Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Christian Prayer Center (new email)


With the world how it is, it's often hard to be grateful for what you have. You must look beyond your current situation, and reach for God's loving hand.

I want to help you, and that's why I set up the Christian Prayer Center. Please feel free to submit a prayer, and we will all pray for it to be answered.


God Bless,

Pastor John Carlson
Senior Pastor

 Okay, it really isn't all that hard to ascertain from this message that 1) it's pretty darn pessimistic to assume that everybody is on hard times, 2) everybody needs a helping hand and 3) that the answers/relief are found with a god.

How "is" the world anyway? It just IS!

And a "loving" God!? He must be one "tough loving" sonofabitch what with all the calamity and catastrophe in Haiti! Oh, but I forget, [one of] the very mouthpiece[s] of God (aka Pat Roberston) has revealed to us simpletons that the people of Haiti are devil-worshippers and must be deserving of their fate. Holy shit! God is one smiting motherfucker!

...just the guy I'd like to reach out for in my time of need!


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