Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Business of Killing God

A Gross Mismatch At First Glance, But Size & Might Don't Necessarily Win The Fight

In the natural world, size and power does not necessarily manifest itself as a overwhelming advantage, and this is something that all biologists and most laymen can attest to: After all, who hasn't been laid low by the influenza, a disease caused by viruses that can only be measured in nano or micrometers? Or the feisty little wolverine, no larger than a poodle, fending off and chasing away a bear many times its size?

Such disparities in terms of attributes can sometimes be skewered against the odds: For all the bravado about strength, size and other positive, physical traits, the Davids & the underdogs of the natural world can deal the giants a punishing blow, so much so that one begins to wonder:

Can God be fair game in the macabre game of life and death?

The God Conundrum

The God of Abraham is a strange contradiction: While he is claimed to be a loving deity, he is prone to the odd jealous pang:

".....for you shall not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God” - Exodus Chapter 32:14

While the theists never fail to remind our infidelic brains that God is the supreme Creator of Earth and the Cosmos with his omnipotent powers, he is not above wrestling with mere mortals: God, in his rather mysterious mien, chose to engage in a bout of wrestling (God, a sumo wrestler?) with Jacob and, surprise, surprise, Jacob got away with nothing more than a dislocated thigh! A minor injury, indeed, considering that Jacob is actually having a one-on-one duel with an omniscient deity!

Wrestling With God: An Ancient Sport?

"Then Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak.

When he saw that he had not prevailed against him, he touched the socket of his thigh; so the socket of Jacob's thigh was dislocated while he wrestled with him.

Then he said, 'Let me go, for the dawn is breaking.' But he said, 'I will not let you go unless you bless me.'

So he said to him, 'What is your name?' And he said, 'Jacob.'

He said, 'Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel; for you have striven with God and with men and have prevailed.'"

Genesis 32:24-28

While some Christians may think that such allegories are merely "out of context" drivel sprouted by atheists in a bid to undermine their deity, it is precisely this very visceral description of God as a deeply flawed, humanoid-like asshole that gave rise to the next evolution of the Abrahamic religion: The long-suffering, gay loving, pretty looking Son of God.

Murdering The Son of God

Revolutionizing the God-Murdering Enterprise: Nailing Jebus to the Cross.......

While atheists and infidels alike have long been accused of blasphemy and an assortment of deity-defiling acts, none of them are as vicious & violent as the acts of gruesome murder and cannibalism inflicted (at least on the imaginary plane) upon their deity as the Jews and subsequently, the Jebus lovers of the Catholic Church.

While the God of the OT was prone to having a fling or two with his minions, he was, at least on a mythical perspective, undefeated by his dimunitive underlings. Unfortunately, the NT scribes added a small chink in God's supposedly impervious armor: Along comes Jebus, long hair, white robe, gay-loving and all, walking amongst the masses, preaching his wishy-washy, love-embracing, sinner-loving tirades to the masses. Like his OT predecessor, he occasionally flares up, casting demons into swines (Those filthy swines.....they deserve it! Oink!), & not to mention that damn fig tree which had the temerity not to bear fruit in the off season!

& so the mad hatter story goes, Jebus riled up a few Pharisees, who plotted and forced Pontius Pilate, the Roman official, to nail Jebus' ass on the cross.

Followed by Two Thousand Years of Cannibalism & Vampirism!

A neat start indeed to two millennial of God-killing ethics: The Catholic Church, with all its pompous and blood-letting ethics, decided to carry on with this tradition of God killing one step further: The act of transubstantiation requires, horror of all horrors, the desecration of Jebus' body via the breaking of the bread, and the drinking of Bloody Mary a gross representation of his blood!

Herein lies the supreme irony: The God of the Jews was instigated by the Jewish priests themselves to die at the hands of the Romans, & subsequently mutilated, butchered, eaten and sucked dry by the Catholic Church.

Atheists: Not In The Business of Godly Murder

While the figure of Jebus has been butchered and defiled, at least in a metaphorical sense, for more than a thousand years, Christians all over have now accused atheists of plotting to "murder" a deity that seems amusingly prone to murder by his own beloved followers!

And the very root of such ridiculous claims? Apparently, the anti-cinematic Church has pickled the recent controversial movie, the "Golden Compass", a brain child of the incorrigible atheistic author, Philip Pullman.

The gist of the story, it seems has all the elements of blasphemy in it: A child, fighting against the forces of the Catholic-like Magisterium, and ultimately killing God himself (A new low in the apparent tradition of God killing).

Yes, he of the "God-killing" confessions, expressing it in is perverted, disgusting, repulsive...........& so Christian-like!

The Catholic League, it seems, is hell-bent on reserving this proud tradition of God lynching for the Catholic Church, and is against the idea that Pullman is trying to wrestle the right of murder from the opulent church.

According to the Catholic League President, Bill Donohue, pious folks should give this movie a miss: "Eighty-five per cent of the people in this country are Catholic or Protestant and I'd like them to stay at home, or go see some other movie."

Much as us atheists may try to wrestle the "honor" of murdering God, ye Christian folks have beaten us to it for two millennial. This "ban the atheist movie" propaganda is just another ploy to stop atheists from making our presence felt in a Scientology-dominated Hollywood.

Sure, give this "murderous" movie a miss, and spend the next Sabbath drinking a deity's blood and eating his broken body, if that gives you a more euphoric high.

"If Jesus had been killed 20 years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little Electric Chairs around their necks instead of crosses"
-Lenny Bruce


tina said...

Yes, you did give me a chuckle here and there.

(Those filthy swines.....they deserve it! Oink!), & not to mention that damn fig tree which had the temerity not to bear fruit in the off season!


"the drinking of Bloody Mary a gross representation of his blood!"

Gross is right.

I'm not sure if I will go see this movie or not, I usually don't get into animated movies. I wish people could get it through their head that it's just a movie.This post was funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just been reading lots of atheistic blogs and of course plugging my own. The Crazy Christian Blog. Check it out and feel free to comment! If you’ve already been, come back again, the page is updated daily and now there is a new poll! Have a godless day!!!

tina said...

Ryan, hey man, you should at least comment on the post Beast took the time to write. He's very good and puts a lot of thought into his writing, I'm not bashing you, just friendly advice. People usually link to other people's blogs through the comment section anyway. I know I did that in the beginning of my blog. Glad to have you on board though, welcome.

BEAST said...

Thanks, Tina.

I have gone over to Mr Green's blog. Not too badly run. The writing's decent, and much of it is good anti-religious fun.


handmaiden said...

When I read the Philip Pullman trilogy "His dark Materials" a couple of years ago it was in the children's section of the Library. I bet it's not there anymore. The Christians were busy dissing Harry Potter back then, they weren't even aware this book existed. The books are excellent,BTW, but I imagine the movie won't live up. Before the movie was even made the producers took out most of the God references to appease the Christians.

That whole thing about wearing crosses as jewelry is kinda bizarre if I think about it.

Pyramidhead said...

Why do we need a "god"? Do away with him and make the sheep think for them selves.

gh eliason said...

Some of the sheep do think...
Honestly Im glad for your imput. No Im not here to promote a blog. Instead possibly to get input.
This is me.
What you are saying is a far cry from what Im doing, and at the same time, very precisely- deicide.
Succinctly these are my beliefs.
My intent is to annihalate the god who justifies sending drones to kill innocent people, or imprisons them far from home.
In the process all its religions must be taken to task.
Simply supply critique as you deem fit.
best regards

Anonymous said...

Story about global warming again on the news.
The gods have the freedom to rapidly accelerate global warming because of unregulated Chinese industrialization. And they are using it.
Whereas US industrial regulation combined with automotive smog devices had contained, the shameful emmissions at the hand of Italian capital which financed this chinese growth will ultimately kill our planet.
The gods must abjectly hate the Italians:::They ruined our cultures, eliminating Old Worlds around the globe, they destroyed our societies and now they will be used to ruin the planet.
Intelligent design:::Everything the gods do has purpose. There was purpose in the Italian boot, the Scandanavian penis, the sheep of Europe and the SFBA Beast. Chinese/Asian slanted eyes is yet another. Designed to make them/some look evil, they are a warning to other races. What is occurring with enviornmental degredation is living proof.
Never forget the shameful experience we each had in 2008 when the Chinese desperately tried to clean up the envionment in Beijing.

Recall the $5 trillion Republican scam where W set up the evil Democrats to sign the credit card receipt.
Expect some portion of the $5 trillion stolen from the United States creatively went to the Catholic Church, positioned to bitterly complain they lost their affluent white parishoners for poor Latinos and this is all their doing anyways.
I always suspected there has been a skim on the US General Fund all along and I was right. And the gods are using these clone host fakes to kill Planet Earth, financing China industrialization. The puppeteer pulling the strings, ironically.

Jesus is a false god.
There is no Satan. The world around us is all the god's doing:::You have to be tested with temptation.
Christianity is a test.
Muslim misery? The gods claim they are trying to "help you". The gods control everything, choreograph all that we see, including Isreal's relationship with Palestine, an "obligation" for their money-grubbing acceptance of the Evil Empire's billions. They also control the Italians, victims of the Moorish invasion/rape of their women, positioned in charge of this false reality through Christianity.
The gods created all this to position this reality you experience today.
"Earning" is temptation. It is a lie leading people into Damnation. Any hope of the Muslim world regaining the power they once had is long since over and it will never, ever return. Their acts 0f terrorism are only hurting them in the eyes of the gods.
The gods claim they are trying to "help you", but they also stoked your pride with your regional superpower status of centuries ago, rendering their efforts today merely destructive, a very bad sign. This means the gods have major problems with your people.
Never forget:::The gods work in mysterious ways. A mortal trying to understand may envoke their wrath. You shouldn't need to.

I believe the gods relocated the Jews to another planet before the Holocaust began to give them additional time before Earth fell into the social decay Christianity and the United States is responsible for. I suspect this favor included some/many of the Native America peoples as well.
Unfortunately for Muslims you didn't have the favor necessary to be allowed such generosity. I believe it is due to your mysogyny, your belief women are inferior to the men. This does not include veiling, which is a positive for the people and helps maintain decency within your society.
Orthodoxy is always the best course of action because, as I have repeated, old is mostly good and a little evil, while new is mostly evil and a little good. This applies to Islam as well.