Friday, 1 January 2010

Atheist Teacher Burns Effigy of Darwin Into Students Arm

Sounds ridiculous right? Well, it is. It's a false headline.

However, this one isn't: Ohio Teacher In Hot Water For Burning Cross Into Skin of Students

Now, I've been aware of and been following this story for some time now. But it got me thinking...

I challenge, CHALLENGE anybody to dig up a story of a non-believing/atheist teacher doing something similar.

You see, it's stories like this that don't really help me to get away from beating up on straw men. People like this make it so easy to stereotype Christians as wackos and nutters. And then of course there's the True Scotsman argument that gets thrown around. The argument that I despise with my entire being..."Oh, but he's not a TRUE Christian!" Bullshit. This teacher reads the same bible as every other Christian on the planet.

More searching reveals that John Freshwater attends Trinity Assembly of God in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Which has "16 Fundamental Truths" of what they believe including speaking in tongues. Pentecostal. Why am I not surprised? *sigh*

I believe John Freshwater's teaching license should be revoked indefinitely.

And atheists are irrational!?


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