Monday, 30 November 2009

The Christian News Wire; And Its Ignorant Readers:

A few months ago, a young friend of mine asks me why Christians spend so much time contemplating over made-up issues; like Obama care, and death panels, etc. He subscribes to the Christian News wire, and trolls Christian blogs. He was trying to understand why most Christians waste so much of their time blogging, and debating about nonissues, and made-up bullshit (like there already isn’t enough real thing’s in the world to worry about). One of the issues he was having a hard time understanding was their attitude on abortions, and why their concern over this matter, ended at birth. And with all of the children in the world, which are already being neglected, and starving to death; why do they only seem to care about the unborn, and taking away the rights of a woman to choose, if and when she starts a family?

I’ve also been a subscriber of the Christian “news” wire for over a year now. And most of what I’ve read there is totally deceptive at best; most of the bullshit is just outright lies. Then there’s the other 20% or so, which just boggles the mind.

I would encourage anyone who hasn’t visited this site to do so; the stories posted there give a good look into what feeds the deluded Christian mind. I often wonder how many of their readers, actually believe the “pro-life” organizations; they so proudly “report” on, are really trying to end legal-abortions. Take for example the Susan B. Anthony List Education Fund (501(c). A tax exempt organization, which raises millions each year, fundraising on “pro-life” issues, then uses its funds illegally, in campaigning against “'pro-choice” candidates. It’s really sad when you think about it, how these organizations use these ignorant people, falsely projecting such emotional issues as viably living babies, dying in abortion clinics. The fact is the reason Christians distort real issues, and manufacture others; things would be pretty boring, if all they had to do in life was sit around, and wait for Jesus to return – no they really don’t care about babies, unborn or otherwise. It’s all about the sheep-herders lining their pockets with cash. And the ignorant Christian sheep who follow…..just enjoy making everyone else’s lives, just as miserable as theirs.

Is there any better answer for this kid?