Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Oral Roberts’s dead at 91:

Yesterday, when I heard the news, that Oral Roberts had died, and was on his way to heaven; the only thing I could say was… “Why, why, why God, why didn’t you take pat Robertson with him!”

As I started reflecting on this evil man’s life; I started wondering how many people had died because of this lying monster. I wondered how many sick children had died, because on his advised, their parents chose prayer for their child, and didn’t seek medical advice. I wondered how many people had died, at his faith hospital, which he ran from the late 70s, until it was closed, in 1989. I thought about the millions of dollars, he swindled from his ignorant followers, saying “if you don’t send me 8 million dollars by the end of the year, god’s going to call me home” (I thought, if god made me such an offer; I’d let the folks keep their money, and just go to heaven, and live forever in paradise, with jesus and god – who in their right mind, would turn down such an offer).

At the end; the only thing’s I could say were “good bye you religious pimp, and ignorant thieving heathen, I only hope, there is a hell, for you to burn in.”

In short; fuck him!