Sunday, 28 September 2008

The "Thank Gawd For Shit" Campaign

In line with the principles and ethos of Atheisthaven, I have decided to initiate my own "Thank Gawd for Shit" Campaign.

As most atheists can attest, religious folks are apt to flood us with a deluge of "Thank God for this and that" praises when things go in their way: Win a soccer match, and watch with child-like wonder as the religiously delirious lucky guy or girl jumps up and down, screaming "Thank You Lord" as if he or she has just received a ecstatic, orgasmic experience. The same goes for a patient who, instead of thanking the good doctor for saving his life, prefers to thank the cosmic godfather instead.

But, but.......reality does kick you in the teeth. Between flashes of good fortune belies a whole array of bad news and booby traps. Hurricanes sweep aside all and sundry, leaving behind a legacy of death and destruction. Dabble in the stock market, and watch as wall street crashes right before your very eyes, leaving you with a bunch of worthless paper stock options.......

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, shit happens, and when reality sinks in, do Christians and religious people take the time out to take the Lord, the Maker of the Cosmos, for the shit that has just caused them to suffer some form of irrevocable loss?

In line with this train of thought, I have decided to initiate my own "Thank Gawd for Shit" Campaign.

Rules and Regulations

Participants can post their own personal loss or shitty events in the guestbook I have created (link on the right side of this blog). Any submission will be posted on this blog; kindly note that all submissions will be subjected to minimal editing (grammar, vocabulary checks) and there will be no censorship for profanity.

For submissions to be considered valid, they should consist of the following:

1. Name of author: It need not be a real name; a fictitious pen name will suffice. The key is identification, so that readers can better relate to the sufferer of Gawd's shit.

2. Location/Nationality: The author will need to give us a rough idea where he or she is from; there is no need for very specific locations, but at the very least, leave your nationality behind.

3. Write Coherently: Minimal spelling or typo errors aside, readability is essential. Kindly proof-read before submission.

4. Submission of photos: Not necessary, but if you wish to submit photos, kindly email them to

5. Follow the theme of the Campaign: For submissions to be posted on this blog, make sure you understand what the campaign means: Thanking God for Shit. We don't want to read posts of Christians thanking God for the good stuff. We want the shitty stuff. Thank you.

While it is not compulsory, it will be nice if you can end your submission with "Thank Gawd for Shit!".

6. You may post your submissions in the guestbook link; alternatively, you can email your submission at

Without further ado, let's get the Shit Campaign going!