Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hillbilly Christian preachers, and incest:

There are few things which piss me off more than when a Christian proclaims that all morality is derived from the Gawd in the bible. They make the claims that all of our laws are derived from the bible; some of them even want to replace the U.S. constitution, with “Gawd’s law” in the bible. They even say that no one can be moral without Gawd, and therefore that all atheists must be immoral by default. OK, so let’s start with the roots of Christianity – a ghost named Gawd rapes a 13 year old virgin girl, who then becomes pregnant, he then sends a pixie (an angel) to tell the girl that she’s pregnant (the foundation of Christianity). But let’s just not stop there; the bible is riddled with the stories of old men having sex with young children – even men having babies with their own daughters; and the Gawd in the bible, whole heartily approved of these incestuous relationships. For years now, I have been wondering if this is why that Christians hold such a monopoly on sex-crimes, committed against children.

Back when I was 14 years old, I met a family of real hillbillies, who had moved into an old beat-up house about a block from where I lived. This family consisted of around 15 children, 6 adults and about 6 or 7 large dogs – and at the head of this family was a Christian preacher that they all called Mr. Pappy. One of the first things that this family did upon moving in, was to build a tall fence around their backyard out of old wood, and in the front yard, the dogs were all chained, and there were about 5 old cars parked there in which the dogs seemed to live in (these folks had really made the neighborhood look trashy).

About 2 weeks after they had moved into the neighborhood, I met one of Pappies children, a boy who was my same age named Dale. Dale was very thin and small in stature for his age, and he spoke in broken English, and with a southern-drawl. When I asked Dale where his family was from, he proudly replied: “we’re all come from the blue-grass state, the hills of Kentucky.” It was mid-summer, and like most other children, I was spending most of my time playing outside; but the only one in this family that I had seen outside to date, was Dale. Dale would come over to my house almost every morning; we had become friends. I believe Dale liked me so much because I could explain things to him, like how and why the sun would rise each morning, and set each evening, and why the moon was so bright in the night sky (this kid had little to no understanding of anything). I learned from him that he had 13 sisters and brothers, and that his dad was a Christian preacher; and that he and his siblings were all being home schooled, and had never been in a public school. I also learned that he was one of four twins – his sisters were identical twins, and him and his maternal twin brother, were all born at the same time, but his maternal brother was still-born and had died (this would later explain why he looked so much like his sisters).

One day Dale comes over and asks me if his sisters could play in my backyard, I said yes, and he ran off and came back with them. His sister's looked so much alike, that I couldn’t even tell them apart from each other. They were both a lot taller and bigger than Dale was, and this despite the fact that they were all born at the same time. His sisters started coming over every day, they would play on our swing-set, and they had spray painted a hopscotch board in our grass (I didn’t mind, and neither did the grass). Dale and I would sit and watch them hopping around for hours – hell, at age 14, watching their tits bounce around, just simply made my day. Within two weeks they were running around topless in my backyard, while spraying each other with the garden-hose.

Then one extremely hot night, when I was setting outside on my front porch, Dale came over and sat down next to me. Dale had some real weird habits; he would always put his hand on my shoulder when he had something important to say, and every time he would tell a joke, or he would say something that he thought was clever, he would push my shoulder real hard, and sometimes with both of his hands. I really liked Dale and his sisters, and this despite the fact that I thought Dale was a being a little too touchy-feely with me. That night he put his hand on my shoulder and said: “Both of my sisters are crushing on you, and they both want to play house with us tonight” (as I sat there on my porch trying to make sense of the ‘us’ part that he had said; I sat up erect and pushed his hand off of my shoulder – and at the same time just thinking about playing house with those two little cuties, was causing other parts of my body to become erect as well).

Dale said: “what’s wrong with you – I’m not hitting on you; you don’t have to do anything with me, unless you want to.” He then said: “I’ll just go and get both of them; and then you pick the one you want, and I’ll take the other.”

I said to Dale: are you talking about having sex with your sister?

Dale said: “heck yes!”

I asked: penetration?

He said: “hell yes, we stopped dry-humping each other’s things years ago.”

I then asked: Dale, how in the hell could you have sex with your sister?

He then pushed my shoulder real hard with both of his hands and said: “teat for teat and penny for penny, cousins’ pussy is just as good as any – but sister’s pussy is always the best; at least that’s what my pappy always says.”

I then asked: Dale, does your dad know that you are fucking your sisters?

Dale: “my pappy was the first one who fucked them – better he fuck them than me; when my pappy gets drunk, he don’t care whose hole he puts his pecker into.”

As I sat there talking to Dale, I learned that his ancestors had left Texas after the Civil War because they didn’t want to live around free black people. So his great, great Christian preacher grandfather had headed for the hills of Kentucky, with his uncle and two of his sisters in tow. And that Dale’s dad had married his cousin, and his dad also had 5 babies with his half-sister, including Dale and his sisters. A few hours into our conversation, and I just wasn’t up for having sex with his sisters that evening, or any other evening after that, for that matter. About a week later I met his dad “pappy,” he had invited me to his house for bible study – this incestuous hillbilly Christian-preacher, had started holding church and bible study in his home, and I attended two times. Each time he would ask someone to read from the bible, and then he would talk about what they had read. By the second time that I had attended; it had became clear to me that Pappy could not read himself. By the time that I had first attended his bible study, he had attracted about 10 others as well. I simply went to his home out of curiosity – the first time that pappy asked me, if I wanted him to baptize me in the “holy-sprit;” I simply said: no thanks; I can wash my own ass. And after I told him that I was an atheist; both of his daughters stopped coming over to my house. Dale later told me that I had become the subject of most of his sermons, and how he no longer trusted me because I couldn’t be a moral person without Gawd – and this despite of the fact that he was fucking everyone and everything in his household, that would remain still long enough for him to mount.

What just amazes me about ignorant Christians is the fact that when they discover another Christian is selling dope to children, or even fucking their own children; they will simply say that they just need to get closer to “Jesus,” repent and all is forgiven. Just being an atheist on the other hand??? Hate, hate and more fucking hate – I just don’t understand the world of the deluded?