Friday, 8 May 2009

Has The National Day of Prayer Gone to the Dog’s?

With Obama’s refusal to partake in their day of delusion, some of the right-wing Christian-nuts; are now calling for his impeachment. Others are saying God will continue to punish us, if Obama remains in office. (They seem to be blaming him for the current state of our economy as well).

They are also attacking Obama for reducing, or eliminating, tax-payer funding for their faith-based programs. Funding for Abstinence-Only Sex “Education” will end after 2010. And at the same time he’s calling for at least $164 million in funding for contraceptive-only education. This includes competitive grants, research, evaluation and authorization for $50 million in new mandatory condom grants to states, tribes and territories. (And this is only a part of the good news!).

Of the stories and poll’s I’ve been reading over the past few week; fewer and fewer or our children, are buying their delusion. Here in the US, as many as 60% of those polled under the age of 24 said they had no religious affiliation. They are referred to as none’s. Our friends to the north in Canada are experiencing a similar trend.

After suffering through yesterdays National Day of Delusion; today is turning out to be a dog-gone good day!