Monday, 7 December 2009

What would Our Post Atheist Revolution World look like?

One of the things I enjoy doing most when I’m bored, besides fantasizing about winning the lottery, is thinking about what the world would be like, without religion and superstition.

When I hear Christians say: this is a Christian nation, and founded by Christians, and on Christian principals. It always takes me back to my teen years, when I studied world history; the American Revolution, and read the works of Thomas Paine. Paine, an atheist and pro-revolutionary; both instrumental in writing the Declaration of Independence, and the founding of our nation, Paine was also instrumental in both the American and French Revolutions as well.

Paine became one of my heroes; he stood for workers rights, and was against racism. Sadly, in his later years; after being shunned by most of his “friends,” and persecuted and hated by ignorant Christians, who probably would have been just a happy, still being controlled by the “church.” He died alone.

The first things I learned in life about Christians were: their evil liars and deluded people; who will makeup all sorts’ of lies, for the purpose of brainwashing their stupid followers (NO, our nation was NOT founded by Christians and on Christian principals – our nation was founded by men of enlightenment, and on principals derived from reason; NOT superstition, ignorance and stupidly). Can you even imagine what our nation, and the world for that matter – would look like today; if it had been founded by deluded ignorant morons, of the likes of Ted haggard, and Pat Robertson, and throw Jerry Falwell into the mix, if you still don’t get my point!

I know there’s no magical pill to cure stupid; we have over 4bilion people on this planet, walking around, and talking to their assorted space-daddies. And many of them, willing to kill and die over their deluded beliefs. What would we do with them; if we were running the show? What would we have to change in our Constitution or laws? How would we prevent civil-war, would Christians form, Christian terrorist cells, and start blowing up schools and universities, and doing drive-by shootings? And even putting all that bad stuff aside; what would our post atheist Revolution nation look like?