Monday, 14 December 2009

Why I believe moderate Christians won’t speak-up against Christian-extremist or anything else “Christian”

I believe the most harmful and evil things alive today on the earth are rooted in religion. It has been used for thousands of years, both to control, and enslave the minds of those who believe, these asinine myths are true. Religion is forced upon children by their parents; and in most cases, before they have even grown their first set of teeth in their heads. These children grow-up living a life of fear; believing there’s someone watching them from the sky, at all times, and deciding whether or not, they’ll be living with him in heaven forever, or if he’ll be sending them to hell; where they’ll roast burn and rot, for all of eternity.

This impedes the development and growth of normal thought processes.

They grow-up believing; anything they’re told – lest they suffer, being sent to hell forever. By the time their adults, and having never developed a normal sense of reasoning; they won’t even question the deeds, of others invoked in the name of Jesus. This is the same psychology, used by pimps to control their whores, and by first instilling fear in them (they don’t question what’s said, or done in the name of their masters, because they fear punishment; be it real or imaginary). The only difference is the pimp is real, and god’s not.

These religious pimps use fear as a tool, to manipulate the minds of their ignorant followers, in much the same way, as a pimp uses it, to control his whores. They develop both a scene of unquestioning faith, and devotion to their masters.

I’ve struggled for years in trying to understand, why my own mom drank the Kool-Aid herself. She took me and my siblings, to see the Great, rev. AA Allen back in the 60s (this Great thief, con-artist, and goddamn fucking liar; who was so loved and revered by his followers, that many of them, would have volunteered to wipe his shitty ass, with their own bare hands). I personally witnessed, this shameful, self-professed, man of “god,” raise the same dead man from a coffin; twice in the same year – in this video, this same man is being “healed” of stomach-cancer (either this man has the worst luck in the world, or it’s all just a fucking con).

This is one of the main reasons why I have so much contempt for these purveyors of delusion and ignorance; and I’ve personally witnessed their evil harm, and the damage they cause. After my mom became infected with this mind-virus; I watch suffer for many years, refusing to let anyone else treat her, except her doctor-Jesus. And as a consequence of this deluded reality, she died a slow and painful, premature death.

The stories written in the bible are no truer, than the ones about the cow, who jumped over the fucking moon. When I was a young child; my mom and dad convinced me, Santa was bringing gifts and toys, and that a tooth-fairy, exchanged my baby teeth for cash – I might have even believed, that a cow did in fact jump over the moon. However, as I grew older, and developed a sense of critical through, and reasoning; I left all of those magical Santa, cow, and God and Jesus stories behind me. I can only have hope that someday, these ignorant childlike, deluded Christian morons; who are roaming the earth, and spreading their mind-virus, will grow up someday, and do the same, as well

Below are both my story of AA Allen; and the link to the video of this same man being healed of stomach-cancer


video link


Early one spring morning back in the 60's, my family and I were eating breakfast when we heard a knock at our door. Two Christian proselytizers informed my mother that the greatest man since Jesus had come to town. And he'd be conducting tent Church services in our neighborhood that evening. And come prepared to be saved and healed: (Wallets and purses in hand!)

My mom became real excited about this, and later on that evening, she headed off to the revival services with my siblings and I in tow. When we arrived at the tent, the service was all ready in progress. So we just took seats and began watching the show. As I looked around, I noticed that in the front row, were people in wheelchairs and lying around on stretchers. And on the right side of the stage, there was a coffin with flowers on top. After an hour or so, he said, he was starting to feel the presence of Jesus. And he was now ready to start performing miracles. And those wishing to be healed can start coming to the front of the stage.

A few folks started moving forward, but most remained seated. The first one to be healed was a lady in a wheelchair. She said in to the microphone; that she had been paralyzed now, for over 25 years. He then told her, "in the name of Jesus, you will, walk tonight." Then the organ started playing, and he put his hands on her head: then he started commanding her to stand up on her feet. After a few moments, she slowly began to rise up and out of her wheelchair. A few minutes later, she was running around, hands in the air praising Jesus, and acting like a fucking fool. He then healed about five others, which were in the front row. Then he made his way back on the stage, and approached the coffin. Standing next to it, was a woman crying and saying, that in that coffin was her husband, which had died two days earlier. As this guy started praying over her dead husband and the organ changed its tune. After a few minutes or so, the lid on the coffin began to rise. At this point I was scared shit-less, and just wanted to cry. And just then, I saw a man's head; rise up out of the coffin. The women started screaming, and so did I. As she bent over to grab him, the preacher held her back, saying, "just give him a few more moments, the miracle isn't over yet!" As this corpse was still awakening and the organ changed its tune, this time playing an upbeat and happy song. At this point, the service turned in too, what I can only describe as a healing frenzy. People were running up to the stage to be healed while the Church ushers, collected money in big baskets. This went on for an hour or so, before we left. My mom wrote this man a check that night, and placed it in one of the baskets. Later on that summer she received a free invitation, inviting her to his church camp in Miracle Valley, Arizona.

My mom decided to accept his invitation. So that next week, she headed for Arizona, my siblings and I in tow. We arrived on a Monday, besides the fact it was hot as hell, the place wasn't all that bad. Well the food was OK at least. There were Church services going on, almost the whole time we were there. But the fourth one that I attended: I saw something that I had seen before in the tent. The corpse which he was raising that day was the same one from back in the spring. Me being a little kid and all, I first thought: boy, this guy must sure die a lot. But then as I started looking at the others that he was healing; I realized that they were the same ones from the tent service last spring. I pointed this out to my mom, but she didn't seem too concerned. She said he was just doing god's work.