Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The People Have Spoken: Three Cheers to Liberty!

Three cheers for Obama! Hip hip hurray! Hip Hip, Hurray! Hip Hip, Hurray!

Finally, after 8 years of insipid meddling by the archetypal simian-in-chief, George Wacked-up Bush, and more unctuous stupidity in the nomination from the Republican ticket, Americans have finally awakened: You can't be stupid and moronic and still run for the Presidential ticket anymore.

Too bad for those stupid Christians who prefer the stupidity of Palin to the astuteness of Obama's genius: I suppose those Creationists who want to smuggle their ridiculously-crafted "Intelligent Design" nonsense are not going to get any more support from the President.

And you can bet that stem cell research will be more prevalent in the United States with Obama in charge.

Three cheers for Science, Three Cheers for Liberty and Three Cheers for the Economy (Plus my AIG investments!!!)

The Road is Long......

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep." Obama's victory speech.