Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Atheist Gaming: Request for Feedback

I have been mulling over this for quite some time; for the past two years, an avalanche of atheist books have hit the bookshelves, and books, such as Richard Dawkin's bestseller, "The God Delusion", have been bestsellers, followed closely by Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens.

Trying to publish a book is a difficult endeavor; writing is one thing, finding a reputable publisher willing to market your work is another. There is little guarantee that a novice writer can hit the jackpot with his or her books, since the market is usually saturated with numerous authors trying to make a living out of this craft. Very few make it, and those that do often monopolize the genres of their specific work.

Of late, I have come into acquaintance with a programmer. Yes, he is an atheist, and both of us would very much like to create an atheist game for atheists, secular humanists and maybe the fence sitters who are somehow undecided with regards to their faith. The PC gaming industry is one domain that somehow doesn't seem to throw up a lot of stuff for or against religion, and we wish to take a shot in this direction.

Both of us are not sure what types of gaming might suit the average atheist. As a result, I would like to request for some kind of feedback. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment on this post. Alternatively, you can email me at soul_686@yahoo.com