Sunday, 4 April 2010

Is The GOP losing Their Christian Base?

I’ve been checking out Christian talk-radio for a while, trying to get a feel on the pulse of Christians and politics these days. I was very surprised to find that about 40% of the callers actually had something intelligent to say. Most of them were very disappointed over the 8 years that Bush served in office; they said they voted for Bush because they believed he would end abortions and bring back Christian-prayer in the public schools. And they now feel so deeply betrayed by Bush, that most said they wouldn’t vote again until they see a candidate, who shared their same values.

The overwhelming majority of them said that they would not be voting this year in November or in 2012. What I found most interesting was that only a small percentage of them thought that Palin would make a good president. They also seem to be turned off big-time by all of the ignorant and raciest tea-partiers as well. Most of them seemed to feel that neither political party supported their Christian values; and some were even saying that they won’t be voting again, until there is a new party – a “Christian party” (LOL). And most all of them were saying, they will not be sending the GOP party anymore of their money.

Could it be that all that bullshit the GOP has been stirring up to create so much acrimony
In our nation, is now beginning to backfire in their faces. And will the GOP’s base be reduced to those of ilk who we now see at the tea-parties. I believe the good news in all this is, we’ll be seeing less and less of them voting in the elections.