Sunday, 21 June 2009

Intense Debate

As some of you may or may not have noticed we have a Beast impersonator trouncing around the comment system.

I'm seriously considering that if anybody wishes to comment here on Atheist Haven they be required to create an Intense Debate account. This, of course, will depend on discussions between admins, authors and readers here at Atheist Haven.

I think that we could do this. Of course there are pros and cons.


> This will keep the trolls at bay because no longer will they be able to play games as we have recently seen here.

> Authors and readers have the opportunity to better become connected and share other places/blogs they have commented on and also the opportunity to share their online presence as well (Twitter, Facebook and even bookmarking services like Delicious).

> Anonymous speech will come to an end.


> And this is the big one: there is a possibility that potential (legitimate) readers and commenter's will be putt off by having to create an account at Intense Debate and decide that it's not worth their time to do so.

> Anonymous speech will come to an end.

Over at Atheist Revolution, vjack did a post on this exact subject.

- Larro