Sunday, 22 November 2009

Why I Am an Atheist

This is a response to Vjack’s post.

I am atheist in part because of the way my brain was wired before birth. Being born dyslectic; (my little “gift,” from fucking “god”) I struggled for many years before I was ably to master language. Reading and writing was another challenge. In my perception of written text, there’s a 3ed dimension, one of depth. The corner of the letters rises up from the page, and sometime totally reverses; (this is why, most folks with dyslexia reverse text letters, when writing). One can only learn to overcome this, through critical thought, and reasoning. My world is one of either-or, true-false, off-on, and so on. Albert Einstein fully exploited this condition, which also allows one to do math both forwards and backwards; and because of this perceived added dimension, he was able to both visualize and conceptualize, both space and time, and even model the structure of atoms in his mind.

Belief in god(s) and religion requires one to totally discard logical thought; and replace logic and reasoning with blind faith, superstition, and ignorance. As a consequence of my little “gift” from “god,” I apply this same level of reasoning, and critical thought, to everything else in my life. If I even started to entertain the truth of a woman being created from a man’s rib, or a baby jesus being born of a virgin, or a “god,” who plays more fucking games with his subjects, than a Las Vegas blackjack dealer; (I would have to totally discard everything ,I’ve learned through math and science about the real world) my whole word would quickly fall a part, and the next day, I’d probably be sporting a Palin for president bumper-sticker, on my car.