Saturday, 12 May 2007

Sexual Abstinence, Or Mass Orgies?

How to Alleviate Sexual Frustration............

More often than not, the mere mention of "sex", "copulation" and words of the more erotic nature are seldom discussed, and when they do become a subject of debate, issues relating to religion and morals begin to weigh in, along with more than a tinge of sheepishness. Explicit sexual terms, such as ejaculation, fellatio, sodomy and other terms pertaining to sex can hardly be discussed in public discussions without invoking wide-eyed stares and offended looks from the public, and much of it has to do with how religion views sex: Disdain and abhorrent.

No sex please, we are priests (Now where the hell is the god damned altar boy???)

The Vatican Church, in particular, hates sex, other than for the purposes of pro-creation: None of their priests and nuns under their charge are allowed to masturbate, let alone enjoy hot monkey sex. After all, they have to swear and consign themselves to an oath of celibracy, although curiously, this kind of divine oath does not really stand in their way when sexual abuse of altar boys and other children are concerned.

Next hot thing in the fashion world: Burkhas that make you, well, disappear from public view.

The hardliners in the Muslim forbids the female gender to show even a tiny piece of exposed skin, preferring to deck their women from head to toe in ridiculously eerie clothing known as burkhas, lest they become hot chick magnets for raging male libidos.

To many religions, the desire for sex is defined as a sin: Lust. Images of naked women frolicking around in your head, or sexual fantasies of the sort that can only be found in porn VCDs are considered criminal acts of adultery in the eyes of religion. Mere imagination or desire, it seems, can constitute a crime that really is quite damnable if you wish to book a hot seat in hell.

The classroom too, seems to have an almost pathological problem with the sex issue. Many sex education programs in the US prefer to teach sex education only in the form of abstinence. Sex outside marriage? Well, think of the consequences first. What about condoms and birth controls? No condoms, no birth controls, period.

Clearly, sex seems to be a taboo subject. It is considered somewhat of a paradox: Conservatives define sex as a tool for procreation and little else. Discussing sex outside the traditional adherents of marriage and pregnancies is considered sacrilegious, all conveniently packaged under the "Respecting the Institution of Marriage" ideology.

Sex As Human Need

Sex, if anything else, is anything but bad. When practised by two consenting adults, the idea of sex is to achieve an orgasmic experience (or even several orgasmic experiences) which can only bode well for our mental and physical well-being.

In short, sex is not merely a tool for procreation. It is a necessity, a kind of human need, no more different (though of a less priority, but nonetheless important) than the basic need to eat and drink.

Is a person required to register with the government before he eats his plate of steak, or for the matter, drink a glass of cold water? Why then, must sex prevail only after we apply for some marriage license? Does that even sound reasonable?

Sex In Ancient Cultures

Prior to the emergence of Judaism and its inherent, human sexually was revered, rather than vilified, in the ancient world.

The first Greek Olympians didn't run their marathons in fancy spandex clothing: Rather, they choose to run naked, often with laurels on their heads. There was nothing ashamed about nudity, the exposed breast, or an exposed penis. Human anatomy was not viewed as something heinous, at least not in Ancient Greece.

The Roman Empire was equal to the libertine excesses of their Greek predecessors, prior to the Constantine era. Unshackled by any form of guilt trips and shameful trappings, human genitalia and sexual deeds were both equally suited for public viewing. In fact, such was the extent towards the notion of sex, that sexual ornaments are worn as good luck charms.

In China, gays are actually allowed to marry, provided, of course, that they revert to marrying a heterosexual partner in their latter years. This practice, it seems, stems from an obscure Asian obsession to continue the family line (now we know why Chinese has the largest population in the world).

If anything else, the ancient world was, well, one hell of a mass orgy, metaphorically speaking.

Sex From An Evolutionary Point of View

Ever since the first life forms evolved the first projectile to shoot DNA into a receptive life form, sexual reproduction has been ingrained into higher lifeforms.

In fact, our need for sex can be said to be biologically programmed into our brains, as well as our genetic makeup. The erect penis is merely a signal caused by raging hormones to find a receptive mate.

Such a description may sound a little coarse and vulgar, but it underlies a biological trait that has ensured the survival of our species, as well as others. How then, does one view the desire to fuck to be an act of sacrilege? When morals are concerned, sex doesn't even come to the equation, other than sex with minors and non-consensual sex.

Is Demonizing Sex Necessary?

In the light of the AIDS epidemic, there is a growing circus of religious nuts who are advocating for abstinence. They want to encourage sex only within the heterosexual marriage framework. It is as if sex has become some kind of poison, and that fidelity is the only antidote for this major epidemic.

Despite the fact that condoms constitute a fantastic barrier against the disease, and that sticking to sex with one partner doesn't guarantee complete immunity(A philandering husband or wife can just about screw enough hot studs and chicks to fill up a battalion), these fundamentalists are simply skipping the whole point altogether: Abstinence doesn't work.

One cannot simply stop breathing even if there are toxins in the air (Carbon monoxide from your vehicle can asphyxiate you), nor can one stop eating shellfish even though there is a chance that you might catch some nasty disease. The key point is precaution. We can't deny ourselves and others of the liberty on the presumption of some nasty disease, nor the presumption of moral implications from the religious right.

My conclusion? Go forth, and multiply. Have hot monkey sex.


Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful - provided you get between the right man and the right woman.
-Woody Allen

Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation... The other eight are unimportant.

-Henry Miller


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since sex is intrinsic to the human condition it is a corner stone element for authoritarian control.

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