Thursday, 5 March 2009

Nature's Amazing Creatures: Boy Lizards-Turned Transvestites!

Augrabies Flat Lizards

When it comes to sexuality, Mother Nature, it seems, lays down no rules with regards to what kind of sexual behavior is right and setting them apart from the wrongs. Sexual identity, it seems, is even swappable in the animal kingdom, if it ensures survivability, hence, Survival of the Fittest.

According to the latest Scientific Research, not only do gay animals thrive well, lizards, it seems, have the ability to turn into transvestites in the quest for survival!

Ladyboy Lizard Use Transvestite Trickery: Researchers

MELBOURNE (AFP) - - Young male lizards in South Africa imitate females to fool aggressive older males into leaving them alone, in an example of transvestism in the natural world, researchers have found. The lizards not only avoid fights but gain access to females under the nose of their more macho rivals, the South African and Australian researchers discovered. They found that young male Augrabies flat lizards delayed displaying the extravagant coloration of sexually-mature males until they were able to defend themselves adequately. "Experienced males will chase and bite their young rivals," said associate professor Martin Whiting of Johannesburg's University of the Witwatersrand. "By delaying the onset of colour to a more convenient period, these males, termed she-males, are making the best of a bad situation."

Like the gay animals in the animal kingdom, transvestite lizards have distinct advantages by delaying the onset of their identities: They are less likely to get chewed up by the more aggressive males, and yes, they can mate with their female counterparts right under the bossy noses of the more aggressive males with their large harems!

It seems that, the more we learn about science, we will be able to learn more varieties of sexual orientations in different animal species, minus the shame and the silly prejudice. And, when we reflect their sexual adventures with regards to our own, we must be wondering if we have been duped by the scores of morons of the religious variety who say that sex between a man and a woman is the standard copulation route for humans!