Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Unintelligent Design?

Science, it seems, has been quite succinct and lucid with regards to its proof-alluding stance: With each and every discovery, Science has unraveled the truths behind the mysteries of many a phenomenon: We now know that the eclipse is not the result of a cataclysmic battle between dragons and demons, and that if we sail far enough to the "furthest corners" of the Earth, we will not drop off the face of the Earth.

Yet, despite mountains of evidence science has produced with regards to natural history and biology, we are still told, time and time again, that God created the world in 6000 Man-years (I use "man-years" because some theologians, in a bid to side-step the conundrum and reconcile theology with science, may actually claim that a year may be actually a couple of thousand years longer), and that Intelligent Design, not Evolution, is the prime instigator and mover of life on Earth.

By circumventing evidence and massively reducing the age of the Earth (4.5 billion years to 6,000 years: That is equivalent to miscalculating the distance between Los Angeles to New York from a couple of thousand miles to several yards!), ID specialists have not only driven Evolution out of the equation, they have included a new "God" hypothesis: This myriad of life, it seems, is the product of God, not random genetic permutation vetted by natural selection. And to finish this rather infantile fairy-tale fantasy, we are told that God's creation is "perfect".

What these ID morons can't explain to you, however, is how a "perfect" creation could be so insanely screwed up: Much of what is being thought by ID proponents is how "wondrous" these creations are: The Intricate "design" of the eye, the insane fluttering of the hummingbird's wings, and other so-called "irreducible complexity".

In this post, I shall attempt to debunk, at the very minimum, the "Intelligent" from the Design.

(For the purpose of this post, I will be introducing some rather "unsavory" pictures. So, if you think you have a problem with a tiny bit of violence and the sight of two-headed beasts, kindly head the other way.)

Problems with Genetic Replication

Genes: Basic Programming Blocks of Life

One of the most fundamental features of all life on Earth is the genetically-inherited ability of replication: Whether it is cellular division, or the fertilization of embryos via the merging of sperm DNA, plants and animals which are capable of replicating their own carbon copies will ensure the survival of their own species; those that don't, well, they go extinct.

Unfortunately, this ability to replicate has an inane ability to fuck up, sometimes through environmental anomalies, others through sheer chance.

While some mutations are harmless or may even be beneficial to the lucky animal, most mutations turn wry; growing an arm in the chest, an extra head attached to your body, or other genes that cause debilitating diseases such as muscular atrophy and the like.

Multiple Limbs of a Froggie: Not exactly very Intelligent, but Eye-catching.

Conjoined Puppies: The Direct Result of Partially Split, Fertilized Embryos.

An Unfortunate Child Born With Spinal Muscular Atrophy

These freakish accidents can be easily explained with the scientific theory of evolution and natural selection: Mother Nature, as always, is a randomly unstable bitch. By throwing out random permutations and variations of the same species, and allowing natural forces to determine survivability, she bears no responsibilities for her blatant disregard for life.

Intelligent Designers, however, will have a more difficult time: While they can point towards anthropocentric argument of the "Original Sin" and blame Man for such an abysmal representation of their incredulous God, they cannot explain why such mutations happen to virtually every species of life. Does the frog with multiple limbs and the hopelessly inseparable puppies deserve their freakish forms because of Man's "Original Sin"??? Try asking this inexplicable question with regards to the poor baby with spinal muscular atrophy, and one could not help but lament the callousness and ridiculous stupidity of such an unscientific, moronic explanation.

The Food Chain: The World's One Giant Restaurant

Each Animal Has a Role To Play On Another Animal's Menu...........

Food, glorious food! Little on this planet can equal the pleasures of savoring great, tasty gourmet in an extravagant restaurant (other than a sexually orgasmic experience), but for the unfortunate beasts who forfeit their lives for the sake of your palate, nothing is worst than being impaled by sharp teeth and talons.

Mother Nature, savage as she always has been, is always keen for more bloodshed. Lions batten upon lambs; wolves sink their teeth into hapless rabbits; these are all inescapable, utterly deplorable acts of nature which we, as humans, sought to get away from because of its utter and undeniable misery. And to cap it all, every creature that perishes outside the murderous knives of Mother Nature's butcher knives inevitably becomes decomposed: Huge, almost android-like armies of beetle dungs, worms and other creepy crawlies awake in the dark, waiting to scavenge and break up dead carcasses and even shit into recyclable material to be returned to the soil: The same dark comedy is winded and re-winded, over and over again, like a convoluted version of "The Never ending Story of Neverland".

In short, Nature is a classic, brutal comedy-cum-cycle of birth, life and death, and if there is any consolation to it all, it is that when everything is done and over, you don't get to experience it again (The theists have another different story contradictory to mine, but that's for another day). If anything else, the food chain, as it is aptly named, seems more at home with a butcher's or mass murderer's design than a Godly one. Do IDers seriously want to equate God with such a heinous, sadistic "Design"????

If, as Intelligent Design proponents would have you know, that all this is the result of "Intelligent Design", they might want to re-look at all the evidence and ask themselves whether such deluded nonsense can be marketed to the masses.

After all, who wants to worship a God who has the impulse of a crazed, psychotic madman?


Intergalactic Hussy said...

Excellent post! I have a hard time calling it intelligent, too. I usually call it creationism.

Mother Nature is a cruel bitch sometimes, other times the world is beautiful. Theists (in general) don't bug me nearly as much as (specifically) creationists do.

To think that there is a grand "designer"... he/she/it didn't go to a good design school nor learn from experience. What a hack! lol.

BEAST said...

Thanks for the thumbsup......lol.

By the way, you have a couple of blogs.......which one should I visit for atheism?


Nate said...

1st: Correction - God's design WAS perfect, not is.
2nd: Not all of us dirty Creationists believe that evolution is totally wrong. Do I believe that I came from monkeys? Hardly. But I do believe that snowshoe hares have adapted/evolved to live where they do.
3rd: You shouldn't speak to things like SMA when you know very little about it. My daughter's not a freak and she enjoys her life very much. You should leave that pontificating to the people that deal with it.

Jana said...

I am going to second Nate's comments. My son lives with sma daily and you have NO IDEA who these children are and how happy they are. I feel pity for you that can't see a happier ending to this world.

P.S. I know the girl in the picture and I don't think her mother would appreciate you using it in that way. I believe you need permission for that. I don't see her giving it either!

Justin said...

I will 3rd Nate's comment. If you are going to go through the bother of writing the long article make sure you have the data and understnding that go along with your illustrations. My daughter has SMA and is a very happy little girl. It is not fair or right to make assumptions about quality of life or that she is a freak.

Justin said...

My daughter does not have SMA but she does have arthrogryposis which is a different type of neuromuscular condition. She has the most positive, happy spirit of all of my children!

We still worship God the creator and have had two more children since Abby even though it is possible that the condition is genetic. After reading your blog it makes me wonder if I should have just killed myself!

BEAST said...

Holy cow.....my post has been taken completely and utterly out of context.

In no way was I attempting to heap insult on children suffering from spinal muscular atrophy......I merely use the disease as an example of how nature screws up on its "creation". To elucidate the point, I even included a conjoined puppy and a mutated frog. Why is there no one to complain on behalf of these animals???

As for the picture of the girl, I understand some people will be uncomfortable. That was why I included a disclaimer. As for the child's parents, if there is any issue arising from their disapproval, simply ask the parents to email me and I shall replace it with another.

I also understand some Christians who pix and nix.....they believe in evolution but not the 4.5 billion year explanation.....but that's just being fucking hypocritical. There's enough evidence to prove that evolution did take more time than a mere 6000 years, and for a Christian to say that nature "was" perfect than is to disregard all natural evidence as provided by science.


Bob said...


You're an idiot.

First, I will tell you why I am more offended by your use of a pic of an SMA child over the dog and frog. BTW, those pictures are also disturbing to me. But the use of an SMA child disturbs me more because I have a soul as does that child. Animals do NOT have souls. Now, before PETA comes after me, I do not mean to say that animals don't have feelings, personalities and character.

We ought to be more offended by the SMA child's picture because of our design. Humans are made in God's image, animals are not. Hypocritical? I'm afraid not.

Secondly, as for the random "fuck-ups" that you refer to. Has it ever occurred to you that God uses these so-called fuck-ups to further His plan?

Go back and read your science book and see how many screw-ups have lead to great discoveries and advancement. I'll name one for you - penicillin. Who knew that mold could actually save lives? Wow! Isn't it uncanny that the discovery of penicillin lead to the further study of pharmaceuticals, yielding even greater things such as anti-biotics? I am sure you've taken them at least once in your life. Good thing for you that this "random fuck-up" occurred, or you might not have lived long enough to write this asinine post!

I suspect your feeble mind can't grasp such a concept.

God uses these screw-ups for two purposes. First, He uses them to show us our need for Him. Secondly, He uses suffering so we learn and grow and become more compassionate.

If the SMA parent doesn't want you to use a picture of their child, let me know, I'll send you a picture of my 5yr old Autistic child. I am sure you think he's a "fuck-up" too...


BEAST said...

Fuck You, Bob.

Do you have proof that souls exist? If not, go back to your fucking fuckhole and shut the fuck up.

Sure, penicillin sure is a good deal. But wouldn't penicillin not be necessary if bacteria that makes us sick didn't exist?

Oh, so God needs to fuck up his Creation so we can be "dependent" on him. And he needs to inflict deaths and genetic fuckups so that we can be "compassionate"......fuck! You sound like Mother Theresa and her stupid Convent of screwed up nuns!

You have simply highlighted the salient point I wanted to make in my post: If this is a Creation by a deity, the deity certainly isn't intelligent. Sadistic, maybe, but not very intelligent.

Finally, this post is never meant to be an insult to children who have been born with certain genetic diseases. If you find the pictures disturbing, just fuck off.


spikedoo314 said...


I'll pray for you because all your intelligence seems to make you foolish. I'm one of those who believe in a creator, and believe this is a a very young earth...like 6,000 years young. I'm also the parent of a wise 18 year old with SMA type II who graduated in the top of his class, yet is still smart enough to believe in a creator. He's also a great kid that I wouldn't trade for anything. For some reason you seem to think it's more logical, as well as much easier, to believe that everything came from random chance. Unfortunately, you've got to believe millions of unlikely miracles strung together to end up making sense of the world we live in. I only have to believe one miracle, that the God of the Bible exists, and then everything else makes sense. Obviously, to sustain life the Earth had to be in a certain state of chemistry...already existing in a state with the proper balance of renewable resources, elements, and atomic forms. If God could not create our World in that state, then He wouldn't be God, and since He's also outside of time (because He created it), then He logically would be able to create outside of the time necessary for processes as we see them today. Basically, because He's God He has to exist outside of our 4 dimensions or He would be subject to the same limitations humans are...simple concept. The Bible also tells us:

Romans 1:21-23 (King James Version)

21Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

23And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

You continue to worship your god, science and the creation, and I'll continue to worship mine, Jesus Christ.

I'm sure you'll be chucking the "F" bomb at me since it looks like you do that with those who don't agree with you, but I'll forgive you anyway. I'll pray for you to see the light some day.

Nate said...

Wow - well, thanks BEAST for letting me know that you had responded to my post.

I don't blame you for using SMA as an example of genetic differences - it's a good one. But, I do disagree with your choice of words to describe such a genetic event and I feel it was very irresponsible of you to use it as your atheist propaganda tool. The fact is, we all have dozens of genes that don't work the way they are supposed to, so that makes you and I just as much of a freak the things you mentioned -- so, I guess that makes us ALL freaks, or NONE of us are freaks.

What I meant about evolution, it was admittedly unclear, is that some Creationists believe in an "Old Earth." So, how does that fit your believe system? Also, the mere fact that we are all having this enjoyable conversation speaks to our uniqueness and INTELLIGENCE which I believe proves that we were MADE special.( I'll address the soul issue below) -- also, I find it funny that you were so incredibly defensive (sorry, I just do) b/c your reality was shattered a bit by someone else's reasoning, simply b/c it was different from your own. All those colorful words you used showed us your heart. That's not my opinion, we all saw it - plain as day.

One thing is for sure about God and souls and all that - one day we will all find out the TRUTH. If I am wrong, then I all I've done is waste time, no harm done. If you are wrong... I am afraid for you :(

L>T said...

Wow! What a can of worms you opened up here.

Personally I'd rather blame having a disabled child on an accident of nature then believe some Vindictive God was responsible. I'd be quite pissed off. Then again I might make up all kinds of justifications for why I had a disabled kid.

Christians make an art out of turning false negatives into pseudo-positive

This is a good one:
God uses these screw-ups for two purposes. First, He uses them to show us our need for Him. Secondly, He uses suffering so we learn and grow and become more compassionate.

Marty said...

Wow, look at the venom coming from these christians. Let's see:

Nate: You're an idiot. Give proof that there was a design and then prove why it was perfect and no longer is. And if you're going to depend on Genesis or any other part of the bible to do so, don't bother, I want fact not fiction.

Jana and Justin: Unless I was reading something different from you, I didn't see anything that said kids born with SMA, AMC or any other genetic disorder can't be as happy, wonderful and well-balanced as anyone else. The point was that genetic abnormalities happen in the process of life.

Bob, you're the worst of the lot. Who gave you the authority to assign a "soul" to humans but not to animals? Again, don't try using the bible as an authority on this. All mammals on this earth share characteristics that in any major sense make us very similar. Just because we grew a bigger brain doesn't make us any different.

Spikedoo314, try thinking instead of praying. Congratulations to your kid for being top of his class, but don't confuse intelligence with belief. He's smart in spite of his blind spot, not because of it.

One question for all of you believers. God supposedly put the rainbow in the air after the flood. Rainbows are caused by sunlight refracting through moisture droplets. So; before Noah, did it: a) Not rain, b) Not shine, or c) was everyone blind?

BEAST said...

Thanks, Marty and I>T

I certainly didn't expect this kind of vitriol hurled at me: If it was about what I wrote, I'd be fine with it, but it was about something which I didn't write about: These moronic baffoons are saying that I have called SMA kids "freaks", which I obviously haven't.

As for the lot of you who don't like my swearing, let it be known that vulgarity has a respectable place in the English vocabulary. Don't believe me? Check up the dictionary.

In any case, I hurled abuse at Bob because he called me an idiot in the first place.

Lastly, I do not restrict you from posting anything, so don't fucking tell me what to and what not to do. Free speech is free. Exercise it. If not, don't blame me if I start moderating posts. Its the last thing I want to do.


Marty said...

No worries, Beast, I didn't see anything wrong with your post.

Oh, one more for Nate - just regarding the last bit of your last post "If I am wrong, then I all I've done is waste time, no harm done. If you are wrong... I am afraid for you :("

That's called Pascal's wager, and it's invalid. It supposes that it's better to believe in god than not, because if you do and he DOES exist, you'll be in heaven, whereas if you don't and he does then you'll be in hell.

Invalid for a number of reasons, but firstly; how do you know if you're believing in the right god? The Abrahamic god has only been around for a little while. What about all the other beliefs people have - pagan, pantheists, sun worshippers, Buddhists, Hindus, -and let's add these as they're just as valid - the Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster?
So you die and all of a sudden you're standing in front of Anubis, who's shaking his coyote head in amazement that you believed this tripe...

Face it - gods are created by man, not the other way round.

Nate said...

Your words: "could be so insanely screwed up... inane ability to fuck up (referencing 'anamolies,' which i am assuming you mean genetics)... These 'freakish' accidents." The truth of what you said is in your writing dude. Don't deny it.

Be responsible and take that picture off your propaganda tool. It would probably fire you up to see your pic on a Christian's site asking people to pray for you - and using it to prove how people like you (atheists, haters (per your colorful language)) show us our desperate need for a Savior. I don't think you'd let it go - correct me if I'm wrong, I know you will.

You guys can keep web hugging and patting each other on the back... calling us idiots -- such big boys you are. Way to go - you schooled us, eh?! I've been cordial on your propaganda tool, haven't I?

Pascal's Wager shmager -- that would make sense if I told that to someone of another belief, but i was telling you, an atheist. Besides, get your facts straight, I don't believe that you will go to Heaven if you "believe in the right god," as you so confidently put it. I believe plenty of people believe that "the right god" exists, but that has nothing to do with going to Heaven. I believe what I believe b/c I am compelled by what I have seen. It's not because I am stupid and you are smart, or the other way around for that matter.

I can see that you can't respect someone else for the beliefs - you've already all made that clear by cursing us, so I will leave this conversation now. I will pray for you and continue to ask the Creator to show us who He is. After all, we will all find out the Truth at some point. :) Peace <+><

L>T said...

The Christian is talking to the atheist about propaganda tools! Ha Ha! How ironic.

spikedoo314 said...


The answer to your rainbow question is "a"...it didn't rain. That's why everyone mocked Noah for spending 120 years building an ark on land...check out your Bible and you can see the answer yourself. In case you're wondering how plants survived it's because of the vapor canopy that existed(firmament that separated the waters above from the waters below). The world was basically a big terrarium that created a hot house type environment...ideal for plant growth. The firmament is where all the rain came from for the flood, and a huge amount of the water came from below the Earth as well...leaving caverns (which are caused by massive water pressure) as evidence.

By the way, whether you realize it or not, you do have a religion...it's called humanism. Your belief system is that "gods are created by man, not the other way round." Thanks for that thought, but I'll stick with my belief system...that God exists and created us for a purpose...we weren't a molecular accident.

Marty said...

Thanks Nate, you've given me a good laugh. Now off you go like a good little boy and say your prayers.

Oh, and while you're talking about haters, why don't you try reading Deuteronomy. Looks like your god hates far more people than atheists ever will.

Spikedoo314, the bible is a mish-mash of fables passed by word of mouth for hundreds of years, then written down, collated, edited and translated (incorrectly in many cases - you don't really think Mary was a virgin do you?) In addition, the original "prophets" were primitive men with no scientific knowledge whose diet and sanitary habits alone probably drove them as batty as George Bush.

As an example, next time you see some poor homeless chap living under newspapers and drinking metholated spirits, just consider whether you'd live your life according to his every word.

So no, the world is NOT 6000 years old. Caverns actually dissolved over tens of millions of years, not by "massive water pressure". (If they'd been caused by massive water pressure, every cavern would have erupted to the surface and would be open like a volcano; this is obviously not true).

Use your eyes, your ears and your common sense. Religion blinkers you from every point of view that doesn't agree with it. Before you try to turn that one around on me, I actually used to be religious, before I started thinking for myself and seeing the myriad contradictions, inaccuracies and fallacies inherent in the bible.

Yes, I am a SECULAR humanist, not a religious one. Every human life has value for the simple reason that this one life is all you get.

BEAST said...

Oh boy, too many comments, not sure where to start, but here goes:

1. My propaganda?

If I wanted to initiate my own propaganda, I would have started a cult, a political party, or some other religiously-slanted organization, not a blog.

I use this blog to hone my writing skills....which I use to earn a little bit of income.


I think I have taken a lot of pains just to elucidate the purpose of my blog....the quotes you have taken straight off my writing was not meant to be a slant against children with SMAs, and the picture of the child was not a propaganda tool; I felt the picture could help to alleviate my opinions better. It did not occur to me for a moment to destroy the integrity of kids with genetic diseases, and I am very sure that my post has never been anywhere near that. As such, I am not going to remove the picture based on your stupid whims.


Your "canopy" arguments has already been debunked by myself, as well as other scientists. If you wish, you can scroll through my blogs and search for the article yourself.

And finally, using "colourful" language is one of the best means to bring an idea across, and many great writers use profanity from time to time. I am not alluding myself with the pantheons of the gods, so to speak, but I would like to apply free speech for all, and if you can't take it, don't visit my blog.

As the adage goes: "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen".


spikedoo314 said...


Can you please tell me what all of these contradictions in the Bible are? I've read the Bible several times and never found a contradiction. In fact, typically those who say there are contradictions have never actually read the entire Bible for themselves. The biggest myth going is that the Bible is filled with controversies and fables. What fables are you referring to? There are archeological, historical, and scientific evidences to support every person, place, and event the Bible talks about. What evidences support your uncle being a monkey? Were you there, or do you know another monkey that was there to document it? Not only does the Bible contain documentation about the people, places, and events it refers to, either archeology has uncovered it or there are non-Biblical, historical writings to support it. You need to stop spending time thinking so much, and investigate the evidence for yourself. You athiests are all the same...Use strong offensive words to attack, and hope that your attitude will scare creationsts away. For all the knowledge you try to convince people you have, you seem very foolish:

Psalm 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.

To answer your question, yes I do believe that Mary was a virgin. Can you explain to me why you don't? Is there some reason you don't think a God who created this world could implant His child in a woman? If he couldn't do that I don't think He'd be able to create either...hence perhaps this is where your circular reasoning comes in. Could it be because you try to confine God to the same 4 dimensions man is confined to...you're not able to think outside of your box? You think too small...need to think outside yourself and you might be able to actually contribute a great idea to society some day. However, trying to tell people there is no God is not one of them.

By the way, your anti Pacal's Wager argument is actually flawed. The Pascal's wager argument actually DOES work with Christianity. You see, Christianity is an exclusive religion. All "religions" are NOT the same. If you read the Bible, it says that there is only ONE WAY to Heaven, and that's through the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn't leave room for all those other religions as you suggest. It's either right, or it's wrong...there is no in between no matter how much you try to make one. The Bible is either true, or it's not. It's either the infallible Word of God, and He's sovereign enough to maintain its accuracy as He claims, or He's not.

Psalm 18:30 As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless.

Also, you don't seem to understand water pressure very well. Since you're the big scientist, do yourself a little favor and put together a simple experiment. Put water in a container where the wall thickness of the container is not the same everywhere, and put it under increasing pressure. It will blow a hole through the thinist or weakest spot, releave the pressure, and empty there. The depth of the surface of the Earth to underground water would not have been (and is not currently) the same. Water would find it's way to the surface where it's thinist because it takes the path of least resistance. There it becomes the entrance of the cavern.

Marty said...


Contradiction 1: Count the number of generations that attempt to link Jesus to David or even Abraham, in each gospel.

Contradiction 2: Who's his grandfather? Matt 1:16 says Jacob, Luke 3:23 says Heli.

Contradiction 3: Talking snakes (Genesis)

Contradiction 4: Death of Judas - Acts 1:18 says "Now this man (Judas) purchased a field with the reward of iniquity; and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out."
While Matt. 27:5-7: "And he (Judas) cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself. And the chief priests...bought with them the potter's field."

Those are just some, if you read it with an open mind instead of blindly believing you will find many more.

As for "Evidence that my uncle is a monkey", no, he's annoying but he's human. However, Darwin PROVED that species change over time; and given the vast similarities between us and some species of ape (have you ever looked at the shape of a chimp's ears?) it is obvious that in the distant past we hominids shared a common ancestor.

As for Mary's virginal status: The term used in the original (ha‘almah) has been traditionally translated as "virgin", but further research shows it also means "a young woman of marriageable age". So because some clerk bolloxed the translation from Hebrew you all think she was a virgin.

As for your "All you atheists are the same" comment, we are not. All we share is a willingness to question dogma instead of accepting it. Where are my "strong offensive words"?

Humanity, not just society, would be far better if people believed in themselves instead of a ridiculous idea.

I am not and never said that I was a scientist. If you can find a reputable speleologist to back up your ridiculous claims please direct me to their research.

"The fool has said there is no god"? Hmm. Wonder why they put that one in. Can't have people going around thinking for themselves, might do the priests out of a job!

DRD said...
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BEAST said...


Apparently,most mutations do screw up.

More than 99% of animal species that have survived at certain intervals of the evolutionary timeline have gone extinct.

Genetically speaking, mutations in human beings and animals are mostly redundant or harmful; this can be ascertained by any credible science.

DRD, feel free to spew your bullshit. I shall present evidence to you, as I always do.


DRD said...

Beast said:
"Genetically speaking, mutations in human beings and animals are mostly redundant or harmful; this can be ascertained by any credible science."

Beast your out of your league and out of your mind.

1. you say 'redundant or harmful'..which is it? These are two different things, and you don't even come close to knowing anything about this, and thats obvious.

redundancy in the genetic code is a protective mechanism (designed very well) to protect from mutational errors related to transcription errors or translational errors. MOST mutations result in the same or biochemically similar amino acid being coded for by a substitution error, resulting in the SAME AA, or an equivelent one, so the end result is NO CHANGE in the protein function. The redundancy in our genetic code is remarkable and is protective. Please see the study from Princeton in coordination with Bath University in Scotland..these researchers wrote a wonderful paper on this. You can look it up ..doubt you can follow it, but give it a whirl.

Fact is beast, most mutations by FAR are neutral. Next we find HARMFUL a distant second, with helpful mutations being very very rare indeed.

The fact that we have what was once thought of as 'junk DNA' but now we know its protective, and the fact that substitutional errors in the codons result only rarely in any functional change, is a wonderful design feature within our genetic code.

The study can be found under a heading "Genetic Code: One in a Million".

Please stick with what you know/ or think you know, and don't venture too far, or your ignorance will become too apparent. Even you atheist cronies might see through it.

DRD said...
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DRD said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BEAST said...


I wasn't really talking about junk DNA. I was talking about genetic mutation, the erroneous copying of genetic codes that give rise to genetic oddities, such as an extra hand, extra fingers, genetic diseases, etc.

Given that medical literature has a huge, extensive list of genetically-linked diseases, we know that mutations are mostly harmful: SMA, Down's Syndrome and many other diseases are direct results of mutations gone wrong.

Helpful mutations are, unfortunately, rare. Millions of years ago, the first dinosaurs, by a stroke of rare chance, probably developed wings that allowed them to evolve into true flight. Such "good" mutations are, unfortunately rare.

Some animals, like the frog I presented in the picture, may grow so many redundant limbs. While not exactly harmful to the animal other than mobility, these extra legs are, at best, redundant mutations.

DRD, before you come in here and start making your antagonistic comments, please read the article and my posts. If you start your ad hominems first, don't blame me if I start cursing your father and mother. It won't be very nice.

I have no patience for morons.


DRD said...
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DRD said...
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BEAST said...


You come here calling me "out of your mind", and calling my fellow atheists "cronies".

My patience is running thin. If you wish to debate, then let's do it on an even keel.

This is my last warning.


Ian said...
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BEAST said...


Butt out of this. Its none of your business.

I don't need you to teach me what to do. This is my space, and I will do as I fucking please.


Ian said...
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BEAST said...

Pompous bastard.

Who are you to decide what I wish to do? Does your religion teach you to dictate the wills of others?

I will debate as and when I please.


drd said...
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BEAST said...


I will be deleting your comments soon enough, as well as your stupid nephews.

Being rude is one thing: But being rude to me and telling me to turn the other cheek is intolerable. I will not tolerate such impudence on my turf.

You want to ridicule and insult others, and yet tell others not to insult you? Sorry, moron, freedom of speech works two ways.

One more post from you or your fucking nephew, and your posts will disappear from my blog without a trace.

This is the first time I am doing this, but this is also the first time I meet such arrogant bastards.

If you want free speech only for yourself and no one else, I am sorry to say I will be the one who will be taking it away from you.

Go cry over it at Tim's Blog. Like I said, you asked for it.


DRD said...
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BEAST said...

No victory shall be declared without my full authorization. This is my domain.

I win.

BEAST said...

DRD has vanished from this blog for good, along with his erst while, good for nothing nephew.

Being borne of a long line of pimps and prostitutes, they have been raised in bad environments, and hence their stupidity.

Any posts from them shall henceforth be deleted. This notice is to be enforced with immediate effect.


Anonymous said...

your domain? you have lost it dude. That guy had your nuts in a vise, and you ran like a child from the dark.

You never even once rebutted what he said, even though you claim to be the reasonable one.

Grow some nads dude, get some backbone and know your shit if your gona talk shit.
You were toasted. Whether he declares victory or you delete him..everyone can see you were had.
Your the kinda guy that gives atheists a bad name.

BEAST said...

Thank you for your comments, whoever you are.

These morons certainly didn't come here to debate: Before anything is said, they haven't already made up their minds, that I was "out of my mind".

When I insulted them back, they told me I was rude! Ok, fair enough, I gave them a few warnings, and......guessed what, the insinuations didn't end.

Debates are fine; so are insults. But don't anyone tell me what to and what not to say. If someone wants to inhibit my right to free speech, I am sorry to say, well, that someone's free speech will be vetoed.

Let this be an example to all and sundry. I can certainly debate, but I will not tolerate insolence of this sort.


BEAST said...

If DRD and his nephew wants me to reinstate their posts, there is a simple way to do it.

Apologize. I will debate with them. There is certainly no fear on my part, for I have never lost to a Christian in a debate.

But if they wish to carry on with their arrogance, they will be kicked out like the trash they are.

Expect no mercy from me. I have been kind enough to indulge in their pathetic nonsense.


drd said...
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BEAST said...

My Response? Goodbye & Goodnight.

No apologies, no deal.


drd said...
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BEAST said...

Hardly sincere, and definitely not a heartfelt one.

Try something better. Be humble about it. Didn't Jesus teach you humility? Or do you need an infidel like me to teach you a little "hu-mee-lee-tee"???


DRP said...
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drd said...
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BEAST said...

The silence is deafening.

DRD said...
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BEAST said...

If victory is what you seek, pack your bags and go to Iraq.

After all, you chimpanzee president, bush, is claiming that the US forces are "kicking ass" in Iraq.

Go over there and kill some civilians. Don't make yourself a nuisance.

If you do no yield, get out. Spare yourself the ignominy of being treated like a pest.


BEAST said...


If you are still here, you can get me at soul_686@yahoo.com using messenger or email.

I am also at gmail at beast686@gmail.com

I will directly tell you, in your face, why I am enforcing the ban.

If you want to thrash this out, now is the time.

Laura said...

You should certainly know better than to steal the bandwidth of other sites. I have disabled the link of the little girl with the genetic disorder-I suggest you leave it that way.

BEAST said...

Sue Me.


spikedoo314 said...


What's up with all the posts removed by the blog administrator? I'm missing some of the details. If you're really an athiest, why do you spend so much time arguing and fighting so intensely with those who are not? Why does it matter to you if someone believes in God if you're actually so confident in what you believe? In your world nothing really matters, so all you're really doing is wasting a bunch of time and energy trying to convince people that you're right. Why? It makes zero difference in the end because everyone is going to the same place in your mind...no where.

Actually, I'm starting to think you aren't so confident in what you believe, and you need others to agree for reassurance. You see, I could really care less whether you (or anyone else) agrees with me or not. I know what I believe, and the Holy Spirit gives me all the reassurance I need...no need for others to tell me.

By the way, to your website, unfortunately I can't "imagine a world without religion". However, I can imagine a world without athiests. It's at the end of the Book...last chapter. You need to read the book of Revelation...there will be no athiests in the end. So, the really cool part is that not only do I know how it all began, but I also know how it all ends. No guessing, just all the answers. Hopefully, you'll figure it out someday.