Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Virgin Mary Appeared last Month At The International Art Expo New York?

I found this story in my email this morning, via the Christian newswire:

/Christian Newswire/ -- A five foot apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared last month at the 2009 International Art Expo New York, inside the Javits Center. She appeared on a ten foot high carpeted wall. Mary's face was very discernible as she stood with her arms in a welcoming fashion. The miraculous vision was witnessed by many visitors including the Staff of Angelnook Publishing. There was no explanation or light source that could have projected such an image. The image could not be blocked out of view by any cast shadow that onlookers could create. The apparition remained for several hours and the Staff of Angelnook Publishing was able to take many photographs.

The exhibitor, Angelnook Publishing, represents artists that are divinely inspired and paint through Jesus, the Arc Angels and Ascended Masters. "We believe that this Art contains dates, timelines, lineages and important messages for mankind," stated Paul Spremulli, President of Angelnook located in Cranston, Rhode Island. "The art has a traditional flair; however, upon closer inspection profound images appear as faces, biblical scenes and written messages" said Spremulli.

The Angelnook Artists are experiencing many miraculous events as they channel through these celestial and divine beings. The message is simple: The World is a dark place at this time and there is an urgency to begin to shine God's light of truth on it. Other inspirational photos and images can be found at the website

I don’t often even give a second thought to stories like this. But when I realized just who had hosted this event, I decide to look a little deeper. I had heard many stories about just how far this publisher was willing to go; in peddling its books and art. But most of what I’d heard where just asinine claims like: their writers and artist all channeled Jesus (its actually the real work's of Jesus that their selling).

But I must say, this is one the best props that I’ve ever heard of being used; in marketing this kind of Christian trash. I just wonder, just how long it took them to form that image in the carpet on the wall.

But what I find most disturbing about this is: just how fast Christians are willing to believe this type of nonsense.