Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Christian Prayer Center (new email)


With the world how it is, it's often hard to be grateful for what you have. You must look beyond your current situation, and reach for God's loving hand.

I want to help you, and that's why I set up the Christian Prayer Center. Please feel free to submit a prayer, and we will all pray for it to be answered.


God Bless,

Pastor John Carlson
Senior Pastor

 Okay, it really isn't all that hard to ascertain from this message that 1) it's pretty darn pessimistic to assume that everybody is on hard times, 2) everybody needs a helping hand and 3) that the answers/relief are found with a god.

How "is" the world anyway? It just IS!

And a "loving" God!? He must be one "tough loving" sonofabitch what with all the calamity and catastrophe in Haiti! Oh, but I forget, [one of] the very mouthpiece[s] of God (aka Pat Roberston) has revealed to us simpletons that the people of Haiti are devil-worshippers and must be deserving of their fate. Holy shit! God is one smiting motherfucker!

...just the guy I'd like to reach out for in my time of need!


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Sunday, 17 January 2010

One of the greatest lies ever told-- Noah’s Ark:

My two older siblings, decided to take me with them to Sunday-School (I had no voice at all in their decision making process)  I remember my first and last day in Sunday-School (they both occurred on the same day). I sat there for over two hours; with about 30 other little kids, watching a movie about the “great-flood,” and how 7 members of Noah’s family had repopulated the planet (through incest and a massive inbreeding program). Even as a little kid, I wasn’t buying this bullshit! My dad was into the national geographic magazine, and the stories about the space-race. He would read everything thing else he could get his hands on, that was about nature, science, and the earth. We would talk about all the different types, and sub types of animals on the planet (my dad loved crocodiles and alligators).

After this boring movie was over; and the teacher started asking questions – like if we understood god’s love; how he gave us the rainbow, as his promise of love for us - never to flood the earth again. I simply got up and left.  As I walked home thinking; what about all the innocent people who had died because this evil ghost had a temper tantrum – and all these silly Christians who loved this sadistic, murderous little bitch of a ghost, out of fear (I thought; fuck his rainbow, and his fucking “love,” I want no parts of this fucking asshole)  fuck god!

In the subsequent years; I realized this story was just all made up bullshit. There are over 40 million different types of life form that would have had to be on that ark; there’s no way in the fucking universe, this could have ever had happened. That day my dad took me outside and pointed at Mount Rainier and said: you see all that snow and ice on the top, that mountain is only 14,000 feet or so; add another 8000 feet, if you believe the bible, and that silly ark story – if the earth, ever did in fact, have 22,000 more feet of water on its surface; it would have turned into a frozen waste land. The bible is just a bunch of bullshit, and the story of god is just the same as well.

How anyone could still believe this bullshit in 2010, is just beyond me
 When I see all the hatred and violence in the world today – folks fighting over their beliefs in a personal god; most derived from this evil one in the bible – there no question their morals are the reflection of this murderous god. Generation after generation being indoctrinated with these silly childlike myths; and the evil and hateful, make-believe stories – and all the evil it’s brought to the world. And some people ask why we as a people can be so uncaring, when tens of thousands of people die in natural disasters (I guess if someone, anyone could believe their all loving Gawd, once flooded the earth and murdered millions innocent people, and animals too; what’s the big deal over 100,000 or so – Gawd loves pain and suffering, so why should they care as well).
These people say we should be sensitive, and tolerant, of their deluded childlike worldviews. As I’ve grown older, I see no reason at all to be sensitive, and tolerant of ideas, which are just plain harmful, and cause people to become so selfish and heartless. I believe we need to look at the whole of religion; good bad or indifferent – it all needs to go away.                    


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Christian Prayer Center

A few days ago I clicked on an ad out of complete curiosity (I think it was on Facebook). It was for a site called Christian Prayer Center. I wanted to see what people were praying for or, more accurately, what they were requesting prayer for. I think I had to join in order to view the "prayer requests" so I did. Needless to say, now I get email notifications about every other day now such as the one below. I thought it was pretty hilarious.


Have you ever thought about how you can bring your Christian faith to the next level and have your prayers answered more effectively?

If you have ultimate faith in God, but would like to be closer to Him, I urge you to consider becoming an Ordained Christian Minister.

If you are willing to pledge your ultimate faith to God, I invite you to register to become an Ordained Minister, by clicking the link below:


By being an Ordained Minister, you will be able to guide others on the path of God, perform weddings, help friends and family with faith healing, financial blessing requests, relationship healing, and more.

God Bless You,

Pastor John Carlson
Senior Pastor

  What's funny too, is that I created a profile and specifically stated that I was an atheist. Wonder how long before a) my account gets deleted or b) I get a flood of prayers in my email. LOL

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Gargantuan Endeavor

I want to start a website that gathers under one roof as many atheist, skeptic, agnostic, secular humanist and freethought blogs that I can possibly find. To bring the atheosphere to a nexus point.

I envision that this site will connect bloggers and help them to discover and aggregate information that circulates through the atheosphere. But this is not the ultimate goal I have in mind. I would also like to  create a massive database with statistics on all these blogs. Site traffic, post ranking, post frequency, comment frequency, etc.

I'd also have the site scour blog postings for external links to news articles for trending topics. The site would also have aggregation capability within specific (almost limitless) categories and topics. An "atheist blog search engine". Resources for bloggers on technical issues with their blogs; like notifying a blogger if their RSS/Atom feed is not parsing correctly.

Yes, I am aware of the multitude of other sites that do things similarly but not one I can think of that does them all. Sadly, I haven't the expertise in conducting such an endeavor. I've only just recently started reading up on PHP so I'm an absolute complete noob in this regard. But I want to build the site from scratch and I am completely lost except for conceptualization. Maybe it's time to go back to school.

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Friday, 1 January 2010

Atheist Teacher Burns Effigy of Darwin Into Students Arm

Sounds ridiculous right? Well, it is. It's a false headline.

However, this one isn't: Ohio Teacher In Hot Water For Burning Cross Into Skin of Students

Now, I've been aware of and been following this story for some time now. But it got me thinking...

I challenge, CHALLENGE anybody to dig up a story of a non-believing/atheist teacher doing something similar.

You see, it's stories like this that don't really help me to get away from beating up on straw men. People like this make it so easy to stereotype Christians as wackos and nutters. And then of course there's the True Scotsman argument that gets thrown around. The argument that I despise with my entire being..."Oh, but he's not a TRUE Christian!" Bullshit. This teacher reads the same bible as every other Christian on the planet.

More searching reveals that John Freshwater attends Trinity Assembly of God in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Which has "16 Fundamental Truths" of what they believe including speaking in tongues. Pentecostal. Why am I not surprised? *sigh*

I believe John Freshwater's teaching license should be revoked indefinitely.

And atheists are irrational!?


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