Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Living Our Dreams through Our Children:

When I was in my early teen years, I had an older friend, whose lifelong dream was becoming a fighter-pilot. As far back as I can remember, this guy had always been an adrenaline junky. However, for one reason or another, he settled on becoming a fire-fighter instead, but he continued his fascination with jets. I remember the day; I first met his son, who at the time, was a newborn baby. As my friend and I stood there talking, he said “this boy is going to become something that I could not be; he’s going to be a fighter-pilot, when he grows up.” He started grooming his son for that role, almost from birth, and today his son is an officer in the US Air Force, and like his dad, I too, am very proud of him.
I on the other hand, was never into dangerous adventures. My only aspirations were, to become a scientist. I studied for over 8 years, in many fields of science, from chemistry to theoretical physics. I submitted many papers under an alias name, on some of the theories, I was working on, and however, I only received one positive review. One of the theories I was working on, postulated that neutrinos have both mass and weight, and sometimes when they passed through our bodies, they caused damage to our DNA, possibly causing cell mutations, which can even become cancerous, I also theorized, the cell mutations, may have even been a factor in human evolution also. I believed at least two of my theories were sound, however; no one else in the scientific community agreed. I eventfully put science on the back-burner, and moved into other fields.
After my first son was born, and one day as we were babbling to each other in baby talk; I decided he would become a scientist when he grew up. A few months before he was born, his mother and I agreed, to give him the last name of one of her dead relatives, and the name of his dad, be listed as one of my aliases, on his birth certificate. We repeated this with the rest of our children as well. One might ask why we did this, and if there was some kind of criminal intent involved? The answer to that question is no; we were simply protecting them from having to deal with the Christian-hate, I had been dealing with for most of my life (I will leave that story for another post).       
We raised all of our children to be curious, and to see life and the world around them, as an exploration of one’s self, and to understand, how they related, to everything within their perception. Reality is hard to instill in children; we live in a sea of delusion. I began teaching our children science when they were real young. And we protected them from religious delusion, and today we have two scientists. One who specializes in the field of nanotechnology, and carbon fiber, (nanotubes) the other one is working in the field of particle physics, and I am so proud of all of them, even our other son, who went into economics.
I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to drive your children like this; the Japanese and other cultures have been doing this for years.  In the mid 50s, there were many parents here in the US who pushed their children to achieve the goals of becoming engineers and scientists. Then something happened here in the mid 60s, which, for the most part, changed all of that, as our population was growing, we became more, and more Christianized. And as a resolute, we have gone from being the world leader in technological research, and scientific development; to being a nation of consumer-sheep.
In Japan, where over 90 percent of its people are non theists, they are kicking our fucking asses today, like there will be no tomorrow, in both technological research, and scientific development. And the main reason I believe this is; here in the US, while parents are pushing religion on their children, and saying in effect, it’s OK to be stupid and ignorant, just as long as you believe in some fucking space-god, and his fucking dead space-zombie son Jesus, you’ll go to heaven when he comes back, and there will be no tomorrow, after that, anyway, so why care about, anything today.
I was both happy and disappointed, after learning in 2002; that two Japanese scientists had in fact discovered that neutrinos do in fact, have both mass and weight. I was happy because this confirmed the theory, which I had developed in the 80s; I was just disappointed, that this hadn’t taken place, here in the US.
Is there any way that we can stem this tide of ignorance here in the US; or are we just destined now, to become the land of the lost? The ignorant fucking moron preacher, in the video below, is a good example of both the ignorance I was exposed to while growing up, and what’s causing this problem here in the US today (it’s ok to be stupid and ignorant, just as long as you believe in gawd).