Friday, 12 October 2007


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Creationism is a religious belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe were created in their original form by a deity or deities (often the Abrahamic God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam), whose existence is presupposed. In relation to the creation-evolution controversy the term creationism (or strict creationism) is commonly used to refer to religiously-motivated rejection of evolution.

Such beliefs include young Earth creationism, which takes Genesis literally, while Old Earth creationism accepts geological findings but rejects evolution. The term theistic evolution has been coined to refer to beliefs in creation which are more compatible with the scientific view of evolution and the age of the Earth.

Creationism in the West is usually based on creation according to Genesis, and in its broad sense covers a wide range of beliefs and interpretations. Through the 19th century the term most commonly referred to direct creation of individual souls, in contrast to traducianism. However, by 1929 in the United States the term became particularly associated with Christian fundamentalist opposition to human evolution and belief in a young Earth. Several states passed laws against the teaching of evolution in public schools, as upheld in the Scopes Trial. Evolution was omitted entirely from school textbooks in much of the United States until the 1960s. Since then, renewed efforts to introduce teaching creationism in public schools in the form of flood geology, creation science, and intelligent design have been consistently held to contravene the constitutional separation of Church and State by a succession of legal judgements. The meaning of the term creationism was contested, but by the 1980s it had been co-opted by proponents of creation science and flood geology.

When scientific research produces conclusions which contradict a creationist interpretation of scripture, the strict creationist approach is either to reject the conclusions of the research, its underlying scientific theories, or its methodology. For this reason, both creation science and intelligent design have been labeled as pseudoscience by the mainstream scientific community. The most notable disputes concern the effects of evolution on the development of living organisms, the idea of common descent, the geologic history of the Earth, the formation of the solar system, and the origin of the universe.


Pyramidhead said...

it's a joke. No one in there right mind would put any stock in this load of bullshit.

tina said...

At first I didn't see a post...Oh...creationism.

Larro said...

Careful Bob.

aulddwone said...

"it's a joke. No one in there right mind would put any stock in this load of bullshit."

I used to. Maybe I wasn't in my right mind. Neither was I in my left? LOL.

Anonymous said...

God is real, we must believe

Modusoperandi said...

Anonymous. We must? Really? There are so many to choose from, not to mention the various undiscovered gods. Which god do you recommend? How are we to express our belief? What are the rules? Is there a book to assist us in this faith-based faith of yours? What happens to us if we don't believe? Can I borrow a dollar?

rick b said...

Pyramidhead said...
it's a joke. No one in there right mind would put any stock in this load of bullshit.

A guy builds a house is a load of bullshit, but a bomb goes off and the house is built that way is not? That is about the same thing in eveloution, A whole bunch of nothing crashes into more nothing, and bang we get poison gas, that poison gas gets struck by lightning and we have life, YEA Their we go, I believe that. that kind of idea must be true because something like that would never be a load of bullshit, because really smart people like you believe things like that. Rick b

Modusoperandi said...

Your logic is impeccable, Rick B. Frankly, there is simply no way that a series of fractional steps, taking three and a half billion years, starting from a mere 800,000,000 years after the formation of the Earth, could possibly result in anything. Indeed, the only possible solution is that one specific God did it all at once approximately 6,000 years ago and went through all the trouble to make it appear to have happened one small step at a time and over a much longer period. An alternate variation is the He did it all somewhat earlier than 4004BC, but the gist is the same.

Also, His creation started out perfect, but Adam ate from a tree, bringing corruption, filth and PBS into the world.

Also, He later flooded the place up, cleansing it, if you will, of the worst of sin. Also, dinosaurs.

Also, He later sent Himself down to Earth to tell people that He was the only path to Himself, and that belief in Him was the only way to go to Heaven, where He sits by His own right hand, judging men based on that belief in Him, Himself. The Holy Ghost, however, is at poker night, and isn't in attendance with Him and Himself.

Also, He's coming back real soon, to again cleanse the world. This time, however, it's permanent.

AIGBusted said...

You guys should visit my blog sometime, I debunk creationism/design: