Monday, 22 March 2010

They only teach the "one-side" of science

Primarily I'm thinking of the teaching of the Theory of Evolution. What other side is there? Sure there are evolutionary biologists that differ in their opinions about the exactitudes of the Theory and have formed their own hypotheses (that they most often believe would build upon Darwin's Theory).

Now, there is the "other side" which pawns itself off as Creation "science". The proponents of which would very much like to see taught in public school systems. Creation "science" hinges on the premise that there is a Creator deity. A designer. That's fine and dandy if people want to believe that, but this type of "science" can not be taught in a secular public school system. Why? Because of it's religious bent. So, what exactly is this Creator? Who is he/she/it that created everything? These are philosophical questions best left out of science classes because with the teaching of Creation "science" will invariably lead to these questions and whoever is pushing a particular Creation "science" agenda would be displeased to learn that the Creator itself is being questioned (as should be) in a science classroom setting.

Yet, Creationists opine the secular godless "agenda" in the public school system. That there is a war on religion in the science classroom. Guess what Creationists (and especially those "patriots") we live in a secular society. Our Constitution prohibit the powers of the public sphere from endorsing any one religion over another.

The "agenda" lies not with the secular ideals that the United States was founded upon but with those who would seek to impose a narrow interpretation of our origins and our history. Does anybody truly think that if we lived in a Christian theocracy there would be any other alternative?

When I've watched videos and read blog posts from prominent Creation proponents I can take away nothing less than the fact that these people really want a Christian theocracy.

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