Monday, 22 October 2007

Christian Bigotry On The Net: Tales From A Fundie Website

The wonders of technology can sometimes overwhelm me: Occasionally, I am bombarded with a myriad of websites, some of which are sent to me as urls by fellow friends, atheists and colleagues, and when I am in the mood for some good ole "dry" surfing, the stuff that I peruse sometimes astounds me for various reasons.

As far as fundie websites are concerned, what I am about to introduce to you will seriously lower your IQ be warned........

Society For the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of The Ten Commandments

As strange as the title of the website sounds, what really irks me is the implication of practicality in an utterly unenforceable treatise as archaic and ridiculous as a tyrannosaurus enjoying cucumbers in the Antarctic.

According to the site owner, Robert T. Lee: " It appears as if it is the mark of nobility, decorousness and civicness for a people, society or nation to make laws by which to govern themselves. But a proper assessment of such an undertaking reveals just the opposite: it is the mark of heathenism. Contrary to what is generally thought, no nation or people should be in the business of endeavoring to govern themselves."

According to Robert, no Constitution, other than the Ten Commandments, matches to the standards of human governance, and if anything else, he insinuates that only the Ten Commandments should be the basis of any civil rule in the US: "His righteous Laws are the only ones which have ever and will ever exist that can definitely work for the total good of every society. Any people who reject His most perfect and holy Laws, that is, the TEN COMMANDMENTS, do so to both their corporeal destruction and eternal damnation."

Pure fundism indeed. And to round off such scary, on-the-ball religious theocracy, he even has a nice fundy-sounding pledge to mimic the pledge of Allegiance!

I pledge allegiance to the one

and only true God - God the

Father, God the Son and

God the Holy Spirit - and to

His heavenly Kingdom - to

love the Lord God with all

my mind, soul and strength,

and to love my worthy

neighbor, regardless of who

he or she may be, as I

should rightly love myself. I

therefore pledge to:

Have no other god besides

the true God; I will not make

for myself an idol of any

likeness of anything in the

heavens, on the earth or in

hell; I will not take the

name of the Lord God in

vain; I will remember a day

out of each week to keep

it holy unto the Lord; I

will honor my father and

mother; I will not murder;

I will not commit adultery;

I will not steal; I will not

tell a lie against or for any

person in any manner; I

will not covet, but will be

content with my bare


If this moron has his way, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and just about anyone who practices a religion other than Christianity will not be able to live under the umbrella of LEE'S CONSTITUTION!

Of course, his vehemence for the ungodly extends far beyond the realms of government. In a bid to reach out to the infidel, he resorts to his rather infantile, brutish banter of atheist bashing that any intelligent reader will not help but notice that this is not the work of a sane, intelligent being (A Martian would probably clobber him to death with a club.....)

Excerpts from his anti-Atheist Dialogues (If I have such appalling writing skills, I would seriously impale myself on the cross............) Original contents here, complete with errors, warts and all (Link here).



>>>>>GREETINGS CLASS>>>>Today we shall spend time in ward "man is manmade." You will correctly guess by the name of this ward that there is something seriously spiritually awry with the patients in it. You will note that all of the patients appear to be educated, but they have the fatal disease of atheism. They were raised with that awful disease.

Now before we enter this ward, make sure you wear you rubber gloves, aprons, masks and glasses. Now notice the pitiful condition of the eyes of every one of the patients. Notice the awful stench of the green and yellow pus running from their eyes. The awful disease of atheism has done that to them. Do you see the awful condition of that patient over there? His name is PapaSam. Look at that patient besides him, his name is Peter. Oh Look there! Her name is Joette.

Now what I want each of you to do for the rest of the period is adopt a patient, and I want you to work one-on-one with them to observe their awful conditions.

Student #10, why are you crying? "I don't understand TEACHER. What terrible effects atheism has had on the patient I adopted! Should a blind man ask for evidence of the existence of that which he cannot see. What if that which he cannot see cannot be monitored by any faculty except sight and proof cannot be given to him otherwise? Should he conclude that those things do not exist simply because he cannot himself see them? When those things are described to him by people who can see, should he regard their descriptions as fairy tales? Atheism has totally deceived him. Doesn't he understand that a blind man must accept a lot of things by faith simply because he cannot see them and he may not be able to monitor them otherwise?"

Student #10, he will never understand that unless he is cured of atheism. What you have described is one of the awful effects of the disease of atheism. You will not be able to effect a cure yourself. Not even education can effect a cure. Education only compounds the problem as you can see. Only God, the One atheism causes them to reject can effect a cure if He is pleased to do so.


Ah, the soulless eyes, the stench of the diseased atheist emanating from his eyes..... such a depiction for the godless creed.

Atrocious English aside, the "Man is Manmade" ward sounds like an awful oxymoron: How does man maketh a Man? Oh yes, the wonders of vitro-fertilization! Shouldn't the ward be a celebration of the prowess of Science, than be a isolation ward for those "sicko atheists"???

In sum, Lee offers nothing more than an elixir for the "patient". If this was a biology class, I wonder if the "Teacher" would have allowed for an autopsy of the Atheist corpse. He might just just discover the intricate wirings of the atheist brain - a more evolved version of the human brain than those mash-mellows of the inferior fundie types.

The Atheist Killer????


Hi everyone. I am 7 years of age. I want to let you knoe what and atheist ears. And atheist iis a person who uses his brain the wrung way.. Atheist don't know trutht. no one can no truth if theu rejek it. atheists are fools. They say it is no GOD. i afraid of atheists. if my parents wood have been atheists, they probably wood have killed me when eye i was in my mama woomb. Atheist kill sic olld people. atheists are nasty. atheist put a lot bad thing on the computer. atheists are dangerous. ppeople

Oh sure, mate. We atheists clobber and stone innocent children to death, cast demons into pigs, kill people who work on Sabbaths, disembowel disobedient children........

Proving The Negative?

TEACHER:>>>>GREETINGS CLASS>>>>>Today we will enter a boring facet of our study of the diabolical disease of atheism. What I want each of you to do today is to go to atheists you know and specifically challenge them to show any kind of proof that the Almighty God DOES NOT exist. One of the things atheists do is try to challenge true Christians to prove the existence of God. So, your mission is to challenge them to prove the opposite. I want some of you to enter ward "man is man made" and challenge Peter, PapaSam, Marlene, Joette and etc. Then, if they should answer, I want you to pay close attention to their answers. You will note that they (as well as all others) will be unable to intelligently, specifically and truthfully answer your challenge.>>>>>A challenge to the atheist: PROVE THE NON EXISTENCE OF GOD BY WHATEVER MEANS YOU THINK YOU CAN!>>>>>CLASS DISMISSED.

As far as philosophy has expounded (and science has interpreted): You can't prove something that is non-existent. Right and wrong are polarized values that do not apply on things that do not exist.

Perhaps Mr Lee can share with us about proving that Cosmic Mc Muffins, Flying Spaghetti Monsters and the Invisible Pink Unicorns do not exist. If he fails in his endeavor, I may simply draw the conclusion that they do exist in our heavenly realms! A splendid idea it would be, except that no man with his intellectual and rational faculties intact would ever sprout such utter nonsense.


Larro said...

Yeah, I tried to go through this bullshit site without vomiting. Good thing I have a strong stomach. Alas, I had to turn away as I could tell this guy was completely off his rocker. A true fundie. The very sad thing is he claims to be an ex-atheist.

Ha! The Bob (pyramidhead) meme doth travels (Cosmic McMuffin). I anticipate evil laughter from that quarter.

Pyramidhead said...

sheep....And yes I'm laughing my ass off. What a bunch of morons!

tina said...

Beast, I have a question. How does a person go from being an atheist into adulthood and then one day they find jebus behind the couch? :) A serious question, any ideas? Or, any ideas, from the religious people?

Modusoperandi said...

tina "How does a person go from being an atheist into adulthood and then one day they find jebus behind the couch?"

I assume that it's one or more of the following:

1. Oh my God, I'm going to die!
2. Boy, things sure are complicated!
3. I can't believe that I didn't just get hit by that bus.
4. My new baby is a miracle.
5. Oh, God...let it be benign.

Pyramidhead said...

Hey Modusoperandi you forget the frontal lovotomy. That all help in finding god. Or you could use a metal detector.

BEAST said...


I honestly have no answer to your question, although a decent speculation will be that a recently deconverted atheist may feel fear and insecurity caused by the void left by the abandonment of religion.


Larro said...

If someone was particularly weak-minded or uneducated enough a little guilt trip from family could go a long way.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, there's lots of stuff that happens and lots that people do that I don't understand, so i can't begin to imagine why they would, but maybe they had, somewhere deep in their sole (whoops, not their shoe, I mean their soul),a hankerin' for something. They couldn't quite understand what was missing and geez, there sure is a lot out there they couldn't fathom, so, as so many others have done, when all else failed an irrational belief in something totally fictitious and ridiculous gave them "answers" to everything.

aulddwone said...

tina "How does a person go from being an atheist into adulthood and then one day they find jebus behind the couch?"

I now suspect some that join a church and declare themselves as a Christian in their adulthood are not really believers in any way. Some just join up cos' there's some benefit in it for them. On top of that, they see no reason to reject the religion out of hand, so they just continue to accept it in ignorance.

For example, I know this couple who divorced, and later the wife joined a church. Later, the husband wanted to reconcile, so he joined her church as well, which became swell for him, cos' now he can now claim that things got alright because of Jebus. All praise!

Also, I think leaders of megachurches are all just atheists in it for the money.

Widgetas said...

I could only scan a couple of pages before I started getting really angry.
Although I've just thought: They might find us as infuriating as we find them... Doesn't mean I can understand a word they say though... Nutter.