Monday, 28 December 2009

My Contempt for Priests and the Movie; The Exorcist:

My disdain for the catholic church and Christian catholic priests, began in earnest at age 10, after hearing my grandmother tell me the stories of children, including her own younger brothers, of being raped and molested at the hands of catholic priests in Canada, where she grew- up. And of the stories of Indian children, who were stolen from their tribes and parents, and forced to live in catholic orphanages, where they were beaten and raped, and forbidden to speak in their own native language; she told me about, a little ten year old Indian boy, who was stripped naked, then tied to a post on the playground, in the snow, and in subfreezing whether, for speaking in his own native language, and encouraging other Indian children, to do the same. This child was later beaten and raped; and two weeks later, he was found dead, laying naked in the snow, as an example for the other children, of what would happen to them, for being rebellious to “God’s” work.

At about age 11, I heard about the release of the movie The Exorcist. The catholic church and the pope himself, started protesting this movie and trying to block its release. After that was unsuccessful; they started telling their ignorant followers, not to go and see the movie, saying: the mere act of watching this movie would make them vulnerable to the “devil,” and subject to “demon” attacks.

That next year when the opening day rolled around; I couldn’t wait to go see it – so my little 12 year old heathen ass, and two of my little heathen friends; headed off to the theater to see it. We found an older guy to get us in, took seats and started watching the movie. The first ¾ of the movie was pretty boring; but when the “devil” started kicking the shit out of the priests fucking asses; my friends and I went nuts. We were all rolling on the floor laughing; I laughed so hard, I almost wet my pants! Other people started leaving – some running out of the theater. A black Christian woman, who had brought her two children to see the movie; then asks us why we found this part of the movie so funny, I told her it was because I didn’t believe in god(s), the devil or jesus, and I hate priests, and moreover, it’s just a movie. She then got in my face, and demanded my phone number and the name of my mom; so she could tell her how I was acting. We all told this ignorant Christian to fuck off, and then moved to another part of the theater.

Over the years, the movie The Exorcist has become my all time favored. Here are the scenes I like the most: