Monday, 4 January 2010

Gargantuan Endeavor

I want to start a website that gathers under one roof as many atheist, skeptic, agnostic, secular humanist and freethought blogs that I can possibly find. To bring the atheosphere to a nexus point.

I envision that this site will connect bloggers and help them to discover and aggregate information that circulates through the atheosphere. But this is not the ultimate goal I have in mind. I would also like to  create a massive database with statistics on all these blogs. Site traffic, post ranking, post frequency, comment frequency, etc.

I'd also have the site scour blog postings for external links to news articles for trending topics. The site would also have aggregation capability within specific (almost limitless) categories and topics. An "atheist blog search engine". Resources for bloggers on technical issues with their blogs; like notifying a blogger if their RSS/Atom feed is not parsing correctly.

Yes, I am aware of the multitude of other sites that do things similarly but not one I can think of that does them all. Sadly, I haven't the expertise in conducting such an endeavor. I've only just recently started reading up on PHP so I'm an absolute complete noob in this regard. But I want to build the site from scratch and I am completely lost except for conceptualization. Maybe it's time to go back to school.

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