Sunday, 21 February 2010

Catholic Outrage of Harry Knox after Pope Comments:

I haven’t been following much of the news lately; it’s just been too depressing (the story in Haiti, the worthless health reform that’s currently being debated). So when I stumbled on this video, I thought it was some kind of a Saturday Night Live comedy joke, or something on that order. But I soon realized that this was in fact real; and there are people in this world, that are just this stupid!

After one of Obama's appointees as “spiritual advisers," (Harry Knox) said in effect that pope Benedict’s advising people not use condoms, because they were ineffective in preventing the spread of HIV and AIDs, was "hurting people in the name of Jesus," many in the catholic community began writing letters to Obama, calling for him to get rid of Knox, and calling Knox a bigot. I found some of their claims just astounding in the ignorance that they were proclaiming; some are saying that there is evidence to back up the claims, which the pope made. I believe this post says it best:     

 It is rare that philosophical arguments can be resolved by simply appealing to empirical data.  In many instances, participants in the dispute may agree on the facts but disagree about the implications of those facts or how much weight should be given to them.  However, there are rare cases where a thorough examination of the evidence proves one side is correct and the other side clearly wrong.  The “debate” between Harry Knox and Pope Benedict is one of those rare instances.
The fact is that if used properly, condoms are highly effective in preventing the transmission of HIV and other STD's as well. My hats off to Knox, for trying to undo some of the harm the pope has caused. The pope is one of the most racist and evil, hateful people walking on the earth today, and I have nothing but praise for Knox, for calling out this evil monster’s lies (the pope).



I wish to clarify what I was implying here in this post; I only used the quotes of Gross and Looby, as a spin on their story. But to keep this post short, I left out how both the pope’s statements and those of Gross and Looby; were derived from evidence, which was totally taken out of its proper context, with regards to the real facts in this matter.

They claim that in places in Africa, where condoms have been disturbed, the rates of HIV infections have increased as well (and they have). But so have the rates everywhere else in Africa. The fact is, only a small percent of the people in Africa have access too, and are using condoms; so of course the rates of infections is going to continue to increase. But that fact has nothing to do with the effectiveness of condoms in preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS, if most of the people who became infected, were not using condoms when they became infected.    

The conclusion they reached is just like saying; 2% of the children were vaccinated against smallpox, and the rates of smallpox infections, are still increasing. So the smallpox vaccine must be ineffective.    

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Living Our Dreams through Our Children:

When I was in my early teen years, I had an older friend, whose lifelong dream was becoming a fighter-pilot. As far back as I can remember, this guy had always been an adrenaline junky. However, for one reason or another, he settled on becoming a fire-fighter instead, but he continued his fascination with jets. I remember the day; I first met his son, who at the time, was a newborn baby. As my friend and I stood there talking, he said “this boy is going to become something that I could not be; he’s going to be a fighter-pilot, when he grows up.” He started grooming his son for that role, almost from birth, and today his son is an officer in the US Air Force, and like his dad, I too, am very proud of him.
I on the other hand, was never into dangerous adventures. My only aspirations were, to become a scientist. I studied for over 8 years, in many fields of science, from chemistry to theoretical physics. I submitted many papers under an alias name, on some of the theories, I was working on, and however, I only received one positive review. One of the theories I was working on, postulated that neutrinos have both mass and weight, and sometimes when they passed through our bodies, they caused damage to our DNA, possibly causing cell mutations, which can even become cancerous, I also theorized, the cell mutations, may have even been a factor in human evolution also. I believed at least two of my theories were sound, however; no one else in the scientific community agreed. I eventfully put science on the back-burner, and moved into other fields.
After my first son was born, and one day as we were babbling to each other in baby talk; I decided he would become a scientist when he grew up. A few months before he was born, his mother and I agreed, to give him the last name of one of her dead relatives, and the name of his dad, be listed as one of my aliases, on his birth certificate. We repeated this with the rest of our children as well. One might ask why we did this, and if there was some kind of criminal intent involved? The answer to that question is no; we were simply protecting them from having to deal with the Christian-hate, I had been dealing with for most of my life (I will leave that story for another post).       
We raised all of our children to be curious, and to see life and the world around them, as an exploration of one’s self, and to understand, how they related, to everything within their perception. Reality is hard to instill in children; we live in a sea of delusion. I began teaching our children science when they were real young. And we protected them from religious delusion, and today we have two scientists. One who specializes in the field of nanotechnology, and carbon fiber, (nanotubes) the other one is working in the field of particle physics, and I am so proud of all of them, even our other son, who went into economics.
I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to drive your children like this; the Japanese and other cultures have been doing this for years.  In the mid 50s, there were many parents here in the US who pushed their children to achieve the goals of becoming engineers and scientists. Then something happened here in the mid 60s, which, for the most part, changed all of that, as our population was growing, we became more, and more Christianized. And as a resolute, we have gone from being the world leader in technological research, and scientific development; to being a nation of consumer-sheep.
In Japan, where over 90 percent of its people are non theists, they are kicking our fucking asses today, like there will be no tomorrow, in both technological research, and scientific development. And the main reason I believe this is; here in the US, while parents are pushing religion on their children, and saying in effect, it’s OK to be stupid and ignorant, just as long as you believe in some fucking space-god, and his fucking dead space-zombie son Jesus, you’ll go to heaven when he comes back, and there will be no tomorrow, after that, anyway, so why care about, anything today.
I was both happy and disappointed, after learning in 2002; that two Japanese scientists had in fact discovered that neutrinos do in fact, have both mass and weight. I was happy because this confirmed the theory, which I had developed in the 80s; I was just disappointed, that this hadn’t taken place, here in the US.
Is there any way that we can stem this tide of ignorance here in the US; or are we just destined now, to become the land of the lost? The ignorant fucking moron preacher, in the video below, is a good example of both the ignorance I was exposed to while growing up, and what’s causing this problem here in the US today (it’s ok to be stupid and ignorant, just as long as you believe in gawd).


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Are Black Children, Becoming an Endangered Species?


It’s hard to understand, why Christian love the misery, pain and suffering of others so much; other than the fact, that that’s what Christianity is based on. When they try to convert you, most often they will say” Jesus’ loves you, he suffered all that pain on the cross and died for you, why won’t you just accept him.” Some, while telling you this sick made up story, seem to get so worked up; that they seem like, its  sexually arousing to them, and in the end, they act like they just had, some kind of a dead-Jesus-storytelling, sadistic orgasm. Their whole Jesus dying for me, because he loves me story, just makes me fucking sick. But this is the warped and deluded mindset of most Christians, and this is why I believe, they want to take away a woman’s reproductive rights, and end legal abortion in this nation. They want more unwanted babies born, so there will be more neglected, abused, and abandon children in the world. Why else would they want to force a woman to give birth to an unwanted child?

It’s clear they don’t care about the quality of life for these children; none of these emotional anti-abortion campaigns we see, even begin to address the issues of why a woman seeks to have an abortion in the first place. Like the issues of poverty, lack of real sex-education, or the fact that some just aren’t ready to become parents. This is all about control, the same kind of control, which most other types of sadists, also try to exert on others.

In their latest of these campaigns, which I find extremely appalling is the fact they’re targeting the poorest of the poor in our nation, and with an ideology, that the black race is fast becoming an endangered species, because of abortion, so rather than risk becoming extinct, so just go ahead, and fuck yourselves, right into desperate poverty. They offer not even a hint, of any other means of birth control, or means of improving, what’s being taught as sex-education in the schools. And the only thing they are offering is more abstinence talk. Abstinence only sex-education, has been a complete and utter failure. Humans are sexual in nature, and when they tell children, when they start getting horny, just stop and think about Jesus; most of the sadistic little Christians, will start imagining Jesus hanging on that fucking cross, and all that pain he suffered for them, and then even become, even more aroused.

For whatever the reasons; abstinence only sex-education is a complete failure, and is not going to solve this problem. But one must ask why every time Christians try to solve a problem, they only end up making it worse. I only wish they could start seeing this for themselves                 


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hate in Haiti:


I have been closely following the story of the ten Baptists missionaries, who were arrested, after attempting to cross Haiti’s border, with the 33 Haitian children, whom they claimed were orphans, and that they were only trying to help the children. This incident has caused much outrage among the Haitian people, who believe these people, were only taking advantage of a devastating situation for their own personal gains. After these people were formally charged, and as more information has become available, is seem s the claims of the Haitian people, are well founded in this matter.

It appears the ringleader in this sad story (Laura Silsby) was over her head in bills, and drowning in a sea of debt. She apparently, either out of desperation, greed or both, decided she would go to Haiti, and steal some black children and then sell them, or use them as props in those late night TV programs (like feed the children and others, which pull at your heart strings to send them  money). One could frame this many other ways, but it’s clear her intent was the illegal trafficking of these children. It has come to light that 3 days before they were arrested; the police had prevented them from leaving Haiti, with almost a hundred other children, which they had also rounded up and were attempting to cross the border into the Dominican Republic with. At that time, they were detained and the children were removed from their custody. Then they were warned, at that time, if they tried to do this again, and without the proper paperwork, they would be arrested and charged with kidnapping.

After they were formally charged with kidnapping, and after which, outside of the court as they were being transported back to jail; there were many people yelling at them, and at least one reporter started throwing rocks at them too. Most of the Christians are having a hard time understanding why the Haitian people are so mad over this; and  say the actions of these people, just proves the ten won’t be able get fair trials in Haiti.

I found this posting by the Christian news-wire just astounding in the way these events have played out in the thoughts of these ignorant mindless people: 

It is Disgraceful that Escaped Haitian Criminals are Roaming the Streets of Haiti While Ten American Christian Missionaries Remain in Jail
WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Christian Defense Coalition calls for the Obama Administration to treat the American missionaries jailed in Haiti with the same commitment they are treating the three American hikers jailed in Iran.

With respect to the jailed hikers in Iran, Secretary of State Clinton has stated;

"As we have said repeatedly, we call on Iran to release all of the American citizens that they have currently detained. We believe they're being unjustly detained and that they should be released without further delay."

The hikers are being held on espionage charges.

With respect to the ten American missionaries being held, Secretary of Clinton has stated,

"Obviously, this is a matter for the Haitian judicial system. We're going to continue to provide support as we do in every instance like this to American citizens who have been charged and hope that this matter can be resolved in an expeditious way, but it is something that a sovereign nation is pursuing based on the evidence that it presented when the charges were announced."

Why the double standard toward the Christian missionaries?

Why not treat them the same as the hikers in Iran and demand their immediate release?

It is clear that the Obama Administration is not applying the same standard to the missionaries in Haiti as they are to those jailed in Iran.

The same rule should be applied to both situations. That is, the call for the missionaries immediate release without any more delays.

These Christian missionaries should not be treated as second class citizens by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney along with Rev. Rob Scheck met this week with Haitian Ambassador Joseph in an attempt to secure their release.

For more information or interviews call:

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney at 540.538.4741 202.547.1735

What these people fail to realize is; most of the Haitian people, see the actions of the kidnappers no differently, then the way most seen those of the slave traders, who had rounded up and stole their ancestors from Africa, simply to sell them to the highest bidder.       

Personally, at first I sort of felt sorry for at least 7 of those Baptists missionaries, who I believed might have been tricked by Laura Silsby, into believing she had the proper paperwork and they thought what they were doing was legal. Then after hearing what had happened only 3 days earlier before they were arrested, I just find it too hard to believe that the others were that stupid – I mean, even Christians, you would think, at least 1 or 2 of the others, would have realized stealing children was wrong, and then refused to participate in another attempt at it. At least one of them would have had to suspect something was wrong, after the incident with the first children ended the way it did?

Today, a Judge in Haiti just ruled, the ten kidnappers should be set free – what do you think?