Monday, 24 May 2010

Atheists; do we really need faith to be rational?

There are at least two common misconceptions most religious people have who claim that it takes more “faith” to be an atheist, than it does to believe in “god.” These misconceptions are about the same of those who say it takes more “faith” to believe in science than it does to simply believe in their god(s). All of the three major religions, are based on the stories of the OT of the bible; the muslims believe that their “prophet” Mohamed, was sitting in a cave for years talking to an angel, and then he rode a winged-horse into the sky and then went up to “heaven.” But before he departed for his final trip, he met with Moses, jesus, Abraham, and a whole host of other prophets. The Christians on the other hand, believe that jesus was the son of god – or that he was god himself. Most believe he was born of a virgin; and after his mom had been raped by a ghost; however, the Mormons believe that god simply fucked the christ out of her little virgin ass, somewhere in space, and on another planet. And then the Jews don’t believe any of the above deluded nonsense – they simply cling to the bat-shit crazy stories of the Old Testament (dirt-man, rib-woman, the talking-snake, the great-flood, and a 6000 year old earth).And they’re the ones who believe all of this deluded irrational bullshit – why in the hell do they think that we need faith simply to be rational?

The first misconception Christians make when addressing me and this issue of faith in science, VS faith in their “god,” is that they assume that I was once just like them, and that I believed in their “god.” The second misconception is a misunderstanding of science itself; which is simply rooted in their ignorance of science. They speak of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, as just being another type of religion, and of Darwin as just being some kind of a false god. They talk about the big-bang and Darwinian Theory as if they were both the same science. Some even believe that Darwin was attempting explained how the universe was made, and how life came into being; when the fact is Darwinian Theory only postulates that the species of living things we see today, only survived through natural selection in response to environmental changes (this is why, we don’t have many animals left today, who both eat and shit from the same hole; we just have a bunch of Christians, who still talk out of their asses).

One doesn’t need faith to believe in science; one only needs a working brain, and an understanding of science. Most religious people believe the bat-shit crazy dogmas of their deluded beliefs as truths. They have simply created their own reality – worlds were snakes talk, virgins have children, the dead rise and there’s an all-powerful space-daddy watching them from the sky.

I have always believed that most any child can learn and excel in science; but only if their minds haven’t first been polluted and poisoned by the ignorance of religion. Today we are seeing Christians changing history and teaching fairytales to children as science – no people, “jesus” did not have a pet dinosaur. The mental abuse and intellectual harm you are causing to your children should be a criminal offence – you are simply creating more little idiots and brain-dead morons!

I have pondered the idea that some kind of creature might have had a hand in creating the universe. However, it’s an insult to say that the made-up Gawd in the buy-bull had any hand in it.

No, Christians, I have never believed that any of your utter deluded religious tripe was true. And stop believing that I need faith to believe in science – I simply understand science – you, simply don’t have a fucking clue, what science really is about.