Sunday, 10 January 2010

Christian Prayer Center

A few days ago I clicked on an ad out of complete curiosity (I think it was on Facebook). It was for a site called Christian Prayer Center. I wanted to see what people were praying for or, more accurately, what they were requesting prayer for. I think I had to join in order to view the "prayer requests" so I did. Needless to say, now I get email notifications about every other day now such as the one below. I thought it was pretty hilarious.


Have you ever thought about how you can bring your Christian faith to the next level and have your prayers answered more effectively?

If you have ultimate faith in God, but would like to be closer to Him, I urge you to consider becoming an Ordained Christian Minister.

If you are willing to pledge your ultimate faith to God, I invite you to register to become an Ordained Minister, by clicking the link below:

By being an Ordained Minister, you will be able to guide others on the path of God, perform weddings, help friends and family with faith healing, financial blessing requests, relationship healing, and more.

God Bless You,

Pastor John Carlson
Senior Pastor

  What's funny too, is that I created a profile and specifically stated that I was an atheist. Wonder how long before a) my account gets deleted or b) I get a flood of prayers in my email. LOL

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