the dozens of other solar messiah’s, and all of which, predate Christianity, and some by 1000’s of years. I thought, why should I even waste my time with this test, I thought that I would just ace the test anyway - so why even bother looking for the URL.

Then I was over at Krissthesexyatheist’s blog, and I found the first working link – so before reading his post any further, I clicked on the link. I started taking the test; there are 15 questions, and as I was answering the last one, I realized that I had fucked up on 14. “Which of these religions aims at nirvana, the state of being free from suffering?” well I can blame that one on my dyslexia – I knew the answer was Buddhism; however, I had clicked on Hinduism, I thought, what the hell, I’ll still get 14 out of 15 right anyway. Then the next page which gives you, your score read: “You answered 13 out of 15 questions correctly
for a score of 87%.”

I thought, WTF, I missed 6 too? 6. “Which of the following best describes the Catholic teaching about the bread and wine used for Communion?” I thought, how in the hell did I get that one wrong; I have always thought that eating and drinking zombie-jesus, was just a symbolic ritual derived from the “last supper” story. So I had given this answer: “The bread and wine are symbols of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.” – Wrong answer? WTF – the correct answer is: “The bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Jesus Christ.” I thought to myself: and all of this time that I have been thinking that they were just symbolically eating on jesus, and drinking his blood – when in fact, these sick and deluded folks have actually been gorging themselves on this dead-zombie-jesus – what a sick fucking lot of vampires and fucking cannibals. I have always known that the Catholics loved themselves some jesus; but I never even thought that they were this fucking sick – I guess as long as we don’t close our minds, we can learn something new every day?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If Homosexuality is a Choice...

...shouldn't it still be a right?

Like the right to choose to bear arms? The right of an adult to choose to smoke or drink? The right of free speech? The right to choose to picket funerals to further a homophobic agenda? The right to choose your religion? Or non-religion? The right to choose between Samsung and Sony? The right to choose gasoline, hybrid or electric? The right to choose blue jeans or slacks? The right to choose Democrat, Republican or other? The right to send your kids to public or private schools?

Either way. It shouldn't matter whether homosexuality were a choice, environmental or genetic.

I suppose some of the above rights I've rattled off come with certain caveats. As pertaining to the right of free speech whereby it does not apply to the shouting of "fire" in a crowded theater. That the right to bear arms doesn't necessarily apply to concealed weapons.

Alas, homosexuality is not a choice. If it were, there shouldn't be any caveats like: you can be gay, but don't tell anybody; you can be with your partner but not in the same way that heterosexuals legally are; or as pertains to adoption, hospitalization or insurance benefits.

If we take religion out of the equation, what do we have? A non-issue! A big fat non-issue! Almost all the arguments against homosexuality and homosexual relationships hinge almost exclusively on religious scripture. Granted there are other reasons why someone may oppose homosexuality but I haven't explored that rationale and, besides, such opposition is probably so remote and minimal as to be a non-issue in itself.

This, I believe, is why many atheists have allied themselves with gay rights' causes and sentiment. It's discrimination based on a religious viewpoint.

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Atheist Quote

"If your god has to make peace with me on my final secs when he has my whole lifetime to prove his existence to me.......
Do you think I should bother?"

- Beast

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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hillbilly Christian preachers, and incest:

There are few things which piss me off more than when a Christian proclaims that all morality is derived from the Gawd in the bible. They make the claims that all of our laws are derived from the bible; some of them even want to replace the U.S. constitution, with “Gawd’s law” in the bible. They even say that no one can be moral without Gawd, and therefore that all atheists must be immoral by default. OK, so let’s start with the roots of Christianity – a ghost named Gawd rapes a 13 year old virgin girl, who then becomes pregnant, he then sends a pixie (an angel) to tell the girl that she’s pregnant (the foundation of Christianity). But let’s just not stop there; the bible is riddled with the stories of old men having sex with young children – even men having babies with their own daughters; and the Gawd in the bible, whole heartily approved of these incestuous relationships. For years now, I have been wondering if this is why that Christians hold such a monopoly on sex-crimes, committed against children.

Back when I was 14 years old, I met a family of real hillbillies, who had moved into an old beat-up house about a block from where I lived. This family consisted of around 15 children, 6 adults and about 6 or 7 large dogs – and at the head of this family was a Christian preacher that they all called Mr. Pappy. One of the first things that this family did upon moving in, was to build a tall fence around their backyard out of old wood, and in the front yard, the dogs were all chained, and there were about 5 old cars parked there in which the dogs seemed to live in (these folks had really made the neighborhood look trashy).

About 2 weeks after they had moved into the neighborhood, I met one of Pappies children, a boy who was my same age named Dale. Dale was very thin and small in stature for his age, and he spoke in broken English, and with a southern-drawl. When I asked Dale where his family was from, he proudly replied: “we’re all come from the blue-grass state, the hills of Kentucky.” It was mid-summer, and like most other children, I was spending most of my time playing outside; but the only one in this family that I had seen outside to date, was Dale. Dale would come over to my house almost every morning; we had become friends. I believe Dale liked me so much because I could explain things to him, like how and why the sun would rise each morning, and set each evening, and why the moon was so bright in the night sky (this kid had little to no understanding of anything). I learned from him that he had 13 sisters and brothers, and that his dad was a Christian preacher; and that he and his siblings were all being home schooled, and had never been in a public school. I also learned that he was one of four twins – his sisters were identical twins, and him and his maternal twin brother, were all born at the same time, but his maternal brother was still-born and had died (this would later explain why he looked so much like his sisters).

One day Dale comes over and asks me if his sisters could play in my backyard, I said yes, and he ran off and came back with them. His sister's looked so much alike, that I couldn’t even tell them apart from each other. They were both a lot taller and bigger than Dale was, and this despite the fact that they were all born at the same time. His sisters started coming over every day, they would play on our swing-set, and they had spray painted a hopscotch board in our grass (I didn’t mind, and neither did the grass). Dale and I would sit and watch them hopping around for hours – hell, at age 14, watching their tits bounce around, just simply made my day. Within two weeks they were running around topless in my backyard, while spraying each other with the garden-hose.

Then one extremely hot night, when I was setting outside on my front porch, Dale came over and sat down next to me. Dale had some real weird habits; he would always put his hand on my shoulder when he had something important to say, and every time he would tell a joke, or he would say something that he thought was clever, he would push my shoulder real hard, and sometimes with both of his hands. I really liked Dale and his sisters, and this despite the fact that I thought Dale was a being a little too touchy-feely with me. That night he put his hand on my shoulder and said: “Both of my sisters are crushing on you, and they both want to play house with us tonight” (as I sat there on my porch trying to make sense of the ‘us’ part that he had said; I sat up erect and pushed his hand off of my shoulder – and at the same time just thinking about playing house with those two little cuties, was causing other parts of my body to become erect as well).

Dale said: “what’s wrong with you – I’m not hitting on you; you don’t have to do anything with me, unless you want to.” He then said: “I’ll just go and get both of them; and then you pick the one you want, and I’ll take the other.”

I said to Dale: are you talking about having sex with your sister?

Dale said: “heck yes!”

I asked: penetration?

He said: “hell yes, we stopped dry-humping each other’s things years ago.”

I then asked: Dale, how in the hell could you have sex with your sister?

He then pushed my shoulder real hard with both of his hands and said: “teat for teat and penny for penny, cousins’ pussy is just as good as any – but sister’s pussy is always the best; at least that’s what my pappy always says.”

I then asked: Dale, does your dad know that you are fucking your sisters?

Dale: “my pappy was the first one who fucked them – better he fuck them than me; when my pappy gets drunk, he don’t care whose hole he puts his pecker into.”

As I sat there talking to Dale, I learned that his ancestors had left Texas after the Civil War because they didn’t want to live around free black people. So his great, great Christian preacher grandfather had headed for the hills of Kentucky, with his uncle and two of his sisters in tow. And that Dale’s dad had married his cousin, and his dad also had 5 babies with his half-sister, including Dale and his sisters. A few hours into our conversation, and I just wasn’t up for having sex with his sisters that evening, or any other evening after that, for that matter. About a week later I met his dad “pappy,” he had invited me to his house for bible study – this incestuous hillbilly Christian-preacher, had started holding church and bible study in his home, and I attended two times. Each time he would ask someone to read from the bible, and then he would talk about what they had read. By the second time that I had attended; it had became clear to me that Pappy could not read himself. By the time that I had first attended his bible study, he had attracted about 10 others as well. I simply went to his home out of curiosity – the first time that pappy asked me, if I wanted him to baptize me in the “holy-sprit;” I simply said: no thanks; I can wash my own ass. And after I told him that I was an atheist; both of his daughters stopped coming over to my house. Dale later told me that I had become the subject of most of his sermons, and how he no longer trusted me because I couldn’t be a moral person without Gawd – and this despite of the fact that he was fucking everyone and everything in his household, that would remain still long enough for him to mount.

What just amazes me about ignorant Christians is the fact that when they discover another Christian is selling dope to children, or even fucking their own children; they will simply say that they just need to get closer to “Jesus,” repent and all is forgiven. Just being an atheist on the other hand??? Hate, hate and more fucking hate – I just don’t understand the world of the deluded?

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Christain Prayer Center to me



Prayers are designed for humans on Earth to ask for riches, fortunes, and rewards above. These riches can come in the form of money, better paying jobs, better health, and happier relationships.

According to a recent study, the main reason why some Christians have not achieved their financial goals is simply because they have never asked.

Anybody heard of such a "study"? I'd like to see it.


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Friday, 18 June 2010

Christian Prayer Center to me


Sometimes in our lives, it seems like the Devil is paying attention to us but God isn't. You must not blame God, but instead show your faith to Him, so that he may come to your rescue.

If you pray, pray more. If you haven't posted an urgent prayer request to the Christian Prayer Center yet, now is the time.

Ask for God's protection right now so that he may be the enemy to your enemies.

 Okay, why in the hell would I want a neglectful god to rescue me? And sorry, it doesn't "seem like the Devil is paying attention" either. I don't believe in either.

 I want God to be somebodies enemy? What if my enemy is under God's protection already? Besides, who's to say I have enemies anyway? If I did have enemies what is God going to do to them? Send a hurricane to devastate their city? Or an earthquake?

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Our current energy policies have put us on the fast track of killing our planet

After weeks of listening to the officials at B.P. lying, while trying to downplay the severity of this ecological disaster, which was caused directly because of their own negligence and greed – and then hearing all those ignorant right-wind pundits, claiming that the severity of this accident was being overplayed by the environmentalist, solely for their own political gains (I thought how can someone overplay the deaths of 11 oil workers?) And then came the radio talk show hosts like Limbaugh, who were claiming that the oil was actually good for the ocean - and just when I believed that I had heard all of the lunacy, that these ignorant morons had to offer; then I heard this preacher on the radio, blaming this disaster on the godless scientists and the EPA, for over-regulating the industry, which in turn was forcing the oil companies away from drilling their wells in safer places. He was claiming that all of this was happing, because the godless scientists, don’t believe that god has given us these resources to use, and he said that god had placed enough oil in the earth, and everything else on the earth, that will ever need, and it all will last until the rapture comes – and all of this after hearing an ignorant Christian caller, on a different radio talk show, saying how much she missed her dead husband, and that the rapture, couldn’t come quick enough for her – the only thing that I could do at that point, was just scream!

What all these willfully ignorant people, don’t seem to understand is, and that indifferent to what they may believe based on their deluded old book of fairy-tales, is the fact that all life here on earth, started in the oceans over a billion years ago. And if we kill the oceans; all the rest of the life here on the earth, will soon follow – and there will be no rapture, and no imaginary Jesus, to save them.

I find it hard in placing all of the blame for these people’s stupidity and ignorance, solely on their religious beliefs, for them not understanding, just how finite the difference is between the earth being a living planet, and it just being another dead rock floating in space. Our ecosystem is extremely complex, and every and all facets of this system; are totally interdependent on each other - from the smallest life-forms in the oceans, to all of the land animals, including people, everything is depended on each other for survival. Tiny little plankton is the base of the marine food chain. Little fish eat the plankton that then feed the bigger fish, who then intern feed even bigger fish, and at the top of the food chain, is us. The most important of these tiny life-forms, is the phytoplankton; they resided just under the surface of the water, and they provide about 50% of the earth’s oxygen – and together with all the other marine plant-life, they are the only source of oxygen for the fish to breathe. Phytoplanktons are extremely sensitive to toxins – and totally incapable of living in oil. And if there is a mass dying off of the Phytoplankton and other marine-plants, the consequences’ of this, will be extremely severe. As the oxygen levels in the ocean begin to fall, there will be an explosion in the numbers of harmful Bacteria – and the poor fish that haven’t already suffocated to death, will simply become sick and die – many of these bacteria; are also very harmful and toxic to humans as well.

Another of the many problems that we’ll soon be facing; will be an increase in the levels of toxins and carcinogens in the food-chain. Back when the mining industry, began using mercury in the process of extracting gold from ore; no one knew back then, that this extremely toxic substance, would be coming back to haunt us in our food-chain – today, there’s not one single living creature on the planet, that hasn’t been poisoned to some degree or another, by this substance. And soon the extremely toxic chemicals that B.P. and others have been using in a futile attempt to dissolve the oil, will evaporate into the clouds, and return to earth in the form of precipitation (they’re simply breaking down this mass of poison into even more toxic chemicals). And yes, the food crops, the live-stock animals, and humans, will soon, all be enjoying this poison, in the form of rain (at least two of these toxins in this compound, cause changes in the DNA structure of all living creatures – and causes mutations and birth-defects in their offspring).

There are rivers of oil, floating at different depths under the surface of the water – 80 percent of the spilled oil is still under water, and most of it, will eventually reach the coast-lines and pollute the beaches. But not before these toxic clouds create marine dead-zones; and any fish, or any other type of marine animals entering these zones, will simply die. The ones who do survive, will be so poisoned by this toxic mess, that they will have a very difficult time reproducing, furthering the decline of the marine life, in the soon to be wasteland of deadly toxins.

I find this whole situation appalling on so many levels; and not the least of which that it could have been prevented in at least two ways. First of all, it’s too dangerous and irresponsible for our leaders to allow this kind of oil drilling, in such an important and sensitive area of our coast. Secondly, this massive blowout of oil and gas could have been easily prevented, with a device that costs only a small fraction of what the bill for the incompetents of the Bush administration, will be in the end.

Then B.P’s response to this disaster; has just been simply mindboggling to me. Even before the bodies of the 11 dead workers had gotten cold; they were only concerned with recovering as much of the oil as they could – simply so they could keep producing oil from the well; and indifferent to the environmental costs. They started lying about the severity of this event from day one; and now their simply trying to hide it from us. And every one of the actions that they have taken to date; have only be to recover the oil production from this well – these fucking people have been acting like crack-addict’s, who are trying to find they’re lost cocaine-rock; so that they can continue smoking! Now today they’re putting even more people’s lives at risk, in an attempt to try and show that this mess that they have created, is not as toxic and poisonous as it really is – they are creating photo-ops, in which cleanup workers are running around cleaning up oil on the beaches, and without them even wearing the proper safety gear – and at the well site, the boom workers have been exposed to toxic levels of methane gas. They have no concern for the safety of the cleanup workers; they’re only concern is maintaining their own image. When in fact, dealing with this toxic mess, is the equivalent of one sticking their heads into an oven, and then turning the gas on.

What if any good can come out of this mess?

I can only hope that the Obama administration will investigate B.P. and charge those responsible for these acts of willful safety violations – and then have the balls to prosecute them.

Our continued use of fossil fuels is only going to lead to more of these types of events. Before a good friend of mine who made millions of dollars back in the 1950``s and 60s as contractor in the Middle East, building their oil industry, had passed away in the 80s – we had many good conversions. He said that in many of the Muslim Nations where he had worked; that when the oil and military contractions who came before him had seen just how, the people living there, were so brainwashed and kept so ignorant by their beliefs in their silly deluded religion, and that they were easily controlled, and kept so stupid by their king’s and leaders, and how their leaders were keeping them busy, by feeding them irrelevant religious bullshit, while they were making all the money – that they decided to use this as a model for America. In god we trust was added to our money; and then all of that other fucking god-loving bullshit, came into being.

What our government needs to do today, to begin solving this problem in the Gulf Coast; is first take control of the situations, and stop letting B.P. dictate the course of our actions – didn’t we resolve this matter with the American Revolution, and the war? B.P. has caused so much harm to our nation that our government should seizes all of their assets, and then take control of the corporation. And then invest massive amounts of money into developing renewable clean energy technology. We need a Manhattan type project, with the goal of eliminating our need for fossil fuels, by the end of the next decade.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

It’s Time to Send the Religious Bullshit Back into the Churches:

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I awoke this morning thinking about a conversation that I had with my son a few weeks ago, and the part about the universe, and how big it is. He told me how grateful he was that I had spent so much time with him and his brothers, teaching them about science and cosmology. He said that when he entered collage as a student of science; that he was already way ahead of most of his fellow classmates – but the one thing that I had failed at in getting him to understand, was just how vast the universe actually is. As I looked into my son’s bright star-struck eye’s he said that it was so damn petty and selfish, just how the religious people believe that their God made all of this, just so that he could put all of us humans, on a tiny speck of it called earth. Then leave us all alone, to fight over each other’s God delusions, and just so he can pick a few of us, to join him in a place called heaven. He then said that after completing the first years of their education, none of his Christian peers were still buying the religious bullshit either. He told me many stories about other students that he knew, and how they had found enlightenment. One such story was of a catholic student, whose religious upbringing nearly caused her to have a mental breakdown, when she realized that everything that she had been told by the church about life and the universe; had all just been a big load of fucking bullshit. And in her 3ed year of study, how she proclaimed herself as an atheist to him – and if I was reading correctly between the lines; I believe he thinks he’s found his soul-mate.

He told me that in most of the secular Europe countries, where he’s both worked and studied, that the kind of religious bullshit that we deal with here is not tolerated. And not tolerated even in Great Britain where the government, even provides partial funding of private religious schools (here in the U.S. we have those ignorant Christians down there in Texas, who are trying to set the teaching curriculum for the rest of the nation). He said that in most of the places that he’s been in Europe, people still have the rights to be just as stupid and ignorant as they please. But those people don’t get to dictate public policies based on their deluded beliefs; and the people there wonder just why, we here in the U.S. have allowed our nation, to be dragged down into a Christian cesspool of ignorance (the Bush years, were our darkest days).

His stories serve both to remind me of just how small minded and petty, ignorant religious people are; and why we as rational people, we must take a stance, and begin fighting to rid all levels of our government of this deluded religious, superstition and nonsense - and then take back our nation as the secular one that our Founding Fathers had intended it to be – lest we become just another nation of ignorant warmongering, and death loving Christian morons. We must stop these petty little small minded ignorant people, who polices are destroying our planet, from having any say in the decisions of our government – be it either at the state or the federal level; this is simply a church/state issue, and a very important one to our own survival. These people don’t care about the state of our planet; to them, this is only the first stop on their way to heaven – I simply want a place where my grandchildren and their future children can live, and live within reality, and the only place where we currently have to live our lives, is our home here on earth.

I don’t know about any of you, but even with all of its other problems, the U.K. sure sound like a much nicer place to live!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Atheists; do we really need faith to be rational?

There are at least two common misconceptions most religious people have who claim that it takes more “faith” to be an atheist, than it does to believe in “god.” These misconceptions are about the same of those who say it takes more “faith” to believe in science than it does to simply believe in their god(s). All of the three major religions, are based on the stories of the OT of the bible; the muslims believe that their “prophet” Mohamed, was sitting in a cave for years talking to an angel, and then he rode a winged-horse into the sky and then went up to “heaven.” But before he departed for his final trip, he met with Moses, jesus, Abraham, and a whole host of other prophets. The Christians on the other hand, believe that jesus was the son of god – or that he was god himself. Most believe he was born of a virgin; and after his mom had been raped by a ghost; however, the Mormons believe that god simply fucked the christ out of her little virgin ass, somewhere in space, and on another planet. And then the Jews don’t believe any of the above deluded nonsense – they simply cling to the bat-shit crazy stories of the Old Testament (dirt-man, rib-woman, the talking-snake, the great-flood, and a 6000 year old earth).And they’re the ones who believe all of this deluded irrational bullshit – why in the hell do they think that we need faith simply to be rational?

The first misconception Christians make when addressing me and this issue of faith in science, VS faith in their “god,” is that they assume that I was once just like them, and that I believed in their “god.” The second misconception is a misunderstanding of science itself; which is simply rooted in their ignorance of science. They speak of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, as just being another type of religion, and of Darwin as just being some kind of a false god. They talk about the big-bang and Darwinian Theory as if they were both the same science. Some even believe that Darwin was attempting explained how the universe was made, and how life came into being; when the fact is Darwinian Theory only postulates that the species of living things we see today, only survived through natural selection in response to environmental changes (this is why, we don’t have many animals left today, who both eat and shit from the same hole; we just have a bunch of Christians, who still talk out of their asses).

One doesn’t need faith to believe in science; one only needs a working brain, and an understanding of science. Most religious people believe the bat-shit crazy dogmas of their deluded beliefs as truths. They have simply created their own reality – worlds were snakes talk, virgins have children, the dead rise and there’s an all-powerful space-daddy watching them from the sky.

I have always believed that most any child can learn and excel in science; but only if their minds haven’t first been polluted and poisoned by the ignorance of religion. Today we are seeing Christians changing history and teaching fairytales to children as science – no people, “jesus” did not have a pet dinosaur. The mental abuse and intellectual harm you are causing to your children should be a criminal offence – you are simply creating more little idiots and brain-dead morons!

I have pondered the idea that some kind of creature might have had a hand in creating the universe. However, it’s an insult to say that the made-up Gawd in the buy-bull had any hand in it.

No, Christians, I have never believed that any of your utter deluded religious tripe was true. And stop believing that I need faith to believe in science – I simply understand science – you, simply don’t have a fucking clue, what science really is about.

Monday, 17 May 2010

The 30th Anniversary of the Mount ST Helens Eruption; have we left the dark-ages, yet?

There are a few things that stand out in my mind about 1980; it was the year I bought my first video game, (an Atari 2600 console) and my first VHS video recorder. It was that same year that VCX inc. began releasing new high quality XXX porno movies in VHS format, and at about a rate of two movies per month – and it was the same year that I discovered that Christian girls, liked X-rated porn, even more than I did. I started thinking of the movies as training films. These slutty little Christian chicks would scream out “OH MY GOD” and “OH MY JESUS” so much while I was having sex with them; that I had started developing a messiah complex back then, even though my name has always been john. I was 19 in 1980, and life was good!

In the late 1970s, the geological activity here in the North West had started increasing greatly. Even The water in the hot-springs at the nudist camp where I would go and swim; had become so hot that you damn-near could have cooked lobsters in the water. Both of the major mountain ranges that border most of Washington state, which includes at least 3 dormant volcano’s were all experiencing dramatic increases in both seismic activity and steam venting. There was great concern among many of our states geologists, that some kind of a mass geological event might have been imminent. By late 1979 the talk of volcanic eruptions had began over shadowing almost everything else – and updates from the U.S. Geological Survey had become the focal point of the nightly news.

Then in the spring of 1980, and after the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Washington had reported that an eruption at least one of these dormant volcanos’s (Mount ST Helens) was almost certain; an emergency plan was enacted. This plan included the voluntary evacuation of the people living in the danger zones, including all of the people who were living on the mountain. Then on the day when the Governor of the State of Washington had issued an evacuation warning, and had ordered the states National Guard to assist in relocating those who were living in the danger-zones; some of these people were still refusing to leave. And refusing despite of the fact that the mountain was now producing many daily earthquakes, and the water in a nearby lake had begun to boil, and there were dead fish floating around everywhere on its surface. Many of these folks claimed that they had lived on this Mountain for all of their lives, and that they were Christians, and that Jesus would not let harm come to them or their families – while back here in Seattle, some of the preachers were saying “God” had been giving visions of the North West being totally destroyed by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and 700 foot high tidal waves. It almost seemed like they were in some kind of a competition of out doing each others fear mongering. Some were saying that the eruptions were needed to expand hell, so that all of the heathens in Seattle could fit without any difficulty. And some had started holding nightly prayer services, and telling their ignorant flock that all they needed was faith in Jesus, and they would go to heaven. And they were really raking in the big-bucks!

Most of the fearful ignorant Christians that I knew back then, including most of my Christian girlfriends, were real concerned over all of the bullshit that these preachers were saying. One girl’s mom had started making plans to leave the state because she was so afraid of what her preacher was saying; however no one in the scientific community was warning of this type of an event. However; one of my Christian girlfriends and her mom, seemed to be almost looking forward to this disaster. They were the types of Christians that you always see at funerals – the kind of Christians who are attracted to the suffering, pain and death of others; and just about the same way that a fly is attracted to shit. They seem to love death so much that if nobody that they knew had died in any given week; then they would simply open-up a news-paper, and then start searching the obituaries for some ones funeral to attend. It doesn’t really matter to this kind of Christian what kind of funeral it is – some poor kid might be simply putting their beloved pet to rest; but they’re still just as happy with any kind of sadness that involves death. They’re the kind of folks who stand around saying that some ones dead loved ones have gone to a better place (they went home to Jesus). Most of my Christian girlfriends, had decided to stop fornicating with me, so they could get closer to Jesus; but not this death loving Christian girl. That week she gave me all the wild and crazy sex that I had wanted – hell, I even did her mom.

Tuesday marks the 30th anniversary of the May 18 1980 eruption of Mount ST Helens. I remember exactly where I was that day when the when the ash clouds from the eruption had turned the bright sky over the Eastern Washington city where I was working at that from day, into a pitch-black night. The day before the eruption, I had delivered a dealer exchange for a local car dealership, and I had to wait until the next day for the car that I was to return to the dealership. I had just left the dealership, and was on my way home with the second car, and I had only made it about 6 miles when the ash began to fall from the sky. So I turned around and headed back to the dealership for news and to get a case of air-filters.

When I arrived back at the dealership the scene was quite unnerving. some of the people were walking around almost like they were in a daze. I heard church bells ringing and some of the people were crying and praying – some must have thought the world was ending. Rather than deal with this bullshit; I slipped into the shop and secured my air filters, and then stole a box of breathing masks from the paint shop on my way out the door, and then I got back on the road as quick as I could, and then headed back for home again. It took me about 4 hours to make it my first 60 miles but, to both my surprise and delight I was quickly leaving the ash in my wake. In fact, I even turned around, and went back a few miles and collected some of the ash to show it to my friends at home – I drove a few more miles, and I was back in the realm of the living again.

This is one of the aspects of Christianity I find so appalling. These ignorant Christian preachers play off of other peoples fear for profit. And their followers are so brainwashed and ignorant, that they turn to their preachers in these matters and then totally ignore intelligent advice. Christianity is simply a cult of death; everything about it is about some one or another dying a horrible death – and to them this is a good thing?
Needless to say that all of those folks who remained on the Mountain before the May 18th eruption were never even heard from again - I guess they were all just testing they’re faith?

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster; It could have been prevented:

Before they start screaming that no one could have foreseen an environmental disaster of this magnitude, which now threatens turning the entire gulf coast into an oily polluted wasteland and a marine dead-zone; let me first say, many of us did. Any type of oil exploration and drilling contains inherent risks and dangers. Most of the risks can be reasonably managed, when drilling on the earth’s surface; but these risks are greatly increase in offshore drilling – and can only be managed with any degree safety, when rules and regulations are first put in place, which put the interests of the commons above those of the oil companies and their profits – and this is why we must elect competent  leaders.

The events that caused this latest of environmental disasters; didn’t start with the April 20 explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon rig - it started when Gorge W. Bush was appointed as President in 2000. In the mid to late 90s, officials in the Clinton administration had drafted new regulations and laws, governing offshore oil exploration and drilling, both before and after Clinton had extended the moratorium on offshore oil drilling. The regulations in this draft were modeled on the same laws and safeguards that are enforced by every other nation on this planet, which is engaged in offshore oil drilling. However, G. W. Bush, and his newly appointed cabinet of brain-dead and incompetent, Christian university graduates, and deluded ignorant Christian idiots and morons; believed the laws just amounted to more government regulation and the interference in the private matter of business. And that the regulations and laws would just discourage private investment.

Then in 2003, under the pressure of the oil companies, the Bush administration further weakened the regulations and laws concerning the construction and operations of these offshore oil drilling rigs. The oil companies and their contractors complained that many of the required safety devices, would not increase safety, but would only complicate the construction, and increase the cost of building the oil-rigs. Bush agreed saying “it’s best to leave those decisions up to the experts, like myself, the ‘oil men’ who know how best to drill an oil well” (well he said something just as stupid, even if those weren’t his exact words).

One of those required safety devices, was a remote controlled blowout preventer, that with the other required safety equipment, would have automatically shut off the oil within minutes after the explosion had occurred – and if this device had been installed during the construction of this oil-rig; we would only be dealing with a few thousand gallons of oil, and not the millions of gallons of oil we’re now faced with today. Their main objection to this device and its supporting equipment, was that it would have added about 700,000 dollars to the cost of the construction, of each new oil-rig (a small price to pay for preventing an environmental disaster of this magnitude, you just might think?)

I was deeply sadden when this ignorant Christian moron, G. W. Bush, decided to expand offshore drilling for oil, this despite all the warnings of the dangers presented by scientists, that by him doing so, he would only be creating a disaster waiting to happen.

The biggest concerns I had back then was without direct government oversight, laws and regulations, and a real invested plan to quickly deal with these types of disasters; we would be betting the future of life as we know it here on our only planet, on those deluded Christians who are only concerned with Jesus, the rapture, and a deluded vision of an afterlife.

I was very disappointed when Obama caved into these ignorant mindless Christian morons in the GOP, who are led like ignorant-sheep, by the interests of corporate America, I hope that now he will grow some fucking balls, and enact a permanent ban on this madness, or at least reinstate the moratorium on new drilling, at least until all of the current safety issues have been properly addressed.

I can now only hope that the damage being caused by this disaster, will open the eyes of those ignorant Christians voters in the south, who’s only criterion in choosing their leadership, is that they be just as anti-science, deluded and ignorant as them, and only concerned about the here and now just like they are. But I believe it will only be a matter of time, before they start blaming Obama for this too; and then they’ll again support that ignorant Christian bitch, and the “drill baby drill” mentality.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Roots of the Black American Christian Culture:

 Re-posted from the The Dyslectic Atheist

Back in the 1970s when I was in my teen years; I did the nightclub and afterhour’s club thing at least 2 or 3 times a week. Do to my successful business dealings; I always had a lot of money, and I was into gambling, mostly playing blackjack - and there was always a floating game going on, somewhere in the city. There where at least 20-30 regular players, and at least two games going on at any given time. And these games would float around between the homes of the players.

I would sit around the table playing with pimps, whores, dope-dealers, preachers and deacons, and many types of others people. As I would sit there playing cards and listing to all the latest gossip – like who had died, who had been murdered, who was cheating on their wives, and who was fucking who; the subjects of religion and politics would almost always come up, and almost always the arguing would began as well.
Most of the talk back then was about Watergate and Nixon – and how the black man was being fucked over by the white man. Most had strong opinions in these matters, and the fact that I was the only one there who believed that Nixon wasn’t such a bad president; I simply stayed out of those types of arguments. However, when the subject turned to religion and me being an atheist; I was always dragged into the conversations.

About half of the players were not into the church thing; and about half of them didn’t believe in god or Jesus. Some of them would try to be as intentionally offensive about religion, as they possibly could. They would say things to the Christians at the table, who believed in the story of the “virgin-birth,” they would say things like: “so you believe a snake, crawled-up that little bitch’s ass, and made your savior Jesus?” most of these conversations would become real heated at times; and just before the guns and knives started coming out, one of the preachers would intervene. He would say things like: “do you really think that Jesus would approve of a Christian killing someone over something as petty as this.” Then someone would say to the preacher: “do you think that Jesus approves of you gambling with the churches money?” then after a while, things would calm down again, and the game would resume.
As a teenager I just couldn’t understand, how someone could feel so passionate over a belief, that it would drive them to shoot someone. I started wondering why black Christians, were so much more uncompassionate to the non-beliefs of others, in their beliefs in god and Jesus, than the white Christians are.

In many of these less heated conversations, someone would always ask me why I was an atheist and why I didn’t believe in god. Explaining my position on god and religion back then to black Christians was always extremely hard. Most black Christians back then, were highly superstitious; and they saw the world of religion, as clear black and white issues, and with no middle ground. In their deluded little world of Jesus VS Satan; either you were with Jesus, or you were with the devil. With them there were only two types of black people – those who served Jesus, and those who did not. They would say things to me like: “you can’t serve two masters – either your serving Jesus, or your serving the devil.”                     
I would simply say that I don’t serve any master, and I only live my life for the love of life itself. And I just cannot subscribe myself to a belief which is based on nothing more, than a bunch of silly stories, written in an old book. So most of them, simply believed I was just plain evil, and the fact that I understood many more things about the world than they did; lead some to believe that I had made some kind of pact with the devil.
I was highly into math, science and electronics; and I had started repairing things like TV’s radios and stereos for people, when I was about 14, and I was making a lot of money doing that. Then when the cable companies added the first pay channel; I started designing and building devices, which allowed someone to watch the pay channel(s) for free. And I was making real good money back then.
What I found even more amazing than the black Christians attitudes of this conceived little black and white world of good and evil of theirs, was the fact that most were profoundly superstitious in almost every facet of their lives. If it rained on a Tuesday, they believed that was an unlucky day to play cards. If a black-cat crossed their path, than that was an unlucky day as well. Most had lucky shirts and other things for each day of the week. There were even a few of them who would get up from the table when I would sit down; they even would say things like: “Satan’s here – and I know I’m going to start losing my money.” But the only real thing which was really going on there was that I was just playing, the mathematical odds at the table.
Aside from what I learned through playing cards with these people; there were the private conversations that I had with these gambling preachers and deacons. Most of them were not as superstitious and ignorant as the rest of the people were; in fact two of them were highly intelligent, and could clearly see what was going on with me at the table. I became good friends with both of them, and we would almost always put our money together in the pot, when one of us was dealing.
What I found most interesting was the fact that they both were only religious on the surface; and they were just as skeptical about religion and god(s) as I was. And they believed that they were only performing a needed service for the black people. And do to the fact that over the years here in America, religion and Christianity had become so ingrained in the black culture; that most blacks would be totally lost, without their beliefs in religion and Jesus.
I started wondering if this had any relationship to the reasons why so many black people, never left the plantations after being freed as slaves. After a life of being owned by their masters, I’m sure that many of them felt lost without their masters as well. Still, I just couldn’t get the serving of the two master’s thing, out of mind. Black people in this nation had never even heard of Jesus, until they had arrived here. They were indoctrinated into the Christian-cult, by slave owners telling them, that Jesus was their white savior and master, who watches over them from the sky (so if I’m not watching your black-asses; then he is).  And only if you worship and love him; then he’ll keep you safe (I can only imagine what a hellish fucking life, it would have been to live as a slave back then – I know for a fact, that I would have not made it; “fuck them, and their fucking savior!”) this was simply a ploy to train them to love the white men (I simply find this so appalling on so many different levels).
In a free society, why would someone still feel the need to serve a master; other than it’s the same slave mentality. Then there’s the fact that some black people feel the need to outdo other races in everything, including stupidly and ignorance. I recently witnessed this with PROP 8 in California. The largest contributor was the Mormon Church; a longtime racist organization, which only until recently, excluded blacks from its priesthood. And in the 1950s and 1960s, the church fought just as hard to limit the rights of black people, as they’re now fighting to limit the rights of gay people (if black Christians believe that it’s Ok to discriminate against gay people, because it’s in their bible; then they need to look a little further, because it says the same about them too).
In 2010, black people still believing that old slave story is just astounding to me; that there’s a 2000 year old white master which is still watching them from the sky. I believe that we as black people can continue to grow and move forward, only by letting go of our fear, silly superstitious religious beliefs, and our slave mentality. Instead of worshiping and loving some imaginary space-god; and hating everyone else who has different beliefs – turn that same love to oneself, and our people.

(To be continued)     

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Is The GOP losing Their Christian Base?

I’ve been checking out Christian talk-radio for a while, trying to get a feel on the pulse of Christians and politics these days. I was very surprised to find that about 40% of the callers actually had something intelligent to say. Most of them were very disappointed over the 8 years that Bush served in office; they said they voted for Bush because they believed he would end abortions and bring back Christian-prayer in the public schools. And they now feel so deeply betrayed by Bush, that most said they wouldn’t vote again until they see a candidate, who shared their same values.

The overwhelming majority of them said that they would not be voting this year in November or in 2012. What I found most interesting was that only a small percentage of them thought that Palin would make a good president. They also seem to be turned off big-time by all of the ignorant and raciest tea-partiers as well. Most of them seemed to feel that neither political party supported their Christian values; and some were even saying that they won’t be voting again, until there is a new party – a “Christian party” (LOL). And most all of them were saying, they will not be sending the GOP party anymore of their money.

Could it be that all that bullshit the GOP has been stirring up to create so much acrimony
In our nation, is now beginning to backfire in their faces. And will the GOP’s base be reduced to those of ilk who we now see at the tea-parties. I believe the good news in all this is, we’ll be seeing less and less of them voting in the elections.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Catholic Church starts throwing sex depraved pederast priests under the bus:

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI sees the priestly sex scandal as a "test for him and the church," his spokesman said Wednesday, as bishops around Europe used Holy Week's solemn call for penitence to pledge transparency in dealing with the abuse of children.

But amid such signs of humility, a senior cleric also mounted a sharp counterattack to the allegations now swirling around the papacy. In an article, the official accused the New York Times of faulting the pope unfairly for his treatment of past abuse allegations.

Swiss bishops urged victims to consider filing criminal complaints. German bishops opened a hot line for victims. Danish bishops launched an inquiry into decades-old claims. And Austria's senior cleric, Cardinal Christophe Schoenborn, admitted church guilt as he presided over a service for victims billed as a sign of repentance.

"Thank you for breaking your silence," Schoenborn told the victims. "A lot has been broken open. There is less looking away. But there is still a lot to do."

A week after Pope Benedict XVI excoriated Irish bishops for gross errors of judgment in handling cases of priests who rape children, European bishops one after another admitted to mistakes, reached out to victims and promised to act when they learn about abuse.

I find this popes statement appalling on so many levels. In May of 2001 the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinge sent out a memo stating:

it orders that 'preliminary investigations' into any claims of abuse should be sent to Ratzinger's office, which has the option of referring them back to private tribunals in which the 'functions of judge, promoter of justice, notary and legal representative can validly be performed for these cases only by priests'.

'Cases of this kind are subject to the pontifical secret,' Ratzinger's letter concludes. Breaching the pontifical secret at any time while the 10-year jurisdiction order is operating carries penalties, including the threat of excommunication.

The letter is referred to in documents relating to a lawsuit filed earlier this year against a church in Texas and Ratzinger on behalf of two alleged abuse victims. By sending the letter, lawyers acting for the alleged victims claim the cardinal conspired to obstruct justice.

Daniel Shea, the lawyer for the two alleged victims who discovered the letter, said: 'It speaks for itself. You have to ask: why do you not start the clock ticking until the kid turns 18? It's an obstruction of justice.'

Their mea culpas and pledges to be more open and cooperative with police echoed American bishops' initial responses when the U.S. priest-abuse scandal emerged in 2002. They come amid mounting public outrage over a new wave of abuse claims across Europe and what victims say has been a pattern of cover-up by bishops and the Vatican itself.

And they were all announced during the most solemn week of the church's liturgical calendar. As the Swiss bishops noted Wednesday, Holy Week is a period of penance, when the faithful are supposed to admit their guilt, examine wrongdoing, find ways to improve and ask God and people for forgiveness.

One can only hope that the less faithful will start seeing just what an evil and corrupt organization that they have been supporting are; and see just how evil this little hypocrite of a fucking toad their pope is.

This is finally starting to bring hope that one day this ignorant and asinine religion; will follow the same path as did the others that were rife with pedophilia. Like the old Greek religions and all their baby-eating fucking gods did. But until that day, this presents an excellent business opportunity; I’m going to start selling anatomically-correct blow-up little boy sex dolls. I figure I’ll make mass dollars off of the priests; because they’ll be under so much scrutiny – they will no longer be able to fuck the real ones!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Seeing puppies in the clouds; and feeling the “holy-spirit,” are all one in the same!

Ever since my friend showed me this photo of clouds he found on the net; I’ve have been reminiscing back to the day that I realized that I was different from most other kids I knew, and including their parent(s) for the most part. This all happened on a spring afternoon back when I was about 8 years old. I had been playing hide & seek with at least three other kids, two of them were girls. After we had all burned ourselves out from chasing each other around; we all just laidback on the grass and rested.

As one of the girls was looking towards the sky and watching the white puffy clouds pass by, she said: “do you guys see that cute little puppy up there in the clouds?” then the other girl asks: “where, I don’t see it?” then the first girl points at the sky and said: “see, he’s right there!” then the second girl replied: “Oh, I can see him too, I can even see his head and his tail.” The boy then said: “I don’t see him, where is he?” the girls pointing: “he’s right there, don’t you see him,” the boy: “no, I don’t see no damn dog in the sky – you girls are both nuts.” The girls: “you don’t see him because you’re just too stupid to see him; you’re just a stupid boy!” A few moments passed, and then the boy said: “Oh, now I can see him – he looks like he’s waging his tail.” The girls: “you little liar, you can’t see him now; he’s already gone!” then the girls turned to me and ask: you seen him, didn’t you John?” (As the boy sat there nervously fidgeting while waiting for my answer) I look at both of them and said: “no, the only thing that I had seen was white puffy clouds!”

It was at that moment I realized why I had never felt the “holy-spirit” move over me. And why I never felt a personal connection with Gawd or Jeebus either; or anything else “supernatural” for that matter either. I believe this is also why when most people find themselves in these types of situations, where other people are claiming they feel or see something supernatural or spooky; most people will simply go along so as not to be different from all the rest of them – and even if they have to lie about it.

I had seen this happen, many times before at my Pentecostal church when I was a child; during the part of the service when the pastor was performing “exorcisms.” Someone would point and say: “did you see that demon jump out of them – and look, it’s over there trying to climb-up the wall.” Then everyone in the area that they were pointing at, would then get up and start running away from the “demon” and saying thing like: “where’s the demon at now.” And people would start pointing all over the church; at the walls, at the floor, the ceiling and everywhere. They all seemed to be, all having a mass delusion. And at this point, I would always get up, and get as close to the front door, as I possibly could! This profound exorcize in stupidity and ignorance, would then go on uninterrupted and nonstop, for hours at a time.

Neither my mom nor I, had ever seen a demon in this church; but my two older siblings would say they always seen the demons. When these ignorant deluded morons, would ask me why I was standing there so calm, while most of the rest of them, were all playing demon-tag; I would simply say: “I just don’t see the demons.” My response would anger most of them; then they would say: “the only reason you don’t see the demons, is because you must have one living in you too.”

Years later, I concluded, this is about the same mentality as we see exhibited by onlookers, who start chanting “jump,” when someone is out on a ledge of a tall building, and threatening to jump off.

I’m not trying to say that all religious beliefs are as extreme as the Pentecostal ones are; but their all just as deluded and dangerous. When someone forces a young child into believing that there are things outside the realm of normal reality, and that “it” can cause them harm, and therefore they must fear them. And the only way that they can be safe from “it,” is by participating in some form of ritualized religious bullshit – they’re simply creating in their heads, an even bigger monster than the boogieman living under their bed, and that monster, is one, that most will never grow out of. The indoctrination of children by simply instilling fear in them – is one of the most extreme and evil forms of child abuse that has ever contrived by man. I could see this as a child, and I simply decided that no one would ever convince me to adhere to a deluded belief; just so I could be like everyone else.

When my friends first showed me this photo, and claiming that they could see an image of Miss Piggy wearing a Vikings cap, and even with her little piggy ears sticking through the top of cap, (see where the black arrow is pointing) at first I thought these kids must have been smoking something. But as I sat there, and as they were pointing out the piggy-like features in this photo; I too started seeing Miss Piggy, and wondering if this was the same process by which people become “born-again Christians?”

I’m not even going to go into what they claimed the green arrow was pointing at.