Wednesday, 24 October 2007

THE SCARE!!! Ooooo: Validation? Damn Fundies!

We've all heard of the "red scare" of the 50s. It seems now we have a "godless scare" going on now. What's to be frightened of?

The faithful will claim that this "atheist movement" is seeping into society in ways that undermine the moral authority of THE higher power. This has been going on for a very long time and I think it's got to end. Religious ideologues, since time immemorable, have claimed that not believing their brand of fiction would result in [insert punishment].

What's with the "punishment" thing anyway? Sounds quite sadistic to me. If not for those who believe it then those who believe their god will get satisfaction from it. After all, if you think about punishment, you should think about the law of the land. Constitutional law of sovereign nations. With TRUE justice comes rightful punishment. NOT a supposed wrong as ascribed by the faithful against their belief system. These faithful feel wronged by us atheists denying or questioning the faith. Hence we get the all too famous "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!" statements. Why, if constitutional law is not good enough, do bible-thumping "fire and brimstone" fanatics see fit to sentence us non-believers to eternal damnation? Wait though! Don't forget that they love us.

What a fucking crock o' shit!

It's a stupid ass way to say, "I don't agree with you." [fundie tries to think then...] "I don't agree with you."


"...I just don't agree because it says here...[insert scriptural vomit]"

When a Christian constantly resorts to scripture it's a very, very good bet that they can't fucking think for themselves. These are the fundies/extremists/radicals.

It's also a good bet that those who try to rationalize/pick-and-choose/mete out their "faith" have a problem with the scripture that they are reading from. They a have problem with it's entirety. These types are the religious moderates or what I like to describe as religious liberals. The literalists of scripture are better versed than their liberal counter-parts.
However, the liberal scripturalists have been influenced by secularism (we freethinkers). To THINK about it. To re-interpret. I think this is a good thing for the faithful to do. It seems paradoxical or antithetical to their "books". I have no take on that.

Back to being scared of atheism. For one: If ones faith is so true and just, why worry about it? Why be fearful of another "faith" when yours justifies all? What's with the stamping out?

Here's my take. It has absolutely nothing to do with a god.


It has to do with human nature. To do with the person you sit across the table from wanting to be validated. Nothing more. Absolutely nothing more. They want to be right and not wrong. They want you to accept that they are right and not wrong. You have a different opinion and don't agree with. They get pissed and storm off. It can be so easily encapsulated. No complications to ponder. No wrongs needing to be righted...

One problem. The whole "god" thing. That's a problem.

It's unfathomable. It's inarguable with someone of faith. Sad. It really is.

Personally I DON'T have "faith" in anything and I am GLAD of it. Why? Because I am not fixated on a narrow set of rules, on a narrow set set of text that is ONLY about 700 or so pages long. It's fucking ridiculous.

It pisses me off so bad I almost want to go Stalin on their asses. But I won't 'cause I'm better than that. I'm more understanding and I'm not in public office. Who knows what might happen then. I might have you stoning you children for disobeying you.

This was a complete rant. Forgive me.


tina said...

You are forgiven, son. Please repent your sins...blah...blah...blah! Had ya' going for a second huh? You thought I found jesus behind the couch.
I'm not so sure it is as simple as who is right and who is wrong. In my opinion, christians are scared to death of god.It's one great big GUILT trip! And the more we make them think rationally, the more they think we are the devil himself trying to lead them astray. So, in a nutshell, they are very afraid of atheists, in my opinion.

Larro said...

I swear. If ever another fundie regurgitates scripture to me I am going to set my bibles on the spool and use them for shit paper.

Pyramidhead said...

Was jesus and elvis fighting over the last big mac? Because they can't use god on us. Because we won't be fooled be there line of shit!

styxor said...

stop complaining you fuckin retard. who said we love you, atheists can fuck off the face of earth. i don't want you here. youre not infilrating anything except your gay lover's ass.
oooooooooo, i said it, you're gay. are you the one supports abortion? gay peeple don't have to worry about abortion anyway. epople who support aobrtion just want to fuck around and not worry about children. theres another way to do that without aborton, be gay.

Larro said...

Ignore the gutter-troll everybody. Until it wants to have an intelligent discussion and we continue to bait it it will continue to in the same manner that it has.

Remember the policy.

Modusoperandi said...

Wow. For a minute there, I thought I'd stumbled in to a MENSA convention (it turned out that the troll was from NAMBLA instead).

Pyramidhead said...

styxor whats the it you still a virgin at 35. Did your mother have one that lived? You are the poster boy for abortion.

BEAST said...

For the love of Jebus:
Its a beautiful rant. One more Christian regurgitating his vitriolic bible, you can be sure I am gonna run to the fucking hills and jerk off with some beautiful pussies.


aulddwone said...

Hey, good rant! I particularly like that observation that it's about validation. Most of them end up self-validating within their group. I guess all groups pretty much do the same, even us atheist groups. The difference being that we're right.

tina said...

We're all right? Yayyyy..