Thursday, 28 May 2009

Are The Right-Wing Conservative’s and Libertarian’s Wet-Dream’s Cumming to a Climax Now in the State of California:

Hundreds of thousands of family’s being tossed of welfare, and thrown into the streets. Thousands of the mentally-ill going without their med’s, self-medicating, and foraging for themselves in the streets, and hundreds of them, the sick and the poor, just passing away on the streets daily . And that’s just for starters. This nasty little dream of theirs might become a reality if California State law makers and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t find a way to dig their way out of this 24 billion dollar budget shortfall, they’re currently in.

In the 1970’s when the neoconservatives introduced Proposition 13 under the guise it would help in stopping retires and others on fixed incomes from being taxed out of their home’s. When in reality, parts of this law were solely intended, as a tool, for shifting the major part of the generation of taxes and the state’s revenue, away from big-business, and place it solely on the backs of the working middle-class and the working-poor. Hence, an increase in the state income taxes (the rich got richer, and the poor got poorer). And now because of its direct affects on tax revenue, law maker have had to raid the state income tax reserves, and suspend the paying of State tax refunds, as a last stitched effort in keeping State government running (the poor just got a little poorer). And the poorest of the poor and the children are now in danger of losing their only safety-net, welfare( I’ve been seriously starting to wonder, if this could have been what they were talking about, in eliminating state funded health care, and just telling the sick too pray, and just believe in Jesus for a cure).

I was almost sickened back in the 80’s when the fundamentalist-Christians began embracing the neoconservative’s ideology; and preaching it from their pulpit’s. Hucksters like karol Rove, found new ways to play too these ignorant-Christian-sheep, (who’s only political interests, and concerns where: Jesus, the rapture, Jesus, Jesus, and more fucking Jesus!) they were then instrumental in Ronald Reagan becoming president. And putting Gorge W Bush within striking distance where he could steal the election.

When this same ideology that they helped to put in place. Has now come home to them, and is now starting to bite them in their own asses. They have started blaming our record unemployment, our faltering economy and the rest of our woes. On the liberals’ who support gay rights, and the ones who turned away from Jesus. I was just astounded, an in disbelief when I heard this being argued on a local radio talk show yesterday, as justification for their support of prop 8, and they said, the ruling handed down by the court, was just a message from God………against the fact that the policy’s put in place by the Reagan administration, and the subsequent actions of the Bush crime family; where in fact the root cause of our current problems. And all the while they were just being loaded down, with all these other none important issues. which, have no relevance to the wellbeing of the people of our nation; which allowed the corrupt fat cat’s on wall street, and the one’s in our government, just to steal and waste our tax dollars at their pleasure.

This melting of religion and politics has only led this nation to disaster. These self-serving morons and their ignorant Christian-sheep both seem to have found common ground in their lust and desire to see the pain, suffering and death, of the world’s poorest of people and innocent children as well. What saddens me most about this is: these ignorant people, who believe the world will end soon, and they’ll be taken up to heaven by Jesus; are now becoming quit a formally political force of their own……..what’s next, mandatory rapture insurance?

I think as a start, we should all write or call Obama, and request that the laws be enforced dealing with these issues, of none profit organizations and churches, becoming involved in political affairs, and becoming political action groups, while retaining their tax exempt status.