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All Those Murderous Darwinists & Atheists

In light of the Finnish shootings by Pekka-Erik Auvinen, an atheist friend of mine, Raj, predicted that Christians would definitely descent upon this event, like vultures encircling a dead corpse, and feed upon this dramatic, albeit disastrous shooting to expound on their hate-spewing propaganda against Science and of course, those dastardly, murderous atheists. & how right he was: On the exact day he made his prophesy, I encountered just one such article, which, for all it is worth, attempted a cheap swipe against (what else?) the purported evils of Darwinism and Atheism.

Reports of The Finnish Shootout

As 7 students and a teacher laid dead in the aftermath of the carnage, and including Pekka himself, who committed suicide, some theists seem adamant that atheism and social Darwinism were two very strong recurring themes in the mind of the teenage killer. Apparently, Pekka had, amongst other pre-suicide moves, uploaded a video of himself threatening to carry out the shootings, plus some notes on Youtube.

According to CNN:

In rambling text posted on the site two weeks before the shooting, Auvinen called himself "a cynical existentialist, anti-human humanist, anti-social social-Darwinist, realistic idealist and god-like atheist."

"I am prepared to fight and die for my cause," he wrote. "I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection."

At first glance, it seems quite fitting that the shooter seems to be killing for a just, albeit misguided cause: It is as if the killer was actually assuming the mentality of a terrorist: Committing mass murder in the name of Darwinism, which some Christians have eschewed it to be a form of a dogmatic Scripture. & who else, but the immoral Atheist, would have been stupid enough to believe in the falsehoods of Darwinism?

The Truth Behind The Smokescreen

Before we begin to unravel a more rational and balanced view of the tragedy, it is imperative to note that, the teenager was a emotionally and mentally distraught kid:

According Tuomas Hulkkonen, who claimed to know the student well: "
He withdrew into his shell. I had noticed a change in him just recently, and I thought that perhaps he was a bit depressed or something, but I couldn't imagine that in reality he would do anything like this."

If anything else, his writings suggests a confused mind which does not correspond to the reality of the real world:

"Cynical existentialist, anti-human humanist, anti-social social-Darwinist, realistic idealist and god-like atheist."

These were the exact words he had sprouted in an apparent bid to vent his frustrations, although I cannot imagine how one can call himself an "anti-human humanist", or a "realistic idealist" for the matter. These are oxy-morons in the class of square circles, and it is hard to fathom how anyone sane can take his words seriously.

Unfortunately, in the minds of moronic Christians, the words "Social Darwinist" and "Atheist" are adequate proof that heathens of these class of sub-humans are a danger to society.

And to sum it all up, Darwin's theory of natural selection has even been cited as a major reason behind the shooting: Perhaps Creationists might want to grasp this opportunity to denounce the teaching of Evolution?

To even consider blaming natural selection as the basis of this shooting is laughable: Natural selection is a natural, observable phenomenon which weeds out species or individual creatures which do not meet Nature's survivability criteria. If anything else, Natural Selection is part and parcel of Biology, not Theology. To blame Natural Selection for the massacre is akin to blaming the murder on a documentary depicting the scene of a carnivorous lion immolating a Thomson's gazelle on National Geographic.

Atheism: Not a Valid Creed for Murder

While atheists are not incapable of the most dastardly of crimes (of all those harbingers of evil, Stalin, unfortunately, is still the only prominent mass murderer in modern history who happens to be an atheist), Atheism is not a valid reason for anyone to commit murder.

The reason is fairly straightforward, and one which theists conveniently miss out, either through sheer ignorance or deliberation: There is no codified scripture or law which atheists can conveniently turn to for a moral lesson.

Unlike our theist brethren, we do not have books instructing us to stone disobedient children, put homosexuals to death, stone people for picking up sticks on a Sabbath, kill infidels/kafirs, harboring slaves or treating women the equivalent of oxen and donkeys. Atheism, if anything else, is an affirmation to be godless, and I personally doubt the validity of even considering Atheism a philosophy. After all, we are all atheists with regards to Zeus, Bumba and all the other conceivably implausible deities, but yet no one in his or her right mind will even consider such a non-belief as a philosophy.

Because of its non-dogmatic nature, it is quite absurd and ludicrous to even consider Atheism as a valid tool for murder: One would hardly expect a person to kill another on behalf of atheism than a person to kill on behalf of quantum physics. They just don't add up.

Religious Propaganda: Putting the Blame On Science and Unbelief

Like murderous hordes of hyenas in a Savannah plain, theists are constantly lying in the bushes, waiting eagerly to pounce on any horrendous news that even remotely connects to Science and atheism. While the infidel may consider this as an act of treachery, this is apparently a knee-jerk reaction against the numerous victories won by the Scientific community against attempts to kick-start Creationism and its cheap tuxedo, Intelligent Design, in government schools, and the increasing skepticism across the board has made religious beliefs an unsatisfying way of understanding even the basic realities of life.

(For a more detailed read of religious bigotry, visit here. Be warned: The blog owner, Tim, is a somewhat inept writer, so reading his writing for long stretches of time will give you a tumultuous headache.)


Infidel753 said...

As atheism acquires a higher profile in Western society and Christianity loses ground, the religious are getting agitated and desperate. They'll clutch at any freak event like this that they can, ignoring all the mass murderers who acted out of some sort of bizarre religious belief.

If a strong belief in evolution and natural selection led to mass murder, then a noticeably high percentage of mass murderers would be drawn from the ranks of professional paleontologists, anthropologists, and biologists. That doesn't seem to be the case, to put it mildly.

Always remember that unlike Christianity or Islam, atheism is not a belief system -- it's just the absence of one particular belief. All atheists don't have a common agenda any more than all people who disbelieve in flying saucers have a common agenda. You and I are no more responsible for the acts of Stalin or this Finnish nutjob than we're responsible for the acts of all other people who don't believe in flying saucers.

Larro said...

Good post beast.

Thank you infidel753. I lost that link like 1 million page histories ago. Sweet! Now I can bookmark it.

tina said...

Beast, a very good post. I went to Tim's blog and read every damn comment and I can see how easily he can be discredited. I'm not good at ALL in debates or defending my stance on matters such as these. But I had a good time reading those comments.

Pyramidhead said...

I love how every time "one of us" does something dumb we hear about for the next year or so. But one someone of faith does something awful. Well they had problems. Give me a break! They have done more damage then I could ever hope too!

BEAST said...


I had a jolly good time making Tim look like a Christian buffoon.


Spanish Inquisitor said...


Tim's just a piker in the grand scheme of things. If you want to see real Christian vitriol, check out this.

Be warned, I hear he likes to out you if he discovers your name.

Spanish Inquisitor said...

One other thought that I have not seen mentioned, especially on the religious blogs.

Does anyone find it ironic that a self professed Darwinist (albeit social) who felt that he was doing the work of natural selection, just took his arguably defective genes out of the gene pool?

BEAST said...

Spanish inquistor:

I have just visited his blog: Yes, it is the vilest shit I have ever seen.

As for the contradiction, the fact that he even calls himself a humanist (And that, a anti human humanist!) makes one wonder in stark disbelief.

There are full of loopholes in the Christians' argument, and I think I have just about exposed all the major ones.


John Evo-Mid said...

From the link of Infidel753 -

"One of the groups hit hardest by the criticism is evangelicals. Such believers have always been viewed with skepticism in the broader culture. However, those negative views are crystallizing and intensifying among young non-Christians. The new study shows that only 3% of 16 - to 29-year-old non-Christians express favorable views of evangelicals. This means that today’s young non-Christians are eight times less likely to experience positive associations toward evangelicals than were non-Christians of the Boomer generation (25%)."

Maybe Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harris, et al are not just "preaching to the choir". At any rate, even if that were true, it certainly must be said that if more young people are approaching these issues with a skeptical mind then the writings of these heavy-weights of science and culture are going to have a quickening effect on the shift.

I hope.

handmaiden said...

The hysteria is just Tit for tat. If you really want to be a Humanist you have to see the parallels between the waring factions.

Interested said...

I just ran across your blog. I have truly enjoyed reading your posts. I'll be back!

Modusoperandi said...

...odd, my last couple of comments here never appeared. Have they taken a side-trip into the ether?

BEAST said...

Nope. I haven't deleted any comments.


Modusoperandi said...

Eerie. After posting the first, it said that it would appear after being approved by a blog administrator, which lead to the second, lamenting that change. Personally, I blame the supernatural.

Oh, well. You should've seen the first one; witty, charming, irreverent, etc. In other words, my usual rambling.


BEAST said...

Well. You are not the first person to complain, but the amazing thing is,I have never had any trouble with commenting on my own blog.

Maybe I will ask Larro to see what really is the freaking problem.

Thanks for the feedback.


Larro said...

I've checked the relevant settings and everything seems in order.

That is strange though. Is it fate? Destiny? Or the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Modusoperandi said...

Okay, now I'm freaking out a little. I remember that I replied (mostly) to a guy who commented on "Darwinism" and I hunted around and...I posted it on atheismsucks . My bad, and my apologies for getting on the bus of the internet, then not checking to make sure that I got off on the correct stop. Or, as they say on the internets, LOL. They still say that, right?

Next problem: figure out why all these people who don't believe in god are hanging out at A Theist Haven...

BEAST said...

Lol. So the problem is solved.


Larro said...

Like I said; it was the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Modusoperandi said...

(aria begins in background)...Does this mean that I've been touched by his noodly appendage?...(spaghetti-coloured light shines down from above)