Thursday, 1 October 2009


After watching the movie Back To The future II; I started having this reoccurring dream. Night after night I dreamed that I had stolen the time traveling car, went back to 20 AD, or so, and tried to murder Jesus before his 33 AD date with the cross. This dreaming went on for weeks; most of the time when I did find Jesus, he was engaged in wild gay sex and orgies with his disciples. In 2 or 3 of the dreams; I was ass-raped, and then killed by them. It’s been many years since these dreams had ended; however, about two weeks age, while sleeping this nightmare returned. This time I finally got him in the heart with a crossbow.

When I returned to the 80’s? The world had become almost totally Islamic, with a few Jews here and there. They were stoning and burning atheists, on almost every street corner. The infighting between Muslim sects, had a daily death toll of over a 1000, just in my city. There were no modern city’s or towns; no electricity or running water, no cars or buses, no hospitals, or clinics, and. people’s teeth where rotting out of there heads.

When I finally located my home, I found my mom wearing a sheet, covering her from head to toe. She didn’t even recognize me, my sister had been married at the age of 11, and now was 17, and had given birth to 7 children, 3 of which, had survived.

Realizing I had made a major fuckup; so I decided to go back in time to the day, or so, before I’d killed this fucking prick; and somehow, prevent myself from killing him.

(To be continued).

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