Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Life and the Universe – the never ending story?

When Christians start asking me, if I don’t believe in Jesus and heaven, then just what do I live for? I start thinking about the day in early May, when I told our 4 year old son, that we would be taking him and his brothers on a trip to Disney land in about a month in the second week in June – he had become so excited over this trip, that he could hardly even contain himself – he awoke the next morning, and asked me if we were going to Disney land today, and I told him not today, and it was not even June yet – then after almost a week of him asking me this same question every day, I finally told him that if he didn’t start being a good boy, and if he didn’t stop asking me this same question every day, that he just might not be going to Disney Land ever – from that day forward, he was on his best behavior, and he never asked me that question again either – he then simply started asking his mom, who then placed a calendar on the wall in his bedroom, and then she started marking off the days until our trip – I thought to myself, why in the hell, couldn’t I have simply thought of doing that myself? And no, I wasn’t being mean to our son.

I believe that it’s always nice; to have something happening to look forward to, but just as long as that something, is in fact real. When Christians ask me (what I perceive as a very hateful question) why if I don’t believe in Jesus and heaven, then just what do I look forward to doing after I die – I then often ask them, if they believe that they’re going to heaven, when they die, and if that’s all that they live for, then why in the hell, don’t they just pick up a gun, and then simply expedite their journey , and I tell them, that I don’t even believe, that Jesus would even mind at all, if they did. Most devout Christian, have about the same level of understanding reality, as most 4 year old children have – Christians await the day, when a loud trumpet will sound, and a supersized Jesus descends from the clouds, and with a big gold sword sticking out of his mouth – and they just can’t seem to understand, just how anyone without something like that to look forward to, could possibly live a happy life at all. Most of the atheists who I know, do in fact live extremely happy lives, simply living within the constructs of reality, and by making the best out of the only life that we know – but, what if this just wasn’t, the only life that we have to live – what if we did in fact discover, that we will all be back someday, and would this change the way we all look at life today?

So just what in the hell am I talking about? Years ago, my physics professor explained a mathematical theory of the cosmos to me, one which is based on a model of the universe that postulates, that the universe is only, in its true natural state, when it’s in the complete state of zero energy, and that the state of zero energy, is the only primacy for its existing – we are all currently, simply living in one of its infinite cyclic states, between our current state of energy, and the natural state of zero energy – and the universe is forever locked into these cycles. In short; the current state of our universe, is not the reason for it excisting, and therefore, there is no first cause – the universe exists, simply because it does. What this says in effect, is that at a fixed point, sometime in the future, that all of the matter in the universe, will return to the natural state of zero energy, (where it is most happy) and then sometime after that, the opposite of the big bang will occur (all of the particles, of which comprised the former universe, will then coalesce and create the next singularity, and then, bang again – and the universe is off and running again – after which, all of the stars will form again, including our own sun and solar system, and our planet earth). Then, about a billion years after the earth has formed again, the same minor planet will collide with the earth again, and then form our moon again – and then in about 3 billion years after that, you’ll be back here reading this post again as well. And the real crazy things about this theory are, that even if this theory was in fact reality, and you knew it, you still wouldn’t be able to change one single thing in life from one cycle to the next – and even if we did discover that this theory was true, this same discovery would have had to happened in every other cycle also, including the next ones to come.

How would this change your view of life, and how would this effect religion – with all of its silly beliefs