Friday, 18 June 2010

Christian Prayer Center to me


Sometimes in our lives, it seems like the Devil is paying attention to us but God isn't. You must not blame God, but instead show your faith to Him, so that he may come to your rescue.

If you pray, pray more. If you haven't posted an urgent prayer request to the Christian Prayer Center yet, now is the time.

Ask for God's protection right now so that he may be the enemy to your enemies.

 Okay, why in the hell would I want a neglectful god to rescue me? And sorry, it doesn't "seem like the Devil is paying attention" either. I don't believe in either.

 I want God to be somebodies enemy? What if my enemy is under God's protection already? Besides, who's to say I have enemies anyway? If I did have enemies what is God going to do to them? Send a hurricane to devastate their city? Or an earthquake?

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