Thursday, 11 March 2010

God atheism and science; is there actually a god?

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The Dyslectic Atheist

I was in my early 20s when I had a crisis of sorts over my atheism. I was about 2 years into my research in the field of quantum mechanics. Things behave much differently on a quantum level than they do within our perceived reality. The mere act of observation will affect the outcome. This has been proven by the Double Slit Experiment in which particles of matter behave differently when their being observed from when they’re not being observed. The simple act of human consciousness changed the outcome of the experiment. I thought how can a particle be aware of the fact that it’s being observed, and are we somehow connected with everything in the universe?

Then as I was starting to feel the mental stresses involved in learning this facet of science; I began wondering and pondering the idea that maybe some form of god was responsibly. I started wondering if all matter in the universe was somehow all connected through a god; or if god was the collective consciousness of all matter in the universe.

Don’t get me wrong; I was never pondering the existence of the Christian god, or any other religious deity for that matter - I had dismissed all of that deluded tripe in my preteen years. One really begins having strange thoughts when one gets into this area of science, and when one starts dealing with the theories and the math involved – the fact is you can’t even mathematically prove that you’re own self is real.

Towards the end of this video below; it gets into the Double Slit Experiment. What do you believe causes this weird outcome?