Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Being Vegan

Well, I guess this is my first post on Posterous about being vegan.

We as citizens are subject to the market influence of agri-business. Sure, I am too. I'm not saying I am immune to the clenched fist of this nefarious industry as it extends into every pore of our dietary lifestyles, yet I try to abstain from consuming any animal or animal by-product wherever I can. I even look at clothing labels to make sure nothing is leather or made from wool. Once in while I may flub something and assume that a product is "animal friendly" and continue on through the check-out and later find that I was an idiot and didn't read the label. In all actuality I am not a true vegan but I try my damnedest.

However, how can we really know something that we purchase is "animal friendly" unless we abstain from the whole consumer marketplace? By which we actually produce our own cotton and our own garden veggies? To be self-sustaining? I for one would, on one point, wholeheartedly endorse such endeavors. But we are inundated with an environment that espouses a lax consumerism by which people just don't care where their "stuff" comes from. I must emphasize "don't care", because we really don't care even on second thought. There really is a "third thought".

So, as a society, on the second point we can't possibly alienate agri-business. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that agri-business, as it stands now, is anywhere but ethical; but that market forces dictate that consumers "get what they want". Therefore we change things by voting with our wallets and pocketbooks.

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